Bahamas Press’ Model of the Week 9/17/10


This week please get to know a little bit of Vinyon with us. This voluptuous model that came all the way from Africa to conquer our hearts with her looks. She is fully bilingual, English and French, but if that doesn’t help you at all,  we don’t think you would care to do an effort and find a way of communicating with her. We were amazed by the curves at the photo session she did for BahamasPress at ModelMixStudios, and by how articulated and fun to be around she is. These are some of the things we learned about her:

Name: Vinyon
Hometown: Lome (Togo)
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Hobbies:Writing, working out, and travel.
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: anything spicy
Favorite Song: “you and me” (Smallhouse)
Favorite Drink: Red wine
Favorite Movie: War of the worlds
Biggest turn off: Body odor
Biggest turn on: Confidence





  1. Sorry for the delay gurl;these pics are oustanding.I always knew you’ll be a model someday.Keep it up!!!keep making us proud sis!!!

  2. sorry for the delay gurl;these pics are outstanding congrats on being the model of the week.I always knew you’ll be a model someday.Gurl keep it up!!!! keep making us proud sis!!!

  3. Amazing pictures! Go Girl!!! You are a real star, an epitome of a true African Beauty. Always pretty with a dazzling body.Congrats Vignon!

  4. Vinyon congratulations! I knew this was coming. I have known you for years, and I have always been aware of your determination and hardwork. It is paying off and will surely pay-off even more. Holla at us when you get to Omaha. We are happy for you.

  5. dang !!!!!! ok working on the fan club page right !!! i think i got enough ppl to start now !! you make MAMA AFRICA proud !! yes we too have beautiful women in Africa !!!

  6. Like that wise man once said …
    One day my ship will come in … but with my luck, I’ll probably be stuck at the airport !!
    I’m in Bénin right now, where she’s from and now she’s living in the US. I’ll never get it right.
    Great curves, fabulous shoot !! Looking forward to a shoot with you on African soil. Cheers – Peter

  7. your so “HOT HOT HOT”…Congrats on winning the model of the week thingy im sooo proud of you!!!!!:))
    Keep on keeping on:)

  8. I watched the soccer world cup, and couldn’t see any beautiful lady like you when they broadcasted showing the cities of the stadiums, if not, I wouldn’t have any excuse not to be there, although I would have missed the games, and I am a BIG SOCCER FAN…. but I would direct all my passion to you!

  9. Oh wow, what a beautiful body you have out there. Them pictures are so gorgeous. Can’t keep my eyes off them. U are rocking it, i just love them. keep it up and good luck sexy

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