Abaco has lost another community leader in a traffic fatality Sunday evening…


Second Minister of the Gospel dies this Sunday Evening…

Pastor Thompson alias Mr T

ABACO| Bahamas Press is reporting sad news out of Abaco tonight where we can confirm a traffic fatality involving a local preacher occurred.

BP is learning Pastor Thompson, known throughout the community as Mr. T, lost his life as he returned home following church service in the Murphy Town community of Abaco.

The vehicle he was in collided with another sports car, which was travelling in the opposite direction. He died on the scene. Mr. Thompson, we understand, also was active in the Department of Education on the island.

Abaco has been the site of many traffic fatalities in the past few years, particularly following the deadly hurricane Dorian. We at Bahamas Press can only continue to advise motorists to drive with due care and attention. Put down the phones and drinks while operating a moving vehicle. Drive within the speed limit. Drive to arrive alive.

BP offers our condolences to his wife Lorraine and his wider family and church family of ZION.

May his soul rest in peace.