Backwoods drug taking our young people and the nation BACKWARDS!


backwoods_logga_1Nassau, Bahamas – A Pentecostal preacher could not have said it better as he shouted on national radio today, “GO TOMMY GO!” His calls along with others for the resignation of the minister of national security, supposedly, are getting louder. But we ask today our readers a serious question, where is The Bahamas headed with the level of crime and violence now unfolding on this tiny island called New Providence?

Almost every day you hear it. Tourists are getting robbed in some hotel elevator, on Bay Street, shot in Cable Beach, and gun butted on some nature trail or attacked in some restaurant. Is The Bahamas prepared to resign itself to such mayhem for the world to turn its nose up at us?

Are we prepared to hijack the future of our children, grand children and great grand children for some instant greed by some, the few, the rebellious few, who’ve plunged us into this vortex of crime and violence? The few who are hooked on inhales of a “BACKWOODS” drug and as a result is prepared to carry an entire nation backwards.

Are we prepared to see our old men and women suffer; raped and murdered by the hands of these cold killers? Violence, where the innocent tremble and lay victims at the face of some angry root of the earth; some wild seed whose father had no time for them.

We submit that The Bahamas is on the verge of disintegration, hard words but true and someone must say it. We are on a plummeted course and into an abyss that will write-off the promised hopes and dreams we desire for our children, our family and our community; dreams we daresay we cannot afford to lose.

We must change our course. We much stem the tide of destruction that lies just seconds before us. We repeat. We must change our course or, brace for impact. Impact, that now attempts to destroy us as a nation.

Bahamas Press, therefore, calls on all Bahamians to rise up against this blatant cloud of ‘VICKEDNESS’ seeping from the corners of our society. We must put an end to this course of mayhem and destruction set on fire by the few in our nation. We cannot, should not, must not let them slaughter our peace nor sacrifice our Bahamas for their personal greed and craved addictions. Today Bahamas Press launches our campaign, “STOP THEM NOW!”

We need Change Bahamas!


  1. @Bahamasyouth
    If Hubert could “betray” his own country (remember the letter he wrote concerning Sir Lyden’s government and the request for a secret meeting to reveal certain “facts”)? If he could betray his beloved poor bahamian people (held on to monies owed nurses, Civil servants, while going ahead with Arawak cay project,paving roads for Miss Universe, etc) then I don’t see why it should be a surprise that he has betrayed Tommy! But “Tommy T” too much of a sucker, and arrogant to to ever admit that, that is what is happening to him! He wants to wait until the final nail driven in his coffin! So does some of the Bahamain people – just look at the economy, crime, education, social and spiritual values! Am I the only “blind one” ????

  2. Oh yes and his wife yal sayin hes a wife beater… His wife is what I call a *itch….. That woman her… she tink she Queen Lizzy so I sure Tommy slapped her for a reason or two…. I do NOT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE But her nasty ways I sure it was ACCEPTABLE for her.

  3. @LOU
    SMT he needs to GO! he triggerin me off WEAK WEAK WEAK……. Mudda Pratt was a weak Minister too and so is he….. DEY GATS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! let Branville McCartney be Minister of security and let Immigration be apart of Security.

    TOMMY GATS TA GO AND WANT BE PRIMEMINISTER……OH NO OH NO! 2002 Da people didnt want him so its time to pack up his S**ts and leaveeee!!!!!! Serious times call for TESTED LEADERSHIP and It enn long nah til he gats To go……

    Is it me who pick up on how he like to suck up to Ingraham aye???? LOL Boy Ingraham enn no good but I sure he enn no stupid fool. What “Papa” says its FINAL!!!!!!!

    Tommy needs to go be minister of a TAWKER ministry oh no dat post has been taken by Perry Christie.

  4. @LOU
    He should have known from the day he was appointed, Hubert intended to destroy his political future. By tradition why didn’t he follow and appoint The DPM minister of national security as Christie did Pratt and Ingraham did Watson?


  5. @MEDIA
    I hope you heard Tommy’s press conference and the part where he said, “I know there are persons who don’t want me to succeed”. Do you think he realized what he really said? Because If I can remember correctly, somebody pointed out the day he was assigned Minister of National Security, that HAI had deliberately “DOOMED” Tommy’s career! HAI don’t want tommy to succeed, just so he could hand over to Mr “Mona Vie”..Think about that..

  6. they really should have left urban renewal alone it works it wasnt broke nah look at what we have blood runing in the street idyll hands and a comedian /priest talkin jokes in such a time I dont envy tommy T he got a suckers deal Pappa treating him like step chirren He should go now and save what dignity he has left and no its not his fault people commit crime its his fault we dont have better policy initiatives

  7. I wonder what Da Mona via/cry baby/ petty ministry and The Wife beater senator going to say now about the 18 crusie ship tourist who was Kidnap and rob. A few week ago he was bragging about 11 murders in one week what occur under the PLP but fail to point out between 1999 to 2009 that it never reach 70 in one year under the PLP> I bet hes going to say run Tommy run. I hope before the end of this week Tommy should go and go away for good. Go Tommy Go.

    NOVEMBER 22st 2009

    The PLP calls for the resignation of the Minister of National Security in the wake of the latest vicious attacks on our number one industry combined with the precipitous escalation in crime that pose a clear and imminent threat to our way of life.

    1. Tommy Turnquest performance in the role as Minister of National Security has been so bad that even as a manager he appoints a crime commission and that ends with a public dispute between him and the very Chairman he had appointed.

    2. It must be clear to all that Minister Tommy Turnquest so called highly touted “four point plan” has been an obvious failure as crime continues to escalate out of hand.

    3. Minister Tommy Turnquest has exhibited terrible leadership in the wake of the latest attack on Tourists and the very serious crisis emanating there from; his reaction being no more than a photo -op and mild brief lecture. In other words, the Minister had nothing of substance to say and his nothingness gives further credence to the widely held view that he is clueless about what needs to be done to get on top of this massive crime scourge. There was no plan, no policy initiative, no structural or functional changes articulated to better position the police force to more effectively deal with this crisis. Furthermore this is but a pattern which establishes that Minister Tommy Turnquest is simply no leader or even manager. For example in Ministry after Ministry he has failed — showing more and more the signs of “a boy being asked to do a man’s job”.

    4. Minister Tommy Turnquest supported the dismantling of the Urban Renewal Program and the removal of Police from schools left in place by Perry Christie led PLP Government which won several International Awards for its success in fighting Crime and reducing poverty in challenged Communities in Nassau and the Family Islands. Minister Turnquest also supported the dismantling of the specialized program for challenged youth in Andros. FNM claimed it was too expensive but consider now the damage being inflicted upon our Bahamas now and the cost to keep our wayward youths in Prison. The Holy Bible tells us that were there is no vision the people will perish.

    The PLP notes that the Police Act was legislated in 2006 and its enforcement was delayed and amended by the FNM to accommodate the outgoing Commissioner for apparent political reasons. These actions taken by the FNM government compromised the neutrality of The Royal Bahamas Police Force, effectively demoralizing and polarizing the Police Force. These actions compromised the Force’s ability to act in the national interest.

    Mr. Turnquest played a pivotal role in this debacle including the forced early retirement of experienced Police Officers. Further, Mr. Turnquest is oblivious as to what to do to stem this criminal wave that threatens to overwhelm this country. He can only be a symbol of impedance and obstruction that will place a damper on the vim, vigor, enthusiasm, and vision of the incoming Commissioner as he or she pursues a new and fresh approach and mandate to ensuring our national security and public safety through law enforcement.

  9. There should be NO grays in what you think or appear to believe in this article Think Bahamas. Because if you read it well you would find we never suggested our politic. We never made a single statement from BP that commented on what we see today unfolding is a result of anything from the MINISTER, The Prime Minister, The Leader of the Opposition or the FNM!

    We did say people are calling for the resignation of the minister, we never said we were calling for that to happen. Our attack here has come up against, again if you read it properly, the greedy, the addicted, those who are so stingy in their thinking they are prepared to destroy an entire Nation.

    So it is not what appear in your head. What is there we have NO control over. It is what we said it is. And if your seek to add that view it is your view and therefore you cannot blame us for it. That’s another topic for another day. But do make the distinction, that thought of yours did not come from us.

    For BP readers know and know it well, whenever we seek to be that direct, there is none better in getting our thoughts across.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. From the article IT seem as if BP is resolved in thinking the Minister of National Security, one man is reponsible for were the nation is at to date. The violence, muders etc.. are all his fault. IT seems he possess some super power to tell whats on the heart of man.. I submit to you that your thinking is political and suggest bias. The fact that our history have a lot to do with were we are at, with most of the problem stemming from directionless governement once we gained majority rule. IT seem though we had smart men whom had resolve they were weak where it counted and that was how and what vision they had for our country. From our educational system to the one sided view that tourism would be our savior. They the owners the father of our nation mist stepped and subject our citezens to another for of slavery. Its funny we still serving the white master, (most of our guest ). Now we sit as you do from our minute perspectives and destroy one black brother after the other.. all in the name of politics. Gents if you believe by moving the Minister that crime would magically go away your insane. Same on the pastor as well for he and his flock should be out in the streets spreading the gospel and perhaps changing the mind set of a few of the criminal minded. I guess he felt big spewing off at the mouth. I wounder if the public call for his resignation for failing to follow the works of the most high.

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