Senior FNM politician to attend 50th breakfast party for his gal pal in western New Providence….

Munnings Road still closed as residents want the public out and the Government agrees.

NASSAU| A senior FNM Politician has received his invite for a fancy breakfast in an upscale community in western New Providence. 

The gal pal has invited him to her 50th birthday breakfast party and arranged for him to be seated next to her as she completes her journey of half a century on earth – 25 years of which have been committed to “bedroom dominance”!  

BP has gotten word that a close relative of the gal pal is preparing the feast for all the bigwigs invited. The senior politician loves and has requested his stewfish to be prepared by his gal pal’s mother.

The gal pal has been captioned with the title around the nation as “LEGS-WIDE-OPEN” after an entire street was closed by her request, forcing the death of an innocent young woman who was a former employee of Royal Bank.

The gal pal has about four jobs in the government and recently axed a senior government contract employee for his call for openness and transparency in the awarding of government contracts.

Your faithful and dedicated online website, BP, will be deep inside the kitchen preparing the food with the cooks for the 50th birthday breakfast. On the morning of the birthday ONLY TEAM BP will be sitting BIG-AS-BILLY at the table where the special politician and his gal pal will be seated. We will also place a special cam under the table to watch who will be playing footsie. 

Additionally we are being updated that the 50th birthday bash will work its way into the evening. We will follow.

We report yinner decide!