BahamasPress Model of the Week 04/22/11


Name: Ana Guzman

Home country: Venezuela
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Occupation:  Student
Hobbies:  Horseback riding
Favorite Color:    yellow
Favorite Food:  pasta
Favorite Song: Jaci Velasquez `Como se cura una herida`
Favorite Drink: lemonade
Favorite Movie: City of God
What is your biggest turn off: Ignorance
What is your biggest turn on: Being funny, being confident
How would you describe yourself in three words: Intelligent, Kind, Ambitious


  1. a- she has the CREEPIEST stare i’ve ever seen.

    b- really BP? you have the ‘most-read Bahamian news site’ and you choose not to highlight Bahamian models? shameful.

  2. Use Black girls please, from Jamaica, Trinidad, turks and Cacios etc. in the caribbean. Whites take over BTC, they take over the Hotels, they even take over the wild road works going on. We want to see juicy black meat.not bland white!!!!!

  3. BAHAMIAN Please! Where is the love of heritage here? I really love Bahamas Press – but this is a huge let down.

    Ms. Bahamas residing in Europe

    • please tell me what bahamian heritage you are talking about.

      Bahamians promote jungless gals, immorality, adultery like its the “bahamian ting”

      @ Ray Ray, wth, you live in europe chick, dont talk bout heritage when you dont even live in the country. you dont see was goin on round this place.

      @ Enough White Already, white women are beautiful, and so are black women, no matter what country, and the bahamian who say they are sexy, probably arent, the most beautiful women in the bahamas and nassau are those who are quiet and mild, who dont boast about how fine they are. but yall dumb behind people got a come on here and talk about enough white already. bui, go take that S*** somewhere else. you got something against whites, go live in the 19th century, dont bring that crap in here.

  4. It looks like you and the FNM government both like foreign over Bahamian. If you’re going to use models and given the fact that everything is going foreign in this country please use Bahamian models.

    In case you didn’t hear me PLEASE us BAHAMIAN models!!! Big, solid, sexy Bahamians gals please!!!

  5. While I am lover of beautiful women;it would be better to leave the half naked women to the sleazy “Punch” who have no respect and appreciation for decent minded people:and women.

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