A lack of garbage collection could result in another Dengue Outbreak in the country! Garbage Trucks are no longer on the road as contracts were cancelled!


Garbage continues to pile up all across the country…

Waste Collection

Nassau – You may not have seen them but flies have overtaken the capital as garbage collection services have come to a halt.

BP is learning the Government has terminated the services of all Garbage Collection companies and replaced them with persons, who, we are learning, do not possess collection equipment.

The move came over the holidays and now has left many communities without satiation services for days; some since the week before Christmas.

A lack of garbage collection could result in serious Dengue Outbreaks, which many remember was the problem that festered across the capital in the last Ingraham government. Scores died as a result of the dengue, which left persons with high fevers, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

Hubert Minnis was the Minister for Health when the last outbreak occurred and lives were lost!

We report yinner decide!