BTC internet goes down in eastern New Providence while paying customers are given “friendly reminders” to PAY DEY NOT DUE BILLS!


Does anyone know what is happening with BTC and its SERVICE THESE DAYS?!

NASSAU| Well, folks, BTC done-done it ONCE AGAIN – this time to the residents in eastern New Providence.

Not only staff are screaming to BP about the injustices BTC are putting on them at the telephone company, but customers are also screaming about the internet outages now plaguing sections on the island. 

One resident in the east told BP, “…there is a major BTC internet problem in eastern New Providence. We didn’t have internet all Sunday. BTC is saying that they do not know when the problem will be fixed. Yet, all weekend they sent out disconnection notices even to customers like me whose bills are paid up to date. Could you believe it, BP? Who do we file our complaints with on this matter? URCA?!?”

BP has captured a copy of that text message to BTC customers which read: “Friendly reminder, BTC will commence a disconnection exercise later today. If you are not current, please call us at 225-5282 for more information.”

What kind of friend is that?! The people’s internet is off and BTC is telling people to pay the bill which is not even due or owed!

We ga tell yinner once again: you cannot have scores of foreigners running BTC and yet let Bahamians suffer with WUTLESS service!

Anyway, we ga report and let yinner decide!