A Bahamasair employee dies after being forced to return to work…

Bahamasair new ATR aircrafts.

BP BREAKING| A Bahamasair employee died yesterday after being forced to work despite health warnings and medical advice confirming the woman was unfit to work.

BP reports Sabrina Wright died yesterday after suffering a serious health challenge.

Wright, before her death, presented the airline’s Human Resources Department with a doctor’s note indicating that she was unfit to work.

But in a cold calculating response, the Board at Bahamasair rejected the medical recommendations and ordered that Wright come to work or suffer a pay cut.

What is happening at the national flag carrier is that they are so insensitive to the health of their employees that the airline decided to force a sick woman to work against medical sound advice.  WHAT IS THIS?

Someone must be fired for this!

We await a response from the Board at Bahamasair before we take this matter up a notch!

We report yinner decide!