BTC WORKERS Blocks Bay Street Whilst ON STRIKE



BCPOU Union President has lead a march of union workers at BTC blocking Bay Street from all vehicular traffic at this hour. Union Members have now moved to block the Paradise Island Bridge. Traffic was backup from Bay Street to Cable Beach.


Nassau Bahamas: Bahamas Press can confirm that this morning more then 50% of the workers at BTC failed to report to work this MONDAY MORNING! A a massive demonstration downtown is underway at this hour lead by BCPOU president Robert Farquarson.

The BCPOU called its strike mode into action, causing a stall in the productivity at the BTC Corporation this morning. The union members are calling for their participation into the privatization talks. Members of the Union have marched to downtown Bay Street and has blocked the city from all vehicular traffic.

Bahamas Press has learned that the protest is spreading and BTC has announced closure of all its offices affected by the demonstration.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has confirmed that BTC will be sold by the end of the year. Farquarson has called for withdrawal from all management support to consultants into the privatization process.


  1. Mental….I thought our feud was done. Why you throwing sarcasm around out there? If your fellow brother/sister (Wutless Media Person) in the press has recently joined the blog, then let them come to their own conclusions. Dont try to influence them.

  2. — “BCPOU Assault on the Economy & on the People” — Such an immature and unprofessional way to try and get into an meeting to which, based on how this situation was handled, they would probably just serve to further embarrass the country. And the union would do far better to have a better public representative, because the man I saw on TV does not in any way inspire empathy or understanding, just disgust and irritation at what most assuredly boils down to sheer ignorance and inability to cope in a constructive manner. This simply demonstrates that the union needs people with better negotiation and persuasion skills, who will be able to find an appropriate angle to achieve their goals, without resorting to encouraging insurrection, cultivating an even worse attitude within the masses of an organisation already known for its rude and ineffective service. There are many jewels working within the organisation known as BTC, but sadly, they are engulfed within and eclipsed by so many of those just frothing for the chance to be and “go slow[er]”. The fact that the leaders of the BTC union would choose to take their issues to Bay Street and to mistreat its customers in such a disrespectful manner, further shows their lack of understanding for and foresight of the repercussions such third world behaviour will have on the public, on the economy, on our international image and on the morale of its members when they are finally put in their place.

  3. heads up “wutless media person ya say?”. you will encounter sanctimonious jerks on this blog who will call hubert and his cabinet every name in the book, but will get all teary-eyed if you use strong language to describe their posts.

    Welcome. but remember that I warned you.

    FYI BP, last time I checked, “fag” was not a g-rated word.

  4. Those dumb BCPOU leaders need to get lock up. Their actions were irresponsible. Their use of BTC’s vehicles was WRONG! Their blocking the streets was ILLEGAL. They are terrorists. They have lost my support. What about the tourists who missed their flight? Who is responsible for the woman who died on the way to the hospital? What they gonna say to the man whose case was dismissed because he got to court late? Fire the bastards and lock them up!

  5. i hear you but let me assure you no name change here and no shame. ill keep it decent one it is an across the board practice, feel me. BUT BP i’m FRESH like the wind lol but anyway like i said before i call it like i see it buddy ! I AINT DEFENDING NOBODY – just thought that name would get you thinking das all…..

  6. Ok so ‘WUTLESS MEDIA PERSON…’ now someone called the Guardian and told them about it. I guess soon you will tell us what was in their article. LOL that if it did run. But I cannot see someone coming in here defending an article and cannot present to the blog, with all these viewers, what was the content like of what they are defending. A word from a wise man once told this writer in a communication class, “If you have nothing to say, or is not sure of what you want to say, or know nothing about what you are talking about or referring to, then SAY NOTHING!”

    Something happened Wednesday and I guess Saturday was such a BAD day so the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ decided to publish it four days later? OK thats sound like they were following Hubert’s mantra of Christie, THEY WERE LATE AGAIN!

    But No we cannot call our fish (NEWS) stink because we see the Journalist around the country who have gone on record emailing this blog simply saying, ‘THE FISH FRESH IN HERE!‘ And report the news they find in here on their front pages 1 to 2 days later. We have a BIG BIG one coming up soon. NO BODY has reported it yet. We giving them time. We will give you a hint. It involves the Office of the Commissioner Police. Let see if anyone pick that up just yet!

    Keep reading and enjoying the FRESH FISH! We are soo delighted to serve and feed you in here.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Also ‘WUTLESS MEDIA PERSON…’ you sound like a new defender of the WUTLESS Media in this country. Perhaps maybe someone who had changed their name and too shame to come back in that former name. But we say, Please, the site is Rated G! Please keep the debate it civil and intelligent. We have people like; Sir Jeffery Johnstone, Hubert Ingraham and Sharon Turner reading this stuff. Therefore PLEASE lets be DECENT with our words, even if the persons mentioned are not.

  7. well unlike you i aint defending nobody i call it like i see it. but i understand that a passenger on the plane called the guardian so why they print on sat beats me but i was just pointing out that you claiming that it was not reported in the media but it was. BANG das all

    and i come in here because i wanna see how far you are from what is being reported and to determine just how credible you are cause ya know NO FISHERMAN GA CALL HE FISH STINK !!!

  8. And so ‘Wutless Media’ spokesman if you was not so busy defending the WUTLESS media, you would have known how they got that story.

    The incident with the crash landing with Western Air aircraft occurred on Wednesday 6th morning. Its appeared no where almost 24 hours after it occurred. We broke the story before that 24 period ended on August 8th.

    Now if you wondering who get news from where? Let FACTS SPEAKS FOR THEMSELVES. However why should you be defending the WUTLESS MEDIA when you have come in here, not knowing what in the hell the wrote?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  9. what youll think bout KEVA the DIVA? (as seen on The Bahamas Tonight) “I’m Holding ON ” dat ga be a hott single

  10. It was in LAST SAT paper (August 9th) cant recall it word fa word but ill work on it fa you ohhh cable 12 also had something on it as well

    seem you all hooked on the tribune aye? or are hooked on Journal? (for ya print news)

    cause seem like you hooked on ZNS and fa ya news lol there are other people out there ya know lol

  11. Oh they did talked with Western AIR? When? What did the airline say, how 4 of their tires keep bursting? Cause you know we rarely read the WUTLESS Media!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  12. ole boy get ya facts staright boss the guardian had a story in last sat’s paper about the westerair “crash landing” where they spoke with the owner of the company

    And as fa Parker on the show come, on he was doing his job as a talk show host making youll goons talk ….. media i recall bp posting something bout a BTC coming strike but ya date was off (but i guess the bottom line is that it happened right)

    so lets ease up with the media bashing

  13. Leadership is the question and the answear is that we have none…..Hubert is out of town so there will be no answear until he comes back and God help anyone that is in his way.

    Now we have a clear cut situation the Government is in a chaos of their own makeing instead off following the blueprint left by the PLP on the sale of BTC they instead put it on hold drummed up a bunch of lies and more smut and then sold it to the Bahamian people what has happend now is that the goods that was sold has now spoiled and the decay is getting worse and worse …..The stench of this cold hearted and worthless government is so strong and horrible that it is growing faster than a sink hole in california.

    Folks I do not think that we should look to answears from the PLP ….The PLP is not in power right now nor is Perry Christie the Prime Minister so I beleive that PC is right to not say anything let the FNM handle this situation since it was them that throwed all kind off smut when the shoe was on the other foot…what a diferance a year makes.

  14. This is so interesting, I kept logging on to read all these response over…LOL LOL keep it coming

  15. I help to pay the staff at ZNS. Therefore, I like to watch who am paying, and why am paying them.
    I really don’t have much time for TV. The extra $1,440 I would have spent on Cable TV annually, I have secured in Mutual Funds. This is a position I choosed to take.

  16. i dont even know why people does be watching ZNS. ZNS is beholden to whatever party is in power.

    When i want news i watch JCN at 6:30pm and ch 12 at 7:30pm. They kicking ZNS butt. Last night for example cable 12 news spent almost 10 minutes of their 30 min broadcast coverage on the strike. They gave two reports on it, it was real informative. I cant tell you the last time i watch ZNS for anything.

    Even during the 2007 election coverage JCN and especially Cable 12 (with they graphics and all) was kicking butt. Trust me, i think its safe to say, ZNS isnt in the same league news wise with JCN and Cable 12.

  17. I heard it was Brutus who sent Tommy on Bay Street yesterday and then disappeared when Tommy turned around for his support.

    As I said before, this is clearly a situation where the dictator is out of town and unreachable and they do not know what to do.

  18. Stage II of the demonstration happens tomorrow, sources telling us BEC will be joining the BTC motorcade.

    This is an opportunity for either Tommy or Brent to stand up and look like a leader, but they both seem to be either afraid to step up or they genuinely dont know what to do. This is a moment they should cease upon. Who are advising them politically? Julius Caesar’s best friend, BRUTUS?

  19. We have a MAJOR BREAKING STORY now unfolding right in front of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Head Office on East Street, but we have to hold this as the current BTC national story would KILL it. So hold on to your seats and stay tuned, we will break this when this GRAND BAHAMA STRIKE die down.

    Stage II of the demonstration happens tomorrow, sources telling us BEC will be joining the BTC motorcade. Bahamas Press cannot say what is going to be shutdown this time, but all we would say is this, Monday was a mini PTA meeting on Bay Street, for what will happen in Stage II of the demonstration.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  20. So Mr. Wutless aka Mr. Late Again, finally woke up. Or did one of his lackeys decide to send out the statement while he snoozed.

  21. WELL WELL PEOPLE the LAZY LEADER OF the PLP Perry Christie woke up LATE AGAIN this morning and almost 24 hours later, sent out one statement to the press.

    Its came across the 1 PM radio newscast we are told, but we did not get a copy as, we know they have bitter problems with us these days, so we cannot carry it as an update to this website.

    So much for a PLP leader Hubert has in his back pocket.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  22. lolllllllllll……..the witch doctor blind folded and in a trans, man. He cant see nothing. However, all his voo doo helpers passed out at the sight.

  23. Tommy need a shaking up, man. Anyone on this site know him personally. He need two slaps and a strong talking to. Altec, you dead on, Hubert is putting together one more term for Perry.

  24. I am telling you all, we are watching HI’s 1997-2002 term being replayed right before our eyes. He setting up he boy PC again to be PM in 2012. And whats so sad, Tommy T dont see it coming.

  25. Hubert is probably naked as we speak with white markings on his body and his eyes rolled back for all we know…….high in the mountains of Haiti…..pot stirring with bones in it and pictures…I sure one of them pictures gat Farqui face on it.




  28. Media you are in correct when you say,

    “Now having this warning from Bahamas Press, the leadership at BTC and the PM himself did nothing!”

    HI did do something, he gone out of town before the hurricane hit.

  29. Slack, wutless…you name it thats the government and BTC management in this case…..just slack, man. Which brings me back to think about this DONT CARE government. They dont even care about the property of the people to secure it.

    Media, their lack of action at this hour shows that they ONLY take directives from Mr. Evil – Hubert Alexander Ingraham. He is off the island so they are in panic and dont know what to do. There is probably no cell reception in in his part o of Haiti so they cant get to tell him what’s going on. Or, who knows, he might have answered Tommy’s hysterical phone call advising him of what is going on in the country and then hung up screaming “I DONT CARE!!!” It would be fitting of a person of his character and actions….DONT CARE.

  30. i would love to be a fly on the wall during his next Cabinet meeting. I think some grown men will shed a few tears.

  31. Boy the real show will start when Ingraham get back. I know he have courteous, polite, kind, and loving things to say to Farqie and the Union. LOL.

  32. From Last week Wednesday before anything was known about the strike, this is what Bahamas Press wrote about the Monday Morning actions of BTC.

    Nassau, Bahamas: Robert Farquharson, president of the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union (BCPOU) is calling for a MASSIVE demonstration of all unions in the country on Thursday. The union leader who led the ‘beer and peanuts’ war on Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is calling for another massive demonstration.

    Bahamas Press has learned that members of unions across the country are being asked to join the demonstration in tennis on tomorrow, as they send a LOUD and CLEAR message to the leadership of the country that, ‘Unions have the numbers and power to decide the future of this country.”

    Sources organizing the event are unclear what disruptions will take place on Thursday but promises that, “the powers the be in this country will feel the wrath of workers all across this country.” Bahamas Press advises Bahamians to store water and iron all necessary clothing before Thursday sunrise.



  33. Stop it!! Jeff biased too??!! Not Mr. Professional at all times!! Man this media mussee wutless for true.

  34. Drama King you think Jeff Lloyd is unbiased? LOL, my brother, Jeff is the biggest FNM this side of the universe.

  35. You all don’t know why we call them the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ YET? We thought we made that clear this morning. They are WUTLESS! They carry NO independence what-so-ever! They are SHAMELESS MEN AND WOMEN that have sold themselves at to the status quo’, at the detriment of the general public! A plane crash with people on board and for advertising sake they never reported the story. And have yet to have an open accountable dialogue with WESTERN AIR’s management YET?

    Bahamas Press had confirmed the strike from last week Wednesday, and the press tried everything in their power to downplay that a strike was imminent. To make it worse, now that the country came to a stop yesterday, they reading their wild faxes written by BTC to spin the shows.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: Anyone seen Peter Adderley yet and found out if he paid Western Air their money before they have another terrible incident with one of their aircraft. Let me see if one of his WUTLESS MEDIA PAYROLL BUDDIES WILL COME TO HIS DEFENSE ON HERE…LOL! THEY ARE WUTLESS, THE WUTLESS BAHAMIAN MEDIA!

  36. I am disappointed at Parker as I thought he was a fair player. He needs lessons from Jeff Lloyd.

  37. We have a word here for people like him too but BP say this a family site. Parker just had to apologize arguing with and then cutting off a caller. Turns out the caller was right after Parker checked his facts. He tries to play unbiased but he true colours always come shining through.

  38. Anyone listening to Quincey Parker on Love 97? this bey trying to spin the BTC strike as bad for the BTC union and is totally downplaying BTC’s leadership team and the governments role in the run up to the strike. He acting as if the folks at BTC just wake up yesterday and just decide to walk down Bay St.

    In US politics they have a word to describe people like Quincey Parker – a “political tool”

  39. Politics and politicians are gamey. All politicans try to come off as caring etc….they are mostly the same and the last administration aint no different from these who are in power…..BOTH are rotten apples if you ask me.

  40. i agreed that tommy looked impotent. but don’t try to polish up the image of the last administration by how tommy looked yesterday. apples and oranges my friend

  41. The DPM was busy selling land. Tommy should have left it alone publicly and yes, the FNMs have their own set of scandals. They also have some DARK, DARK secrets as well and the thing with these people, they like to mess with and mistreat the “secret holders”. But one day, their book of secrets will be published and ALL HELL ga break loose.

  42. …And why are we selling BTC, the most profitable government entity anyway? Why not just have the management team in place to run BTC on par with telecommunication companies worldwide. Why do we feel that a government agency must be run inefficiently? There is no law stating this. We must stop selling ourselves short.

  43. rb75 I truly agree when you say we have a Mad Man running the nation and the FNM does not care about the middle class etc. Careful now…they have a watch dog on this site who feels NO ONE should say anything bad about the FNM and its leader ….its Morehands. He will attack you so be careful.

  44. Mental, and the FNM is not full of scandal? You really are living up to your name. Tommy looked completely impotent out there on Bay Street yesterday. And once again I ask, where was the DPM?

  45. All you die PLP’s do;t get it twisted. Christie and Tommy are cut from the same cloth, his butt got chewed by the unions on many occasions when he was PM, the only guy with some stones during the last administration was Leslie Miller, but he was a loose cannon.

    Don;t just heap all your frustrations on the PM.

    Lies and smut rb75, be serious. the PLP was full of scandal, they were completely unfit to lead.

  46. Media, this the same thing I was talking about. How could you blame Christie? The FNM claim to have the answer for everything and if Mr. Christie tried to help, the first thing noise box Ferguson or one of the other fools would say is “they think they still in power hey? They acting like election ain’t over”.

    Beside, the PLP have warned them before about the reckless manner they are going about the privatization of BTC. Let’s not forget that when they came to power they already meet the BTC sale agreement in place. All they had to do was sit back and execute it. But no, they decided to have a stop, review and cancel policy.

    Let them reap what they have sown. I am sure at the appropriate time, Mr. Christie and the PLP will chime in on this matter.

  47. I agree with you WOW. I watched Tommy T on tv last night and he would have been better served to have not approached that situation publicly at all.

    I agree with Media on this point that that striek yesterday proves that we hava a leadership void in this country. Both political parties area a waste of time.

    One time ago the Bahamas was the jewel and envy of the caribbean and when L.O. Pindling died so did the only real leader this country ever had. Since Pindling’s death this country has had a leadership void that neither PC or HI has been able to fill.

    This country has slowly over the last 15 yrs has been going backwards. When will it end?

  48. Media if I may let me say my five cents.

    The PLP was taken out of office by lies and smut and rumors that was unfounded and the Prime Minister was at the centre off this ….during the election the FNM trust agenda had no substance in what they were speaking and no substance in what they were preaching to the people of this country…That said we are now left with a government running around in circle’s they have no clear vision on a way forward for our Nation the only thing that they can talk on is what the PLP did while they where in office that has now gone sour as they cannot beat that same horse any more so with no one or PLP to blame the Nation is now seeing that this FNM government does not have a clear cut plan for the country that we have a baunch of wuthless minister’s sitting in the cabinet and we have a Mad Man for a Prime Minister.

    The BTC strike is another example off the uncaring FNM they would not even sit down with the Unions and listen to them .

    I do not blame the PLP leadership I will stay quiet myself and let the FNM show it’s true colours they do not care about the middle class ,they do not care about ordinary Bahamians they simply do not care.

    I say we need to impeach the FNM government .

  49. The press is not saying anything , but spewing their regular morning spin, The ACTING PM is no where to be found, the leadership at BTC is gone out to lunch and the PM is out of the country. And if I might be devil’s advocate here; where is the CHIRSTIE opposition’s call to ORDER? I mean why is there this deafening silence? Now you see what we mean when we say Christie answers to his law partner Hubert, and PLP will sit right there and say nothing with him. NO WHERE TO BE HEARD! My goodness the country is held hostage, UNDER SIEGE and NOT A SINGLE WORLD?

    And we warned the public that this was coming from last week. WHERE IS THIS COUNTRY HEADED WITHOUT ANY LEADERSHIP WE CAN TRUST?

    I really would like to see the government actions on this one.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  50. BP I will be honest with you, lately, you have been on some rants that I could not back you up on, but you hit the bulls’ eye with this story. Tommy fully displayed why he is unfit to lead this country. And far as the DPM is concerned, not a peep from him, he is happy with his new title but totally unprepared to do any work to earn it. My goodness, we should have had some type of statement from whoever is supposed to be leading this country at this time, even if to only condemn the actions of the union. Where are their voices?

    To add insult to injury, the only way I learned that Ingraham was on vacation, was here! There was no official statement and no announcement to say who is in his charge in his absence. From the deafening silence yesterday, I wonder if he even told his cabinet he was going. If Symonette is the Acting PM, he needs to wake up and stop sleeping at the wheel.

    Yesterdays fiasco is a clear cut example of why neither of these two men is fir to lead the country.

  51. I thought Tommy Turnquest displayed without question yesterday, why he is not leader of the Free National Movement or this country. This man controls the police and defence force and couldn’t move those workers and cars off Bay Street.

    Ass kicking was in order and Turnquest failed to live up to the challenge.

    Farquharson never would have pulled that crap if Ingraham was in town.

  52. We would have fired so many people this morning, the PM would be happy how downsized BTC would be when he returned!

  53. And ‘Mental’ can you imagine that you have a sitting Chairman of a major corporation in CRISIS and he cannot command and assume responsibility of the corporation? God forbid if something like that happened at the Police Force! There is no plan whatsoever to Command a lockdown of the assets of the Corporation. Through this writer’s corner, there are two BTC vehicles (Bucket lift trucks) still parked in their private yards. The car come home with the employee everyday. And these are the same vehicles – whom we pay gas for- that demonstrated yesterday.

    BTC has not been giving phone service before the strike, so imagine now. This writer had a phone line paid for form January 2008, this year and a BTC linesman has yet to come and connect that new line. But we in this country must allow the access to do what they please with our vehicles? It is Leadership! We have SPINELESS Leadership at the top of many of these government corporation and particularly in government! What is the minister’s decision this morning? Is he not in contact with the PM?

    Like I said , if we had authority to lead BTC, our first meeting today the would call for a LOCKDOWN of ALL Corporation vehicular assets. ALL trucks, cars and van to be parked at all offices. And lets begin to see who will attempt to defy that and letters would begin typing from this morning. For the management that abdicated their duties to line staff who closed and locked their offices answers would need to begin coming. And the Board would have to assume the management role of he company.

  54. There are some things that are being done at BTC that are nto being seen to the publics eyes. Workers in BTC experience ALL kind of foolisheness and this does not exclude BEC W&S and most goverment agencies. See the thing is, we as a people d together enough to allow others to see that there is a serious problem going on. But I do commend the BTC workers for sticking together and accomplishing their job. I wish they would friggin block up more places becasue the HU-BIGGETY selling away our country’s future when we sit and think about it. If we let him then what is there for our children & grands & great grands to have????????????????????????????????NOTHING

  55. I must say however Monday’s protest by BTC workers proved something, Something SERIOUS! That there is NO leadership in this country outside the PRIME MINISTER HUBERT INGRAHAM.

    The Chairman of BTC said nothing. The Minister for BTC could not act Zhivargo Laing but gave ‘HOT AIR TALK’. The Acting Prime Minister Brent Symonette SAID NOTHING and could not be found? And we wonder, with the country now in this STATE OF CRISIS if the PM will fly back to restore ORDER with all this UNREST IN THE Bahamas? With BTC being under his Cabinet responsibility!

    The Minister of Labour was with his hands full in MICAL dealing with Morton Salt’s UNRESTS.

    The Prime Minister MUST also assess with all this UNREST his leadership to date in place. NO one, NOT EVEN THE ACTING PRIME MINISTER appeared to be able to STOP what transpired on Bay Street yesterday.

    Action #1 Julian Francis should be FIRED as Chairman of BTC because, the Chairman has FAILED to take hold and command the charge of ALL (IF ONLY) the GOVERNMENT vehicles on the streets obstructing the flow of commerce in the town. If I was the Chairman of BTC every car and vehicle of BTC would have been ordered to be parked by 3PM Monday afternoon and an account of those vehicles be inspected by the VP in charge.

    And Secondly the Prime Minister MUST assess his Ministers with responsibility for BTC and ask why ALL including the ACTING PM said NOTHING and could not call to order anything? THEY WERE ALL PARALYZED!

    Our point here is this, The Bahamas MUST have the ‘able leadership’ at the top, so if the PM is NOT here decisions can be made. Or has the PM cultured such a ‘ONE MAN SHOW’ that DECISIONS cannot be made, or is everyone else is afraid to make one?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor



  56. Well look here ‘Gern down with the ship’ when I saw that I laugh so loud my neighbours thought I was getting robbed! ALL I want to say was, “RUN TOMMY RUN!!!!! before the bear, peanuts and PISS start throwing on ya!”

    I laugh so loud tell I felt sorry for him. I mean ZNS and the other media makes GREAT ENTERTAINMENT THESE DAYS! I mean he want be leader so bad, tell he made a fool of himself, right in front of live camera! LOL! LOL! LOL! it was like they was cutting a movie down BAY STREET! ANd Farquarson told them call the recka!!! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Oh my goodness that was better then ‘COUNT IT AGAIN MAN COUNT IT AGAIN!’ I hope Bahamian actors saw that and writing their script. Thats scene on Bay street is a CLASSIC Bahamian moment. GOVERNMENT WORKERS, in GOVERNMENT CARS, GONE in THE GOVERNMENT SQUARE TO TELL THE GOVERNMENT, ‘GET OUTTA HERE WE RUN TINGS, YALL WORKING FOR US!’

    Oh thats the joke a the century. And what is even more serious. The Police stood paralyzed and could DO nothing, just like how all this crime happening right in front of their headquarters and they would do nothing about it! WE NEED CHANGE!!!!!!!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: The site is rated G!

  57. Peter R what you sayin man

    MEDIA what you think bout how Robert Farqui roll Tommy T out when tommy tell him move the government truck off Bay Street? icouldnt stop laughin

    and they say tommy is a leader fa f@#^in who ? but on a real BTC stop jokin man you gat erryting man nice trcuk and ting to drive gettn raise on time no matter how much it is shit i een get no raise in 4 years i lookin fa a 2% increase and you who dont pay fa cell phone and shit round here jokin get real and causen it hard on the taxi dem who trying to make couple dollars youll een watch ZNS news tonite aye shit that shoulda been me they block up talkin bout the brand new 2008 truck break down lol das a good one though

  58. If industrial action is necessary – then take it – close the offices – go to union headquaters and keep a rally – withdraw your labor – do whatever but – BUT! When you distress the general public there can and will be a backlash – Why block Bay Street? Your press coverage would have been the same –

    All you successfully did today was piss some regular hard working Bahamians off – I had a truck two hours late to PI, because of the action and it resulted in me losing $175 today – I believe in the concept of union but for christ sake think about who your affecting – Take your action off the streets – Kerzner and his guests are not whose attention you require – the Bahamian ppl are already aware of all that your NOT doing and the service you do not provide – and if you have a solution or contribution to make – develop some proposals for improving the privatization exercise and take it to the ppl – hopefully from a public park

  59. When the CAT goes away, the RATS come out and play.
    When the Cat returns, the rats will go back to eating their cheese, and suffer intellectual constipation.

    I think PM is running a test to see who would emerge as the future FNM leader and put things back in order.
    The Lord must help us if the PM does not return.

  60. I hope it was HIS land Brent was selling and not some old lady’s land. He seems to like to harrass old ladies and take their land. This country is in serious trouble….its a shame. Lets see how much Obeah coming back from Haiti with Hubert. Someone gern get sacrificed …. hope it aint Tommy.

    People sick and tired and totally fed up with this FNM govt.

  61. With Hubert in Haiti working OBEAH, where is the ACTING PRIME MINISTER BRENT SYMONETTE? Someone said Brent was someone out west selling LAND…..LOL! THE NATION GONE!

  62. Well this the same reason why hubert must sell BTC, all the vehicles on the road and no beody can account for their use? This is the same kind a service the Bahamian people getting!

  63. BP your are not the only one who said the strike was coming, other new organizations said the same.

  64. Das a vibe ech? Yall see how much people gone to bay street today. MAn this country red with the FNM!

  65. I support the union, it’s equally wrong for the way they have been treated by this careless government!

  66. Remember from 1997-2002 HI government was on the same track of trying to bust up unions and firing people like crazy for public service.

    The FNM has been in power for a little over a year, and there is more unrest now than in the entire 5 yrs of the PLP.

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