Breaking NEWS: Woman is Murder victim #156 @ 4AM this morning



A young woman was shot to death while visting her boyfriend in the Garden Hills area shortly after 4:00am this morning. She died on the scene from multiple gunshots wounds.

The boyfriend was also shot several times and taken to PMH. He is now listed in serious condition. BP understands these individuals are in their twenties, and we know the male victim is no stranger to the police. BP believes the male victim knew his attacker/s as he was the intended target.

This is the 156th murder since 2009.

We are also reporting that a 49 year-old male of Elizabeth Estates attempted to kill himself by stabbing himself in his head and wrist several times this morning after 12 mid-night. This male is in stable condition at PMH.


  1. What is wrong with you people like Queen did the killer post his intention to kill that lady on facebook? or maybe you knew ahead of time and why didn’t you inform the police. Stan Moss is right no Government could have stop hat crime its us the people we to caught up with politics I you have any info let the police know.

  2. These guns did not just walk into the country on two feet overnignt. They had to come from somewhere. Someone has to take responsibility. There is either corruption on the police force, the defense force or in the immigration department. Someone is assisting these criminals. Tommy just needs to stop pussyfooting around and start weeding these a holes out one by one. (count the weapons held with the police today, then count them again tomorrow – see if the same amount appears)Tommy, we are counting on you to tell us the truth and crack down on this mess! If not, don’t run again in the next election – please!

  3. The Bahamas is not even ranked in the top 100 crime countries in the world. Bahamians need to stop messing with other people, talking bad to other people, showing off with the few dollars we gat, stop helping illegals and mind our own business. The courts need to become serious, and persons need to stop sheilding these criminals and have all locked behind bars, then our country would return to the peaceful place we know

    • Stan Moss:

      Your source is outdated by a decade. At the bottom, it states, taken from period of 1998 – 2000. The iPhone wasn’t even around yet. This is…not the ancient slow pokes at the Tribune or Guardian. Let’s keep a standard here.

      It was a good read however.

  4. This country is being ravished by a bloody rampage. It seems everyday when a new day begins all Bahamians think, I might be the one to die today. It’s like we all have a chance to be murdered. That should not be. No one (generally) deserves to die, and no regular citizen is allowed to take the life of another citizen!

  5. Stan moss you are being an insensitive fool! You think ingraham and co care about you??! They could. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Obviously they’re not doing anything.
    I’m getting so sick and tired of this. All these people in high positions just selling out this country. I’m SO sick of ingraham, the fnm. I’m literally shaking with anger right now. This has got to stop!!!!! The children killing, stabbing each other everyday. These fools selling everything in our country to make some quick cash to have an easy life. Soon this country will not exist!! In a history book in the uk or u.s. it will say, “the Bahamas was an island located in the Caribbean, that became extinct in 2020, due to the selling of it’s land and natural resources and the extermination of it’s people by it’s own people. It is now a melting pot of different nationalities ranging from American, Hatian, British, Asian, and Jamaican. It is now called Newhamas….”

    • Newhamas…that’s too funny man…that’s also sad at the same time…why do we wanna sell out our country, this is just not right!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. No one government can stop an individual from committing a murder case against an individual. The talk is the guy who was shot is known to police for crimes. The girl who was killed unfortunatly should of been aware of the company she decided to keep. What the government really needs to do is fix the justice system and courts, so that all persons who are known to police and are criminals be speeded straight to prison and not on bail, being the cause of most murders in our once peaceful town. We need new fair judges who are not apart of the all lawyers club and a prosecutors office who are determined to put criminals away. I have confidence The Free National Movement government (the choosen Bahamas Government) could do this, they did it before in 98 and am sure they can do it again

  7. Is this hitting the Minidter of National Security yet? Is it hitting the Prime Minister?

    It’s like they are living in a different world. I don’t have a solution, but, they need to do something. Try something. Something has to be done.

    We are almost as bad as Jamaica. Bahamians aren’t safe anymore.

    PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Well we all know ,our governments are always reactive and never proactive.they are just waiting for the US to sent out a advisory to there people about the bahamas to do something about crime.

  9. BP: Where are the three or four different sets of crime fighting measures put in place by the FNM government, since coming to office and abandoning Christie’s Urban Renewal program, on may 2007?

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