Another 'blood bath' at ZNS as workers are terminated!



Downsizing and restructuring exercise underway at ZNS.

Nassau, Bahamas: Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press have confirmed that mass firings are underway at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas [BCB]. Reports coming into our newsroom have confirmed the termination of several employees at ZNS, as the Corporation has began a downsizing and restructuring exercise.

Bahamas Press can now confirm that veteran broadcaster Carl Bethel is one of the casualties in the ‘BLOOD BATH AXING’ exercise at the BCB. Bethel’s letter confirmed the following that, “We are restructuring and your services are no longer needed…”

Carlton Smith and Jessica Robinson are some of the most recent persons who resigned from the Corporation following ‘serious concerns’ with the BCB board’s directives. Bahamas Press is unclear with the number of persons terminated by the Ingraham government on Friday, however an insider at the board level has confirmed that more employees are slated to be termination.

“There is a heaviness over at the BCB right now, we don’t know who is going home in these tough times, but the current administration is heartless with their rootless efforts to rid ZNS of committed workers,” a source at ZNS told Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press reported on July 13th that, a series of resignations are soon to be announced, as victimization and brutal intimidation continues at the BCB. The slashing of staffs began with the terminations of broadcaster Steve McKinney and Phillipa ‘Lady’ Russell. Since then BCB has also terminated the morning show of ‘Sister Sarah’s Kitchen’ heard across the family Islands on 1540AM, giving the talent no formal notice of the show’s abrupt termination.

Bahamas Press warned Minister Tommy Turnquest who aspires to lead The Bahamas one day, that he is being setup by Hubert Ingraham to lose out on his political future. In july Cabinet shuffle, minister Turnquest was given Cabinet responsibility for the BCB. A responsibility once held by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. Minister Turnquest again is making a colossal error by serving in the Ingraham Cabinet. For now his record will not only reflect the raising crime problem in the country, but now the termination of many workers at BCB.

Bahamas Press has also learned that John Pinder, President of the Bahamas Public Service Union [BPSU] and officials at the Ministry of Tourism [MOT] are in concert with a move to terminate all senior staff at the MOT who have reached the age of 60. Sources deep within the MOT have also confirmed that formal notice have already been given to several employees advising them of their abrupt stay – five years early before their due retirement – with the ministry.

The Ministry of Tourism have also returned back to the capital some fifty Tourism officials working at oversees missions. One MOT staff worker, who worked in Florida, has confirmed to Bahamas Press that all of the workers returned from the foreign missions to the Ministry were also given notices that their contracts will not renewed.

Hubert Ingraham told a rallying crowd at R.M. Bailey Park, just days before the May 2nd General Elections that all civil servants need not fear for their jobs when his government takes office. So much for a promise form ‘the toothless lion’ who has not only began the axing of ZNS and MOT workers, but Ingraham’s LIES will soon be felt by BTC and BEC workers. Who will join the unemployment lines if Ingraham has his way.

Hardcore FNM supporters before May 2nd, 2007 many of whom now are brushed aside and terminated by the Ingraham Government. (photo by Tim Alyen)


  1. Thats right…..”it aint long now” for plenty people at ZNS…victimization is going down at that place on the hill.

  2. I have heard talk before BP reported and let me say this, you may have heard Carlton Smith this morning but like the FNM say “it ain’t long now”!

  3. No ‘Truth’, but I hope you see when we talk about ‘Blood Baths’, firings and rifts they do happen. Like the one at ColinaImperial or like that excellent reporter now working in The Nassau Guardian, who resign from Jones Communication. When we break news it is happening. Just trust us, THIS IS REAL NEWS. I think we have proven that already, it is just that mainstream media which cannot report that we gave them the story. And we can understand that. But we have no problem quoting them and saying what we got from them. BUT you will never see them giving us the credit for all they steal from here.

    We are leaders on here and our volume of growing readers prove this. That, we have become the #1 resource for Real News in this country. Bahamas Press, We TAKING OVER!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor.

  4. Are you referring to the same Carlton Smith who was on the news this morning as ZNS VP Operations talking about the upgrading of 1540 AM equipment?

  5. Ahhhhh !!! GCF, I got the answer to your question! Jerome and de boys didnt Fed Ex the tape to the mountains of Haiti for Hubert to edit. Remember now, he is the editor of the news at ZNS-TV 13. So when he got wind that the news aired without him seeing it and all this Bay Street stuff was shown, he got vexed and called the Producer and told them not to re-air the news. PLUS he keep getting interruptions while trying to finish his CEREMONY in the mountains of Haiti.

    …..still naked and painted.

  6. No, No, No, am ZNS fan, and I always watch the late night news every night since the Olympic started. Only last night was an exception.
    My wife insisted, I MUST SEE HOW those people carried on down Bay street yesterday. But ZNS disapointed me this time.

  7. WHY?
    Are you aware that, ZNS did not broadcast the late-night news last night (Monday 11/8/08)?
    I would like to know who give those directives.
    It was the first time in a while that this was done.
    I wonder WHY?

  8. I understand HemiBahamas. Dont fuss me for the compassion part though as we do need to be our brother’s keeper. I truly understand what you are saying though.

  9. Drama King i did not say that technology can take the place of Human staff. I said that what took 15 people to do can now take 3 people to do these day. Bahamians have to advance themselves with the times so we can advance the Bahamas as Bahamians. So we can stop complaining that the foreigners taking our jobs. Also what come from the modern advances is spin off small business.

  10. Listen here man the problem in the Bahamas with this system is we want good service and products from these government run Corperations and when we get bad service we make noise. When they downsize they only getting rid of people who are no longer needed or is a burden. This is how it is done in the real world. We have a compassion problem in this country “To much crime but don’t lock up my son”, “get rid of the Haitians but not my Haitian”, we blame the government for every problem man and don’t blame ourselves when we wrong.

  11. So HemiBahama, what you are saying is technology can take the place of human staff? Cut your numbers and up your technology and all will be well. I think I slightly understand where you are coming from, but then what happens to the people who are let go? How will they feed their families and take care of their bills?

  12. Downsizing a corporation is a part of making it modernize with technology they do it all around the world. For example if you make Zns Automated you don’t need 5 people to play programs anymore you just get computers to do that these days. When you guys get a chance take a trip to cable 12 and see what type of technology they have with the small amount of staff. Zns have to much employees now with the technology they have. Half of the time these people are not even trained in this field only hired there because of politics anyhow. Yeah I agree Carl Bethel is a A-Class broadcaster but when last you seen or hear him on the tv or radio. Dude retire and was brought back man there is enough experience people there right now. Check the House of Assembly it took almost 15 people to operate that one time ago now they got the remote cameras and it take 2 to 3 people. You see how advance that is now. First Class Modern Technology do not take over 200 people to operate in Television. I don’t think NBC have that many people to the olympic games.

  13. I agree with Tristan……..ZNS needs modern technology and to train its staff properly.

    Carl Bethel did retire and he came back on Contract….he is an A-Classed broadcaster and well qualified with a lot to offer ZNS. Was he let go because he is not known in the FNM ranks? Thats just pathetic.

    I wish election day was tomorrow. I am just sick of this Ingraham administration. They are nothing but trouble.

  14. Downsizing a corporation does not make things better. What ZNS need is Mordern Technology. Mr. Ingraham is a spiteful man and only thinks fr himself and not the interest of Bahamians. But you see only who feels it knows it. Tell the Govenment to stop being Cheap and Spend the money the right way to move the Bahamas Forward with First Class Mordern Technology

  15. Bahamas Press can confirm that this morning more then 50% of the workers at BTC failed top report to work this MONDAY MORNING!

  16. Yes he did and came back on contract. Look at ZNS for one minute man it is horrible and last time I check this was 2008. Please Zns is not going ahead and I think Ingraham needs to downsize the place. We always talk about getting bad service from the government ministries and when someone goes to do something about we cry they taking away jobs. Some of those people know exactly how they went around getting those jobs and not in the right way. If you are doing a good job and if you a qualify you should not have anything to worry about. Take a trip to zns and see three receptionist sitting behind one desk and you can’t get through when trying call. Look at sales with all those people working and can’t sell one commercial. 6 sports casters for what Regattas come on man. Cable 12 produces more local programmes than Zns with less than 10 staff than Zns. In my professional opinion zns need no more than 50 people operating that television side of the business.

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