BahamasPress Model of the Week 04/01/11


Name: Claudia Romani

Home country: Italy
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Occupation: Model
Hobbies: Yoga, pilates, swimming, traveling, learning foreign languages
Favorite Color:  Black and pink
Favorite Food: Pizza, chocolate and anything vegetarian really!
Favorite Song: More than one..most Placebo and REM songs,  and unconditional by Peter Andre
Favorite Drink: Fresh juice
Favorite Movie: don’t have one
What is your biggest turn off: violence, lies and bad hygiene wink
What is your biggest turn on: a positive attitude, ambition and a nice voice
How would you describe yourself in three words: determined, funny, perfectionist hehe wink

I am Italian, have 5 cats love animals… lived in 4 different nations already. Worked for Maxim, FHM, Toyota , Samsung and so on.
I am always on Fb…

Claudia Romani byDemian

Claudia Romani byDemian


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