Bahamian mother denied access to Baha Mar! WHY IN 2021?

Bahamar SLS

Dear BP,

Did you know that on 10th July, persons who wished to view the fireworks at the Bahamar property were told by security that Bahamians were not allowed after 8pm.

Does this mean that if you came from any other country you could have been allowed to enter the hotel, while Bahamians were denied? WHAT IS THIS? If that was not bad enough lets give you more.

A mixed family comprising,

  1. the father who is British,
  2. two kids under 7-yrs
  3. the wife a Bahamian.

The man and his kids could enter but the wife/ and Bahamian mother was denied!

Where are we going in this Bahamas? BACK IN THE UBP era…and the Savoy Theatre days?

And let me add this…Which Legal Mind will now take up this Constitutional Rights Case on Behalf of the woman? Do we have any takers?


This is not the Savoy