A Defence Force marine and biker is the country’s latest traffic fatality victim…

Marine Renaldo King is the country’s latest traffic fatality victim.

Nassau – Well, it appears that only our team at Bahamas Press is reporting news these days, and, yes, once again we have another traffic fatality that has gone unreported in the country.

On this blessed Sunday evening, Defence Force Marine Renaldo King was killed out west, as he was knocked off his motorbike and high into the air.

In the same way that Marvin Pratt’s remains were found but have been unreported and unconfirmed as found dead by police, so is this latest fatality incident. But, hey, if yinner accepts this in a democracy where no one wants to account for anything, then fine. That is on yinner!

Renaldo is the son of RBDF Commander Reymond King. We end this report as we repeat our saying: incidents are not down – the reporting of incidents is!

We ga report and let yinner decide!