A PLP Stalwart from Cat Island was the man found dead in Arthur’s Town on New Year’s Eve….


Victim was in dispute with two islanders sources say…His wallet was found at another location…

Bahamas Press has identified that Arthur's Town victim found dead on New Year's Eve as Terry Gibson.

Arthur’s Town, Cat Island — Bahamas Press has more information about that man found dead on Cat Island on New Year’s Eve.

Sources have confirmed the victim to be 55-year-old Terry “Buggy” Gibson.

Police had reported they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the body of a man found dead at Arthur’s Town, Cat Island shortly after 8:00 am on Wednesday, 31st December, 2014. Gibson was in the area that day celebrating the coming of the New Year and was was discovered the next morning.

Bahamas Press can confirm while Gibson was found on one side of the beach area where he fell headfirst on rock, police found some distance away the victim’s wallet which suggests he may have been attacked and robbed before his death. We now understand two men were said to have been in a dispute with the victim before his discovery.

Cat Island is known for having, if any at all, perhaps one murder for the year.

And get this: We have learnt Gibson was a BIGTIME PLP Stalwart on the island!

We report yinner decide!

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