Eric Carey, and Neil McKinney are like RATS sitting idle as the environment is eaten away and destroyed by PIRATES



Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is zooming in on this Land Grab now taking place in the country. The raid now leaves the Bahamas like a naked woman exposed for the entire world to see.

We have heard about Earl’s island hop on the private helicopter of an investor. That investor we are told, now has before the Ingraham Cabinet plans to dredge almost nine acres of protected land near Bell Island in the Exumas.

When Earl Deveaux is not flying around the Bahamas in one investor’s helicopter, we see the Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham, catching a ride on Butch Stewart’s plane, but this is not the heart of the story.

Bahamas Press understands the same investor’s helicopter Earl was seen getting a joy ride on is the same investor who supposedly dished out $1 million to the Bahamas National Trust [BNT] and here is where the story gets interesting.

Eric Carey and Neil McKinney are the two goons who head up the Trust and are supposed to be protecting land and wildlife in the country. They are supposed to be the ones stopping land grabbers from coming into our boarders; making sure all the protected land stays safe for generations to come. They are the ones who should  be telling the government to stop dredging, to stop fishing, to band trolling and stop shooting in protected areas of the country. They are the ones who make recommendations to governments on where to stop development all in the name of  ‘PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT’. But let’s look at what they have been doing.

It is alleged the Aga Khan gave Carey and Mckinney a donation in the name of the BNT of $1 million last year to assist in their undertakings at the Trust. Khan now wants to dredge 9 acres of protected land for his development. The receivers of funds are now hushed and say not a ward about the proposed dredging. But there is more.

Neil McKinney

Bahamas Press is concerned with Carey and McKinney’s blindness to the destruction of the wetlands at Kamalame Cay in Andros. They are silent and say nothing.

We are concerned with Carey and McKinney’s silence to the complete destruction of the mangroves and wetlands at the Bimini Bay development, which continue to encroach on the wildlife and wetlands in that area. Where is the voice of the said “Protectors” of the environment? Why the silence?

Have both men been bought by the super rich and globally powerful? Have they been bought or have they sold out the Bahamian people? Why is the talkative Carey so quiet when just recently he found his tongue to speak with the TRIBUNE?


Bahamas Press is calling for all public taxpayers money to be withdrawn from the BNT with immediately. We call on all watchdogs of the environment around the world to take a second look at their contributions to the BNT. We also call for an immediate opening of the books at the BNT.  We ask the question who else has given the Trust money in exchange for ecological disasters against the environment in the Bahamas? We demand a full and complete forensic audit of the BNT IMMEDIATELY!

We here at BP smell something fishy and it surely is not Potters Cay.

We need change Bahamas!



  1. stop selling this country out Earl Devaux Eric Carey and all who involve need to resign from their position because they are not true bahamians

  2. The land grab in The Bahamas was inevitable after the financial melt down and as land in our country held its values. BNT, MP’s, Permanant Secretary’s have all gone mad with greed. Helicopter rides is a joke. I am surprised nobody looks at that scoubdrel Jimmy Moscow and the games he is playing with American Bridge and the PM at Arawak Cay. Jimmy brags about making $44 mio last year in his Marina Business and his control over the PM. $44 mio. in a year when the economy was so bad. The Holoweskos and the Maillis’s who sit at the top of the BNT are laughing louder these days. Let’s be real Bryan Ross was right….The Bahamas has always been for sale. The people we put at the top only go there to enjoy the ride and get there hands on the bribes as they broker the deals.

  3. Kele Isaacs, you can play crazy all you like. You know exactly which former PM I am talking about. Hint, he put on 30 lbs within a year of coming to office, and had a mild stroke as a result of his fondness for steak, caviar and champagne, provided by foreign suitors wanting to get their hands on Bahamian Patrimony. Gat it?

    It is stupid to think that anyone will bite that hand that feeds them. I had no idea that Bahamians had such high standards. Oh snap, they are for others, and not for themselves!

  4. Eric Carey, is rather quiet on this topic. His voice was heard loud and clear when he accused the young man from ZNS the other day with the Nygard issue. If my memory serves me right, the ZNS reporter resigned – Eric, I think it is time now for you to do the same and resigned from BNT – you could still continue to wear your red shirt though.

  5. Thanks for bringing up the matter with the Bakers Bay bribe. I wrote about this on the Tribune article about BNT’s ‘high road stance’ in refusing Nygard’s gift. And Eric Carey did try and defend himself, talking some nonsense about some partnership with Bakers Bay and BNT-nonsense! I also talked about the grant they accepted from gov’t which caused BNT to roll over and play dead on all the environmental damage the gov’t is doing. He tried to defend that too. You dont accept grants from ANYONE -gov’t or private citizen- that you know is actively trying to get and destroy precious environmentally-sensitive land! I said then, and I say now, BNT has sold out. I am glad others are now seeing the light.

  6. BP, you forgot to mention the Donation (bribe) BNT got from Bakers Bay. Bakers Bay dredged 100 Acres of Mangroves to build a marina.
    Neil, Eric, and Lynn Gape all need to be fired from the BNT.
    Give the bribe back to Aga Khan.

    • what is a bribe? can back to school give aways, and ham an turkey during the holidays be considered in the same light as a bribe or inducment for your vote?…..tell me bahamian politican i best not give my MP or accept a ride from him or school book ….he could keep is salty ham, my blood pressure up already

  7. All Ministers do what Earl Deveaux has done. If we can get investors to pay for everything including roads, hospitals, and even Civil Servants salaries, why not? Once there is transparency. You do dot think very much of black people do you, Media, to think that we are rolled so easily by Caviar and Champagne meals enjoyed by the former PM. Let us not go there, hear?

    • @Thomas Finley

      I am not sure what you are referring to in mentioning the former PM (not to mention, which former PM) nor do I give a bucket of hot spit. The point is this: receiving gifts or benefits from the people that you are supposed to be regulating can be seen to influence your regulation. This is a simple point and regulators all over the world have guidelines in place to ensure that their integrity remains beyond reproach and is SEEN to be as such. When an auditor is hired by a business, the auditor must take deliberate acts to maintain their objectivity in appearance and deed, shouldn’t Ministers of the Bahamian government should do the same?

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