Cabinet Minister's son suspended from Queen's College for alleged sexual activity on campus



Police have once again failed to investigate a alleged sexual encounter that has taken place on a school campus in the country. Now we know why police are not wanted on school campuses. Scores of sexual act continue to occur, with 13 and 14 year olds becoming pregnant on school campuses across the country.

Bahamas Press has learned that the 17 year old son of a cabinet minister has engaged in an alleged unlawful sexual act while on the school campus of Queen’s College. The entire incident was captured and recorded on the school’s surveillance cameras. The incident occurred last month at an after school event. Details on the tape revealed that the minister’s son engaged in an unlawful sexual act with an underaged 13 year old girl in a classroom.

The school’s principal suspended that minister’s son for one week after the incident, however no report have yet been filed to the police in this latest sex act incident, which continue to occur on campuses around the country.

Last week the ‘WUTLASS MEDIA’ in the country denied a report of sex acts occurring at the Doris Johnson High School, which was captured on Youtube. Media in The Bahamas are all in the business of deflecting news in the country. The Ministry of Education went as far as to suggest that the video which circulated on Youtube was not a Bahamian school. The video was later deleted.

However, reports coming to Bahamas Press confirmed that contrary to the ministry’s report, the students at the high school did engage in a sexual acts.

The legal age to have sex is 16 according to the laws of The Bahamas. Therefore sex with underage persons would automatically land the attacker 7 years in jail. Bahamas Press is calling on the principal to report the matter to the proper authorities or resign the position for failure to protect the ‘most innocent’ in the society from such crimes.


  1. Well guess what, see if we will move them. We guarantee you, that will not happen! Photoshop and a digital camera can rule the world!You just don’t know that yet.

    Bahamas /Editor

  2. Thanks for your comments and professionalism, BIG BOY. If it is asinine to ask for kids’ lives to be left alone, then I must admit that I’m not the only beast of burden on this blog.

    Not to worry, there will be no further comments from me on this subject. You are the manager of this site so you will always win inside here. Interestingly you will be in my domain in a few weeks and things operate much differently in the real world.

    By the way, you still have not commented on the fact that you stole those pictures off Queen’s College’s website when it is clearly stated that visitors are not allowed to. (You now have one skeleton, Mr. Perfect)

  3. Bahamas Press thought we had advised this same individual “CONCERNED” before online to Do your JOB, as we at Bahamas Press will certainly do ours.

    Since this SCANDAL appeared, what amazes me is the fact that some of the most asinine statements I have ever heard, (INCLUDING THIS ONE) has come on this BLOG. Do remember concern, it is the likes of you, which has brought birth to this site. You are the ones who appear, to be the know all and end all of matters in this country, yet, you certainly do not know, or have yet to be made aware of the FACT that NO one, not even the PM nor leader of the opposition can stir an ounce of fear in the writers of this BLOG. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE! WE HAVE NO SKELETON! And to make it clearer, we would put it simply this way, if you cannot take the heat, THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

    We are here and here to stay and IF, just if you wish to THROW OUT a PITCH, our way, be ready, and I SAY READY! To be fired “BY SOME EXPOSING WORDS”!

    calls for the resignation of the PRINCIPAL OF QUEEN’S COLLEGE. And in short order we would call for parents who have serious concerns with this incident to withdraw their young innocent children from the school, if that is not done!


  4. Be careful……. I’m still watching. Leave these QC kids alone. You already know that most of what you have posted are lies but yet you continue to allow them in order to further promote your site and fill some of the deficiencies you experience in other areas.

    I would hate to think that anything extremely embarrassing happens on June 27 to take away from the grand celebration being planned. Better yet, the day before. Please do not take this as a threat but rather as an offer for you to taste some of your own medicine. The same way you are trying to do good for others during that event is the same way schools are trying to do for all their students.

    Unfortunately there will always be fights on school campuses, failing exam grades and yes even sexual escapades. But you don’t fix these problems by publicly airing the mistakes of children. Mr. Bahamas Press, we cannot fix this problem by promoting the destruction of the lives of two young people. The adults in the situation will live through this incident but how will the kids fare? Because of you pushing this issue with so many propaganda which you know are not true, if you get your way – the young man will not be able to go to college with the scholarships he has earned, get a decent job or build wholesome relationships with others. The young lady will forever live a life of disgrace and scandal, and God forbid even morbidly harm herself. Why? Because two kids made a bad choice and a big bad man with an historical ax to grind decided that he would use their mistake to attack the media and politicians.

    Mr. Bahamas Press, is it really worth it. If God had blessed you with a child you would have been able to identify with previous comments in the other thread you started (consider the children).

    Mr. Bahamas Press (and others), you will have other opportunities to get at the Tribune, Guardian, Punch, ZNS, Carl Bethel, Tommy Turnquest, Zhavargo Laing, Hubert Ingraham, Perry Christie and the boogie man. But because this situation involves the lives of children, as a parent I am emploring you to leave these kids alone.

    This is why Doris Johnson, CV Bethel, St. Johns, RM Bailey, QC, Kingsway, Galilee, CI Gibson, CW Saunders, Temple Christian and others do whatever it takes to not allow incidences to leak/continue in the press. Children make mistakes. Educators are fighting tooth and nail to build the kind of nation that you too so badly call for. Us adults are already messed up. Our future now lies with the children of the Bahamas.

    Mr. Bahamas Press (and others) you cannot do this by constantly bombarding the headlines with every stabbing, every BGCSE statistic, every sexual exploit, every campus drug seizure, etc. These are only children.

    Your heart is in the right place but you are allowing yourself to be misguided by the many hurts of your past and the poor self-image that you endeavour to conceal with your vociferous antics whenever you are in public.

  5. Yea I know…I know more than you think i do. the point I’m making is there is a chance there may not of been one, just as well as there is a chance there could have been one. Noone knows the exact details of his punishment. There may have been certain things withheld from the public. Seeing as its, yanno, everyones business.

    I find it amusing that everyone just seems to foreget the girl, like she didnt have anything to do with it. SHE is the one who actually did what ever took place,and nobuddy knows her name, No1 cares that her parents didnt press charges and just putting all the blame on QC and Shawn.

    Her good for nothing parents ought to be brought under fire if anything.

  6. Ok since you want us to spill it here is the second BLOW Kenny, Mrs laing, The wife of Zharvigo Laing was the second woman on the 4 person Panel. Now how is that for a cover up?

  7. I never said she didnt take part in the desicsion making process. what i said outlined that she does not have the final say on what happens.

    So what about the rest of panel? Do you no there political affiliations? Oh, so because Shawn is connected to the FNM the WHOLE panel must be afflitated aswell? that makes sense.

    Seeing as Shawn is the only person with a mouth that could have spoken on the panel too right? i understand.

    I mean, the girls PARENTS…dont have mouths either then? Now i understand Only Shawn Turnquest has a mouth. Not the other 3 panel members you make mention of, neither the girls parents. Shawn Turnquest it solely to blame.

  8. Now since that statement on May 9th, Bahamas Press was made to learn that whilst Mrs. Turnquest is NOT the Principle, we are made to understand that she is one of a four panel who decided the punishment. And she has authority on the operation of the high school. And in that she is guilty of partaking in denying the police to be inform of a ‘Statutory Crime’ committed.

  9. Funny how everyone is just floating around the fact that there is NOthing to talk about seeing as the is NO proof.

    No proof, No case.

    Conversation done.

  10. Understood. i was referring to the comments by ‘Wow!!’

    speaking of whom, i would honestly like to no how VICE and Principal are one in the same???? Vice-principal does not have quite the decision making authority that the principal carries. In addition, vice principal does not have the same power on the board….

    The things that you’ll should be talking about is matters such as Harold Taylor’s lil black book with all dem sissy PLP ministers in it. BIG GROWN MEN. what about that cover up??? why yall dont talk bout dat? Big time politicians commiting adultery and homosexual acts. SHAME ON THEM.

    Just because they’re the son of a politician does not make them God, everyone [encluding politicans children ,FNM and PLP] make chilish mistakes.

    Get over it and move on.

  11. TO KENNY, please note our initial response in reference to the Shawn Turnquest issue or her involvement in the Queen’s College saga.

    By media on May 8, 2008 | Reply

    We must be responsible in our commentary and accept that Mrs. Shawn Turnquest is not the principal and second she is a private citizen.

    Our concern is with the principal of Queen’s College and her ill judgment in the punishment given to the student (THE MINISTER’s SON) after a crime has been committed on the campus.

    Also we are concern with the scores of young school girls on the campus, who if the principal the highest authority continue to train students to cover up situations like this, another incident can occur and nothing would happen.

    Bahamas Press is calling for the resignation of the Principal of Queen’s College.

  12. Jan

    You are ASSuming I myself am not “closely affiliated” with QC either. As it relates to the principal issue, I dont believe it was you, but someone else said that she is the princial, when she isnt. So the point that i was making with that is people are calling her the princpal when she isnt and getting the story mixed up. Likewise, people are saying things happened that did not happen


    Just because everyone is saying something does not make it FACT. A fact is something that can be tested and proven.

    Who gave you the right to ASSume that he was giving special treatment? You are not Shawn and you do not no the all the details, therefore you ought not to ASSume such things. Unless God himself came down and told you it was to aviod embarassment…

    The news paper covered the stoy because “sources have told them” not because anything happened. Think about it, the only information they could “confirm” is statements from Hulan Hanna. everything else is “so the tribune has learned” it other term, GOSSIP

    you went into a whole other field which i wasnt even talking about, so in conclusion, so not ASSume that you no everything. Because, like i said, you, nor anyone else was there, so no1 has the right to comment and make ASSumptions

    have a nice day.

  13. Kenny,

    My statements are not based on hearsay, they are based on fact.

    You are assuming that I am an outsider, and not someone who is “closely affiliated” with QC, and therefore actually know the FACTS …

    And we all know what happens when someone actually “ASSumes” something, don’t we?

    Shawn Turnquest (Tommy’s wife) is the Deputy-Principal and was quite very much involved in the “slap-on-the-wrist” punishment…… She was a MEMBER of the committee who met to discuss and resolve this matter.


    What is so sad is that the 13 year old girl in question is now the subject of mean name calling by some students, while the 17 year old male acts as if he is a “hero” because no-one is villifying his name.

    The tragedy in all of this (in addition to the act itself) is that SPECIAL TREATMENT was given to this 17 year old male BECAUSE OF WHO HE WAS RELATED TO, AND ALSO, TO AVOID POLITICAL EMBARASSMENT……. CLEARLY A DOUBLE STANDARD.

    It does not matter that the newspapers aired the story weeks after the fact (and only because the news was leaked. It DOES matter that the public now knows the story and the fact that there was an ATTEMPT TO COVER IT UP.

    I am sure (because of the threat of a libel suit)that the newspapers would not have covered the story for several days, IF THE ACT DID NOT HAPPEN…… The newspapers covered the story BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    Kenny, please for 1 minute, take off the “political blinders”, and replace them with “eye-glasses objectivity”.


  14. and Ms. ‘Jan’ just so you know, if this was some other child it wouldnt of been in the media now would it??? but no, this give people like you to run ya mouth about

    and i dunno who you was talkin to from QC, becuase no1 was told anything pretaining to the issue…

    there was no SEX
    there was no CAMERA

    seeing as you, and no1 else here knows what they are talkin about, how about ya dont say anthing???

    People always tell me ‘If ya dont no nothing, dont say nothing’

    None of yall saw this “tape”
    none of yall saw ANYTHING
    Alla youll need to shut youll mouth

  15. see how come people so dumb??? talking what ya dont no….the Principal of QC’s Husband isnt the minister of national security.

    I hate wen people does talk things they dont no….sense allllla a yall was there when x y and z allegedly took place, yall could b throughin stones??? yall no what yall children doin right now??? you’ll no wat anyone in you’ll family doin??

    shut ya mouth, cuz ya dont and none a yall have any right calling out any1 else on their wrong like youll so high and mighty.

    please go find something to do instead of engaging in gossip. The world is a cycle

  16. this is very interesting i must say but like ive said before justice is not for the poor. no matter how much we try and expose nutting will change, why you may ask? because deep down that what we all as bahamians want.

  17. “Concerned Youth” let it be made clear, VERY CLEAR, that Bahamas Press (its Editor and writers) live a very OPEN, VERY OPEN lives. So much so that the ONLY thing that is missing is our writers names on this BLOG.

    And whilst we do remind persons who have glass homes to, “DO NOT THROW STONES”, that statement is clearly for those who have something to HIDE. Bahamas Press has nothing to hide NOTHING!

    Nor are we like most of our media contemporaries who are on call for their foreign masters. And we never throw stones, we would like to think we throw HEAVY METAL, when it comes to reporting truth!

  18. THe parents of this girl probably have already been paid off…………

    ahh well, i doubt anything will come out of this. they control most of things now.

  19. There is more than just acts of students engaging in sexual acts with other students. you have some teachers doing the same with there students male and female, and you have some politicians engaging in unlawful; sexual acts with under aged youths as well. ppl wit glass house dont throw stones.


  21. The Principal of Queens College should report this incident but also the parents of the girl should also ask that charges be brought against the male student for having sex with a minor. I know if the girl was my daughter i would of gone hi wire in getting charges brought against this palimentarian son

  22. If this act just gets a mere one (1) week suspension, what would a student have to do to get expelled from QC which is a CHURCH SCHOOL?

    If this was someone elses child, the police would have been brought in, a court appearance would have been inevitable, expulsion from QC would have been a must, and the parents identities would have been exposed in the BIASED MEDIA.

    But because of who this student is, QC attempted to hide the incident under the rug.

    Students at QC are sayingd that they were told by the administration that because the sex was consentual no criminal charges were necessary.

    But the law is the law, and a 17 year old having sex with a 13 year old is STATUTORY RAPE…..THEREFORE CRIMINAL CHARGES ARE NECESSARY.

    I thought justice was blind, but it seems as if you are an FNM bigwig, or if you are related to an FNM bigwig, the laws on the books do not apply.

    First Mona Vie and now this…..How many other incidents will be uncovered where this FNM Government intervenes on behalf of famiy members?

    No wonder the boy’s father did not want to answer questions in the HOA about students and sex tapes…..He already knew that his son had a tape of his own which was recorded by a security camera.

  23. They would not even call the NAME OF THE School, the MEDIA here are so BIAS! I mean, had that had been a PLP cousin, and that would have been on CNN by now. ‘WUTLASS MEDIA!’ I hope readers in the country see the need to STOP wasting .75¢ daily for TWISTED FACTS and untruths.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  24. The real point here is given the age of the girl 13 or 14 and the Minister son 17 was she force to commit this act. Lets see how the Nation top cop deal with this matter the brother of the FNM National Chairman. Cover up Cover up you sit back and watch.

  25. This is truly a sad day when these things can happen in a country and then try to sweep under the rug because of who is involve. I cry shame on all concerned in the MASSIVE coverup. What is the message we are sending?

  26. So the incident allegedly involves the son of the Minister responsible for schools and one of the administrators of the school in question is the wife of the Minister of National Security, the minister with oversight of the police who are supposedly investigating this matter along with another matter as directed by the same Minister of Education?

    Are you seeing what I am seeing here?

    Is it any wonder that they haven’t said anything about this until now? Their intent was to bury this from day one and make no mistake, because it was on tape, the management of that school would have met to discuss it with the security personnel, who would have been the first to see it. There would have been an administrator’s meeting at which point, the decision to suspend the students and strip the male of his prefect status would have been made. Mrs. Turnquest would have been a part of that process. Furthermore, if the student is being suspended and stripped of his position as a prefect, then his parents would have been written a letter indicating as much and perhaps even would have been called by the school for a parent teacher conference.

    So, based on just the simplest reasoning there, it would appear the Minister of Education would have known in advance that his son was involved in a school sex scandal even as he was ordering an investigation into the other school sex scandal involving the students supposedly having sex in the classroom. In that case, you will recall the police claimed that the weren’t Bahamian students because the uniforms don’t match up. BP, I have seen the video and using professional video editing equipment which I can confirm is far more advanced than what the police cyber unit has, I attempted to discern the school uniform of the students.

    From the angle that it was shot at and the low resolution of the camera phone, it is virtually impossible to conclude that the uniform is or isn’t one of a Bahamian school. The girl’s shirt is clearly a light blue shirt and there is definitely a school crest on her shirt but that too is indistinguishable. The skirt, from what I can come up with the best enhancement possible, appears to be dark blue and there seems to be some plaid in it too.

    Based on that alone, it is clear that it is a student uniform that should be familiar to Bahamians. Also, in my travels to various Caribbean countries, I can assure you that there is absolutely nothing unique about the uniforms worn in the Bahamas and that the same uniforms for government and private schools can be found quite easily in Jamaica, T&T, T&C, Barbados and other countries.

    The police may very well be trying to not spread the alarm by claiming they weren’t Bahamians but from my checking, there is absolutely nothing to make the confident conclusion they made. Even the choice of music and a couple of words flashed on the screen seem like the choice a Bahamian student would make. I can definitely say that if it were anybody else, Jamaican or whatever, they would have used the slang.

    I’d be happy to forward a copy to BP to check out for themselves. Its not graphic but it is graphic enough.

  27. If there is one thing that is certain to all them, they know this website is the PEOPLE’S Court, and they are on TRIAL HERE!

  28. John Doe son, you went that far? Let that had been the son of a known PLP, The WUTLASS TRIBUNE, GUARDIAN, ZNS, P. ANTHONY WHITE, NIKKI KELLY, EILEEN CARRON and “WHY OSWALD BROWN SO AFRAID OF THE WORD MURDER” OSWALD BROWN would all have been lashing out at the Principal the minister and the country! TRAITORS I TELL YOU PEOPLE THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS TO THIS COUNTRY!

  29. It is truly unfair that this has not been dealt with in a proper manner and again pushed under the rug for political reasons. SUSPENDED FOR A WEEK??? Why should other students be reprimanded for bad behavior and this be covered up – WHY???? because of who the culprit is?. The Bethels should have to pay the price as anyone else would.What sort of example is the principal setting for other students? They now deserve the bad publicity.

  30. The cabinet is none other than our well known Carl Bethel. His son….WILSHIRE….is the culprit n this crime and in my opinion he should be charged.Just as everyone has said in past comments the principal(VIce Principal) should resign. This scandal looks bad on her part and is brnging a top private school down.

  31. Which minister is this? And nothing will probably be reported since i’m sure the 13yr old parent’s have been paid quiet. Plus this is bad press for Q.C. considering several high level FNMs are a part of the faculty.

  32. My apologies, she is the Vice-Principle and Head of the High School. In my view equally responsible

  33. We must be responsible in our commentary and accept that Mrs. Shawn Turnquest is not the principal and second she is a private citizen.

    Our concern is with the principal of Queen’s College and her ill judgment in the punishment given to the student (THE MINISTER’s SON) after a crime has been committed on the campus.

    Also we are concern with the scores of young school girls on the campus, who if the principal the highest authority continue to train students to cover up situations like this, another incident can occur and nothing would happen.

    Bahamas Press is calling for the resignation of the Principal of Queen’s College.

  34. You do know who the pricipal at Q.C. is right? Considering that her husband is the Minister of National Security, she really should have more respect for the law and proper procedure. I can see another cover up coming.

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