Another Police Officer Shot in the Face



Police investigating the crime scene in the Bellot Road area around 3PM this afternoon.

Nassau, Bahamas: Police officers have become targets by criminal in the Bahamas, many of whom have been released on bail by a corrupt and SLACK judicial system. Today another member of the Royal Bahamas Police Force is fighting for his life after being shot several times in the face and upper shoulder.

It was around 3AM when police responded to a call of a break-in taking place in the Bellot Road area in the southwestern district of New Providence. When police arrived at the scene, the gunman opened fire on officers hitting one officer. Backup was called into the area and the suspect was apprehended.

Today around 3PM police had returned into the area gathering evidence as the suspect sat quietly in the police patrol vehicle. Unconfirmed reports coming into Bahamas Press is that the officer injured in this latest incident is fighting for his life and is being airlifted to a US medical facility.


Police gathering evidence to a crime scene on Bellot Road. 


  1. Wutless you looking for them to LEGALIZE “It”?? Too funny. Apparently you havent seen the influence marijuana is having on our young men? Just look around you and rethink your position, if that is in fact your position.

  2. Joseph, I know you meant your comments directed against ‘Wutless media person ya say’ and not me. You have to excuse that commentator. They are the once pushing for the legalization of Cannabis.

  3. I have to comment on this last blog by Media. That case was bungled badly and manslaughter was a fair charge. The driver of the boat and its owner have a lot of culpability here and should have been convicted. Your assumption that it was ok to forget about the case because the parents only were after money (in your opinion) is unforgivable. Please have more compassion for their loss least those who read this think we are all as unfeeling as you appear.

  4. you crazy aye F%$@K the Gallaghers bey they seem to like they were lookin fa a pay day.

    after they couldnt get a dime from Atlantis they just was lookin fa a scape goat…i do feel their pain with the lost of dey baby BUT lets not run out even after all that blood test and ting i still dont think those dude should be charged with no MURDER.

    maybe wreckless endangerment (if that on our books) but not MURDER beside i feel that the court ruled based on the charges against the accused…you dontthink sooo media?

    but i agree some cops DIRTY AS HELL…even down to the set who be bouncin up in On THE RUN demanding free food fa them downin they job of patroling the area…lol dat does kill me errytime i see that happen bey !!!

  5. I want to make a comment here about our system etc but Andros Boy Morehands will attack me. …..what the heck, I will say it…our judicial system sucks and so does the governance of this country.

    Now I will await Morehands brutal attack on me.

  6. And ‘GCF’ did you remember the case of the Gallaghers? Yes the one with the British couple who lost their only son in a freak boating accident on a crowded beach here in the sunny islands of The Bahamas.

    The Gallaghers themselves finally discovered what thousands of Bahamians have been saying about the process of justice all across the country. Some months ago the Sunday newspaper in The Bahamas called THE BUGLE</em> noted that Magistrate Courts on the family islands had stopped sitting all because; someone forgot to put the money in last year’s budget. Now this is irrelevant the Gallaghers incident but we noted this to show HOW BAD the system of JUSTICE and Policing is in this country. NOW back to our story.

    The Gallaghers told a London based newspapers and reported on the BBC the following;

    “The way the whole investigation was carried out by the Bahamian police has been a catalogue of disasters.

    “We have no doubt that a manslaughter charge would be appropriate. We will not stop until the boat driver and the boat owner are put in jail.”

    Two Metropolitan Police [FROM LONDON NOW] officers flew to The Bahamas last summer to review the case with local police.

    Their report reveals that after the crash, Bain [The reckless boat driver] provided blood and urine samples. The Gallaghers were told these were never tested at the time.

    When the samples were tested by the British team, they showed that Bain’s blood contained 5.1 nanograms of carboxy-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient in marijuana plants.

    The Bahamian police claim that while this indicated Bain had been using cannabis [DRUGS], it did not mean his ability to drive or control the boat was impaired. [NOW IMAGINE POLICE SAYING THAT? BUT of course they would because they selling it. Let a doctor say of its affects not police]

    However, the new report warns that the samples may have deteriorated since 2002 because of the way they were stored and the readings may have been higher at the time they were taken.[Again here is a flaw of the POLICE detectives her in the Bahamas]

    The Met officers also revealed Bain was operating without a proper license or insurance and said the original investigation was ‘flawed’. [Now how come we did not know this? How is it the Bahamian Police could not reveal this information but the British police could to its UK media?]

    They urged the Bahamian police to reopen the case to determine the ‘criminal culpability of the boat owners and operators’.

    But by the time it the courts in The Bahamas heard the case, still NOT A SOLE is seen being guilty! What a shame!

    So when we talk about the POLICE and the Judiciary on this BLOG, we at Bahamas Press know just what we talking about and have the FACTS to prove our point.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  7. A few years back it was “alleged” that a Scotland Yard investigator was working on a murder case in Nassau. He was getting close to a break in the investigation, which seems to be lead to a RED, BLACK and WHITE uniform. However, the Scotland Yard investigator disappeared.

    THINK on these facts: When officers are taking bribe to allow prisoners to have sex in the “Supreme Court”, you know we have some rats watching our cheese.

  8. Well ‘InFrequent Reader’, don’t get us wrong, we believe in persons getting bail. But let me share an incident. A young man, a family man. A Working man was denied bail for slapping down a Jamaican who failed to pay the rent on his property. He was sent in FOX HILL without being allowed a chance to explain why he ‘SLAPPED the HELL’ out of the Jamaican, who spat in his face.

    That was his first time ever coming before the court. And NO mercy was spared. But in this same court system. A known murderer who had not killed once, twice or three times, but was believed to have killed 9 people. And got off on two of his trials. He was on bail for the third case, when the morning of that trial, where he did not appear for trial, his killer drove by and shot him up.

    The system is failing this community! Like we said earlier, this country can decide quickly to bring in foreigners to assess the sale of BTC and BEC. We have contracted an Argentine company to finish the 110 million dollar road project. We have burrowed foreign money to finish that project and others. We have hired foreign doctors at PMH to look after the health care system and dispense medicine at PMH. We have brought in an entire Canadian company to run the airport and make decision of the staff there. We have accepted that we don’t have sufficient teachers to fill the vacancies in our educational system, therefore we have foreign educators practising in this country. Consultants and Contracted non-Bahamians are apart every sector in this country.

    But to the two areas, where issue number one in this country are (THE JUDICIARY AND THE POLICE), we cannot see the need to inject foreign assistance and advise We need judges to sit on the bench as we speak! TODAY!. You know why cannot get that assistance on the POLICE FOR and the Judicuary? CORRUPTION! Files are getting shred and some of the criminals are the Police themselves. Now lets leaves this point because you know we are famous in here ‘Infrequent Reader’ to begin calling names.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  9. It is so sickening to see blame been continually shifted around like musical chairs. Now it is a “corrupt and slack judicial system allowing criminals out on bail”.
    Bull! What if a member of your family was in problems with the law? Would you want them to get bail if the law allowed? You cannot just willy-nilly attack the laws of the land because of criminal elements.
    Wanna be like the United States and get rid of habeas corpus and keep people incarcerated for ever without even being charged?
    We are a country of laws being beseiged by a criminal element. We cannot just throw the laws out the window to address this problem. Then innocents will be caught up in this wide net and your family may be caught in that wide illegal net.

  10. Well we on the same page of the same book, Wutless!! Thats what I want too. I think NONE of the leaders of the current major political parties are worthy. I suppor the FNM but I cant take on this leaders style at all and I DO NOT like the way they are running our country. Thats all I am trying to say. Bang!!…lol

  11. if its one word i’ve come to love after reading all theselovely post it gatta be JACKALOPE” LMAO

    Drama i hear you lets see long you stay off other people cause i notice ya been talkn some SMACK (das what i seen) but anyway I DEFEND NO ONE BUT THOSE WHO WANT TOTAL CHANGE IN THE OVERALL LEADERSHIP of THE BAHAMAS….. BANG DAS ALL !!!!!

  12. You are an overkill Morehands and a hopeless defender of HI and his possee. You, I am sure, have high blood pressure and I DO NOT. Stop working yourself up so much over stuff and try to relax. Go to my wife’s spa and get a massage. Stop picking on me, man. Others are on this blog too. You are so amusing me though.

  13. So you get off at putting your missing anatomy you said they cut off at the PMH in other men’s facial orifices (or at least thoughts of it)? I would be careful if I was you. Read BP June 27th article which you commented on because you may be speaking of yourself.

    I’m waiting on one “healthy conversation” from you, because I haven’t seen it yet. Post the link to one comment you made on any article which was more positive than asinine.

    i don’t presume this blog to be for jackalopes (mystical false creatures made by man to grab the attention of others, waste their time trying to find and in the end realizing that they were made a fool of for mere publicity). When you only make nonsensical comments just for laughs/attention at the expense of others, you become a jackalope.

    I will indeed try to leave you alone. But you are still a jackalope out to destroy not the FNM or Hubert but the Bahamas. The Bahamas first for Bahamians – pick up a shovel and give us a helping hand.

  14. lollll GCF….that is a good move. I am with you on that….take the keys from the culprit and take the vehicle home with you as it in truth belongs it US.

    To Morehands and Wutless Media Person, there are other writers on this blog for you to mess with. Why you all wanna “dance” with me. You all only come on here to defend the FNM government and its leader and because I bitterly oppose him you all vex?

    I am a Bahamian and I have a right. And Morehands, maybe the thing you claim they cut off at PMH is lodged in your largest facial orifice why you seem to have such a problem with me. Maybe you need to remove it and get on with your life. I am here to have healthy conversations and state my views, whether you all like it or not.

  15. Yes media,…LOCKDOWN of ALL BTC Corporation vehicular assets?
    I realize we the people who pay all these unnecessary taxes must start making a statement to ALL these government workers, who rides “our vehicles”.
    If I see another BTC vehicle the wrong place, AM TAKING IT HOME WITH ME.

  16. LMAO at DRAMA KING bey you have all this mouth bout “back off” ” youdont wnat mess with me” and the ASS troubles you what the hell!!!! that make ya wonder LOL

    morehands gat a point though !!!! from reading these blogs DRAMA would you openly get on ANY leader of this country they way you get on HAI? Inquiring minds would love to know? (show me where ya mind is )

  17. I’m sorry to say it Drama Queen, but I don’t think it was your navel string they cut off at the PMH. Better go have them check their records ’cause something missing from you. One person can’t be so idiotic in his rationalization of comments.

    It is so amazing that the only answer that you and the lead commentator of this blog has to say to anyone who oppose you is that they must be working for Hubert (or they from a newspaper company). Come on, Media claims that over 440,000 people visit this site and you expect all of us to have the same minimal intelligence and reasoning abilities as you? I see the bigger picture than just bashing governments. I see that what you post can be read all over the world and people might just think that everyone in the Bahamas just like you – suicide bombers, without an ever positive thought about the hopes of his country.

    BTW, the Bahamas is for Bahamians and not for people like you who is only pulling it down. If you make constructive comments about our beloved nation than the other 439,994 of us (not counting the other 5 jackalopes) will agree with you.

    I get it now. You never jumped on a plane to travel internationally, so you’re under exposed and only see as far as what you view in the mirror. Airline prices going down in September. Maybe we can have a cook-out for your travel expenses, or something. And because I know you struggle in the intellectual arena, Paradise Island doesn’t count as international travel – don’t be fooled by the $1 you have to pay, you still in the Bahamas buddy. Wake up, grab a shovel and help clean up some of the #^$&$% covering our nation.

  18. Apology accepted, Mental! But I excuse you anyhow, after all your name is “Mental” …. lol … just kidding….the dirty dealer meant no harm.

  19. We at Bahamas Press do advise commentators that the site is rated G. Therefore please, if you must get passionate and vociferous, please try delete those tones of foul language on here. PLEASE!

    Students home and watching.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  20. you know what Drama King, you’re right. and I apologize for the insult, I’ll try keep it civil.

  21. Its internet yes, but ASS is as strong word. Everyone on this site has a right to express themselves how they want. I choose to put humor in a lot of things I say. If you have no sense of humor then thats your business, but I just think calling someone an ASS …. especially someone you dont know ….. is pretty strong. We dont need to attack each other this site.

    My general point of view is that Hubert Ingraham is not fit to lead this govt and he and his Cabinet are screwing up this country. People, am I an ass for saying that???? Please SOMEONE…ANYONE tell me.

  22. i actually think you are an a** because of your general point of view and the way you express yourself on this site. you just come across as pretty tactless and classless. I’m sure you’re a super guy in your regular life, you just kind of come across like a high schooler sometimes.

    that’s just how i feel, you shouldn’t take it personal. it’s the internet after all.

  23. PS: And, if Mental/Morehands decide to take instructions from their boss to shut up and or attack Drama King you both have another thing coming. Back off while you can.

  24. Mental….because I express my OPINION that make’s me an ass? Or am I an ass because I am a Bahamian with a right to talk about what’s going on in my country? Please let me know. In the mean time have a little more decorum and drop the name calling before you piss me off.

  25. Morehands I am glad I am getting under your skin. Like I said Hubert must be paying you an awful lot of money. You would rather that I dont comment on the ills of his society and hide my head in the sand and pretend like nothing is wrong with our country and the person who leads are govt??? Are you crazy??? Wait a minute….let me answer that….drum roll….YES!!!!!

    You will NEVER shut me up and I will say what I want on this blog until Media kicks me off or has a problem with me. Until then maybe its YOU who needs to stop logging on if you dont wnat to hear me or better yet catch one of those flights out that you talked about.

    My navel string was cut in PMH and I am a born Bahamian with a right to talk about what is going on in this country so please dont bring your Mugabe style B.S. to ME. I am NOT the one, trust me!!!!…….and tell your boss that.

  26. And ‘Mental’ can you imagine that you have a sitting Chairman of a major corporation in CRISIS and he cannot command and assume responsibility of the corporation? God forbid if something like that happened at the Police Force! There is no plan whatsoever to Command a lockdown of the assets of the Corporation. Through this writer’s corner, there are two BTC vehicles (Bucket lift trucks) still parked in their private yards. The car come home with the employee everyday. And these are the same vehicles – whom we pay gas for- that demonstrated yesterday.

    BTC has not been giving phone service before the strike, so imagine now. This writer had a phone line paid for form January 2008, this year and a BTC linesman has yet to come and connect that new line. But we in this country must allow the access to do what they please with our vehicles? It is Leadership! We have SPINELESS Leadership at the top of many of these government corporation and particularly in government! What is the minister’s decision this morning? Is he not in contact with the PM?

    Like I said , if we had authority to lead BTC, our first meeting today the would call for a LOCKDOWN of ALL Corporation vehicular assets. ALL trucks, cars and van to be parked at all offices. And lets begin to see who will attempt to defy that and letters would begin typing from this morning. For the management that abdicated their duties to line staff who closed and locked their offices answers would need to begin coming. And the Board would have to assume the management role of he company.

  27. I’m with these guys Drama King. You are an insufferable ass! Or as BJ would say, “you are a jackass of a man”.

  28. ya know who i want hear from the dam Bahamas Christian Council why they so silent?

  29. Ohhhh my someone shut up the drama king aye LMFAO but morehands ya gat a point cause like he say Hubert on the high seas when christie was in power he was around but still there was record numbers of various crime so honestly drama where do we begin?

    Isay lets get serious form a solid party and move fwd with new blood and fresh ideas

  30. packed my bags many times, jumped on a plane, and traveled to every major city; NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, but never EAST, However, I like the Russian concept.
    Morehands, you sound like a Russian!!!

  31. Here goes this jackalope again, above.

    Drama King, more than 100 international flights leave from the Lynden Pindling International Airport everyday. Why not try packing, booking a seat on one of them and get the &^%&^ out of the Bahamas and fly to your perfect little world led by the one true, all-wise, all-knowing leader —- YOU?

    You never have anything positive to say about any Bahamian or the Bahamas, so why the &^%&% you still sticking around? Get out before the FNM blow this whole place up or the PLP get back in power and they get to blow it up. Why stick with a sinking ship? And if you are going to stick around on this sinking ship, AT LEAST GRAB A *^%* BUCKET AND HELP THE REST OF US WHO HAVE NO PLACE ELSE TO GO!!! Its sickening to see how much a supposed Bahamian can bash his own country without ever offering a shred of productive practical advice.

    You want to know if I’m attacking you – Yes.
    You want to know why I’m attacking you – because Charmin bathroom products offer more assistance in a time of crisis than you do and frankly as usual I’m sick of the way you spoil great discussions on this blog with your ____.

    Although it turns my stomach to say it… at least in the rare moments the moderator of this site does offer some form of positive input. if you can’t stand the heat, out the fire or get out of hell’s kitchen. This country going down the (*^&&* hole and we need all hands on deck.

    Okay, lets wait for the come back. Here he goes ….5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

  32. Drama King, there is no need to be shame as a Bahamian. You should be shame, to have elected some politicians, that HAVE NO SHAME.

  33. Its a sad day in The Bahamas! And, like Nero fiddling while Rome is burning, Hubert is sailing on the high seas while our country is sinking.

    I hang my head in shame to be a Bahamian.

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