Cabinet removes Acting Registrar General and sends her back to a desk in OAG – WHAT IS THIS?


Sally Ann Lockhart-Pratt takes over as new Registrar General!

New Registrar Mrs. Sally Ann Lockhart-Pratt

Nassau – Shock and dismay has come to civil servants in the Office of the Attorney General [OAG] after it was learned that Cabinet has agreed to remove the Acting Registrar General from her post and replace her with another.

Only Bahamas Press can tell you how the Government has removed a competent Bahamian, Mrs. Deirdre Clarke-Maycock, who served as Acting Registrar General since 2012, and has placed her back at OAG in the International Department.

Now Clarke-Maycock was not just qualified and competent for her role, but was at the centre of major monumental changes and modernization at the Registrar like the launch of E-Services Business Registration Platform. This move, in 2016, empowered young and ambitious Bahamian entrepreneurs in Inagua, Eleuthera, Abaco, Bimini or anywhere in the country to simply log into the system using their smartphones, tablets or desktop computers to initiate and, most importantly, complete the process of incorporating their companies entirely online.

During her tenure at the Registrar, Clarke-Maycock also saw the delivery of Government to the People where, through the initiatives of the former Government, across the country made the registration of births possible. For, in spite of any petty reasons, no one can deny that Clarke-Maycock was competent or qualified. Why the Cabinet removed her and did not confirm her as the Registrar General leaves many questions.

Bahamas Press has also learned that she has been replaced in RGD by Sally Ann Lockhart-Pratt, daughter of noted attorney Elliott Lockhart QC.

We ga leave it there for now.

We ga report and let yinner decide!