Olympian Chris Brown hails Peter Nygard as “generous and kind” to Bahamian athletes…

Above is Mr. Peter Nygard (center) with the Four Bahamian Gold Medalists in London. He was there supporting all Bahamian Athletes as he has for several years, given his love for the country. He was so proud of all the athletes and very proud to be a Bahamian.

NASSAU| Back in the days when Olympic fever was hitting the Bahamas when our Golden Girls and Boys were running down the track, fashion billionaire Peter Nygard became intensely involved in the development of Sports in the Bahamas.

And in those glory days when track reached a peak, Bahamian athletes were celebrated by Peter Nygard.

Chris Brown, one of the country’s Golden Knights, told his story of Nygard’s charity and golden heart for Bahamians.

Brown at the age of 21 had his first experience on that big track stage in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics.But it wasn’t until the London Olympics when Brown, Demetrius Pinder, Michael Mathieu and Ramon Miller beat the United States for the 4×400 Gold Medal as they ran a time of 2:56.72.

Brown in an interview told the story of how Peter Nygard was instrumental in helping him reach his athletic goals in his journey to Olympic gold.

“It was Peter Nygard who helped me by giving me financial support even from the time I won a bronze medal. And also to the team when we won that Gold Medal in London.

“I met Mr Nygard earlier during the time of my rise to the summit. At this point the Golden Girls were at the top of World displaying their dominance of Bahamas as a track powerhouse.

“Mr Nygard’s gestures were very kind. He didn’t have to do it. He didn’t need to stop our way and support what we were doing at the time, but he, in his kindness, didn’t look for anything in return, but out of the goodness of his heart supported us as Bahamians.

“He believed in our hard work as young people. He saw our dedication in sports. He knew of my commitment and his charity spoke volumes! The goodwill from someone like Mr Nygard who came to the Bahamas, made our home his home and his investment in Bahamians, I for one shall not forget. He was very generous and kind.”