Delaney confrimed as AG and Wilchcombe named Leader Opp. Business


Well it’s official Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has announced the appointment of John Delaney as Attorney General in his government. Bahamas Press has learned Delaney will resume his post as a Senator this week. Also today Leader of Opposition, Perry Christie, has named Obie Wilchcombe Leader of Opposition Business in the House.


  1. Wilchombe, yet another poor decision as he is tainted and Stevie Wonders can detect that!!!

  2. Think Bahamas keep hope alive and by the way you sound like a IDEALIST! I say no more! Success is relative my brother and not measured by material stuff!!!The AG office need a pull up your sleeve worker not a pass work on person! People who know Delaney do NOT expected that a thing will change under his watch with the backlog in the courts ect etc Well he has 2 years to pontificate

  3. Delaney I guess we will see what he has to offer. Ms. Sonia Dean seem very critical of the man just because he made a successful career in Law.. wow if not Delaney what other successful Atourney would sacrifice 100’s of thousands to fill the shoes of the AG’s office. We are not even talking about the huge volume of work thats await them…. Ms. Dean please don’t judge the man leave that to the one above. Your goal or wish should be for him to reduce the volume of cases within the AG’s office and deliver justice to our citizen’s. You can discus that white knight wanna be bull around the water cooler at work or at the hair saloon. We need to be about the peoples business not what someone has or does not have.

  4. Jonh Delaney is a pompous individual with a fake British accent, who is out of touch and could careless about the real issues of the bahamian society. He lives behind the white gates of Lyford Cay separated from the rest of us real bahamianin and cares nothing about crime. The FNM government should not have appointed such a individual to this post. He is so believe he is better than people that i cant even imagine him actually showing up to the old and run down post office building to go to work in the dirty and less than plush office of the AG on East Street from his ocean view office and lyford cay home. The staff in the AG office should be prepared for this FNM white knight wanna be.

  5. Delaney Im hearing mix reviews about this man and i really dont know much to comment on but he has his work cut out for him…. Leader of the opposition is Obie Wilchcombe well HEY lol thats funny lol …… Perry Christie mussy feel bad for manipulating him lol. At least hes not making the same mistakes this far to put Nottage there who stab in his back like 3times lol

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