BP features "Jah Hem", We did not know he was Bahamian!



Nassau Bahamas: Call us ignorant, but we never knew this artist was a Bahamian. My goodness, WE GAT TALENT ECH? Why did we and some others thought he was a Jamaican? And little is said about this ‘Jah Hem’ who was born right here in the Bahamas. He was christened Hem Benjamin Solomon. Now either we missed something, or we are that much out of the social circles of this country. Bahamas Press sends a big shout out to ‘Jah Hem’, our featured artist this weekend.

Blessed with a fresh, earthy, silky, rich and pure voice, as clear as the crystal waters of his hometown, the Bahamas, where his message of love has broken national boundaries “Jah Hem” has emerged as a writer and vocalist to be reckoned with in the global music industry. His hit singles “Come Here Girl” and “Missing You aka Cant Get You Out Of My Mind” spread like wildfire throughout the islands of the Caribbean, reaching across the waters to capture the hearts of reggae lovers worldwide.

Solomon was born on September 1st 1976 in “West End” the capitol of Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas where he found his voice for singing early as a youth in his Father’s church. In his early 20’s, Jah Hem moved to Bradenton, FL, with his wife and kids, and stayed there until the end of 2003 when he returned to his hometown of Freeport, Bahamas. Prior to moving back home, Jah Hem teamed up with a former friend, to form the group CREASONS in 2002-2003. After recording an album “Jah Soldiers” for Original Records, the group split up due to some personal problems, and the album was never officially released (album will soon be available to download for free on www.original-records.com.)

Almost as soon as he returned home, the urge to record led Jah Hem to hook up with, co-founder of Lion of Judah Records and one of the most successful Christian reggae artiste’s in the Caribbean. Ramont “Monty G” Green referred Jah Hem to an old time friend, Wallace “Trez” Allen III who became his manager on the spot in the beginning of 2004. During this time, Jah Hem opened shows for just about every international act that came to the island. He also frequented various recording studios in Freeport laying down vocals for his mix-cd “Rise and Shine” which he released in 2005.

In 2006 Jah Hem and Trez joined forces with local producer Louis “Uncle Lou” Moss and the trio established “Cutting Edge Entertainment, Ltd.,” with plans to harness talent across all mediums from music, movies, comedy and dance to fashion. Jah Hem’s first solo album was completed in 2007 and is going to be released early 2008. He recently released his first music video for his hit single “Come Here Girl” which is doing well, steadily climbing the charts and currently sits at the #4 song in the Caribbean on MTV TEMPO’s Cross Caribbean Countdown. YAHOOOOOOOOO BAHAMAS!!!!!!!!!


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