Bahamas could see a mandatory vaccination policy on all healthcare workers by Minnis Regime….

Vaccines – file photo.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting Health Minister Renward Wells is entertaining recommendations to mandatorily vaccinate healthcare workers, modeling jurisdictions that have fired staff for noncompliance.

The move could seal the deal in the fate of the Minnis Regime, which is headed out the door and out of power quickly! Greece and France join Italy in making Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for health workers.

A recent health medical journal has reported how Recent data has shown significant apprehension in healthcare workers (HCWs) about receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

This has led to low initial vaccination rates among HCWs, many of whom express unease about the COVID-19 vaccines, which primarily includes worries about the vaccine development process and the vaccines’ safety and long-term side effect profiles.

Many HCWs around the world have also voiced concerns regarding the speed of, and suspected political interference in, the vaccine development process.

BP believes the Minnis Government move in this direction will be rejected and could topple the system leading to not just staff shortages and resistance, but a complete collapse of the Healthcare services in the public system.

As BP was told from a child; a word to the wise is sufficient.

We ga report and yinner ga decide!

Minister Renward “FIRE BAHAMIANS” Wells gave order to fire Bahamians at BAIC!