Pilot just released out of Venezuelan jail for drugs…Bahamas Press has more in that plane crash out of Bimini…


Terrance Gibson AKA Tango one of the victims was recently released from a Venezuelan jail for drugs…

More updates on that Bimini Plane Crash...
More updates on that Bimini Plane Crash…

Nassau, Bahamas – Unlike most of the lazy ‘wutless media dem”, your Bahamas Press tonight is looking closer into that plane crash out of South Bimini.

We can confirm one of the men dead in the crash is Terrance Gibson AKA Tango. He, we can report from records, was a famed drug dealer who not long ago had been released from a Venezuelan prison.

The second victim in the crash is a famous decent airline mechanic, loved by many, who had trained a number of young pilots in the business. He has been identified as Anthony “Scrubby” Smith.

The aircraft we have learned is owned by a local Deon Papa D. Moss.

Following the incident today The Department of Civil Aviation released the following statement to update the public on the tragic events:

“At 4:15 PM today June 19, 2016, Aviation Officials at South Bimini Airport received a report of smoke in bushes near the airport.

“Investigations revealed that an aircraft had crashed in the bushes adjacent to the runway.

“The aircraft registration number is N63ZZ, a PA 27, which departed Bimini minutes earlier.

“Two fatalities are confirmed….”

We report yinner decide!

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