BahamasPress Model of the Week 11/5/10


Name: Serafina evans

Home country: italy/wales/brazil/us?

Zodiac Sign: aquarius

Occupation: model, hip hop dancer, actress, dj, artist (probably not good at enough at any one thing, so i have to do many : )

Hobbies: dance, yoga, traveling, hiking, animals, film, music, surfing

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Food: sprinkles/sushi (not together, though i’ve never tried)

Favorite Song: i actually have a different one every single day but i love the notwist-“consequence”, cat power, nneka, and biggie..and growing up i have to admit being obsessed with seal-“kissed by a rose”

Favorite Drink: one that does all sorts of magic but unfortunately hasn’t been invented yet

Favorite Movie: baraka

What is your biggest turn off: bad teeth, bad taste in music, bad kissing, bad manners (..but they’d have to pass the first two to get to the kissing and manners test)

What is your biggest turn on: being unpredictable, dimples, honesty, mystery, and a good touch/hands

How would you describe yourself in three words:..not very well../i don’t know/the baddest bitch. haha