Angry with The Bahamas, Part 3



  1. Thank you for the correct spelling how ever I was not implying that the Bahamas Press was bias but the Producer of the documentary is in my opinion. I would have like to see some black Bahamians in that video aswell on how the felt about that topic and yes i did miss parts one and two, And for the record am not a fan of the Tribune, Guardian , or Punch BP needs to have a spell Check/ grammer for us bad spellers

  2. Golden Observer please be fair to the BLOG. The word “BIAS” not basis as presented is a telling documentary of one said of the story indeed.

    However we at Bahamas Press feel deeply hurt when we are charged with such false claims of presenting a BIAS objective of what is NEWS in this country.

    Those kinds of words are reserved for the Bias Tribune, and them alone when it comes to speaking out against CORRUPTED Media in this town.

    Prior to the posting of that three part video, “ANGRY WITH THE BAHAMAS, The Haitian Community” we posted this video and story on this blog (Click to view ) asking a serious question, who in the country is monitoring this illegal action taking place in Nassau Harbour?

    Haitian sloops have become the secret of illegal means here in The Bahamas. We stated positions from both sides of the coin, and yes if you saw one you also saw the other. We are not BIAS, the Tribune is.

  3. This is indeed a basis documentary that shows one side of the problem from the view points of Two white men who we dont know if they are really bahamians or Abaco winter residents and four Haitians Nationals, where is the few points from the other side lets be fair and balance in what we put out there if we really want to solve this problem. The point of the matter is that the Bahamas is not responsible for giving anyone who came to this country illegally citizenship. Are the two white men breaking the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas by hiring illegals to work for them just like Haitians Nationals broke our laws illegally coming here in the first place. Lets us be fair in the message we send out because the Bahamas is not an open boarder country to anyone even with Anna Nicole, there was a process. Unlike Grace Jones back in the 90’s who actually had a criminal record and was on the watch list. Anna Nicole was’nt. Did the White man in this documentary say why his White son or grandson does or does’nt work on the farm or in construction field. It is not for me to bring race into this topic but I see an angry white man that only want to criticize not only the Government but the Bahamian people. We have a right if we Chose not to give 60,000 plus Haitians Nationals Citizenship that came here or was born here as a result of their parents coming here illegally. Why not talk about the American policy of choice to allow the Cubans an open door entry and the Haitian a return door policy both of these people are suffering because of their governments but America choose to help one and ignore the other.The Bahamas is the only Government that has a slack policy as it now stands with the Haitians Nationals they drive cars here, they are educated here for free, they get free health care here, they even set up shop on the side of the street, The opportunity they get here going to america illegally they would never get and in there own homeland as well. Why not encourage those that have done well to now go back and help there homeland thats what this documentary should be about.

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