Cable Bahamas’ characters now join FNM – BLAME DEM – CELEBRATING BP’s departure from facebook!


Join Bahamas Press as we begin Campaign Bahamas 2.0 on July 1st!


David BurrowsNassau, Bahamas — In the BLAME DEM group on social media Facebook was the public relations guru for Cable Bahamas David Burrows. He, along with others, were online celebrating the departure of Bahamas Press from Facebook.

What many in that sorry group of pitiful FNMs don’t know is the bold new direction Bahamas Press is about to take in the online world. We have methodically discovered new innovative ways to directly contact our readership and are going to strengthen our reach via those new mediums. And so the war has not ended – the fact is, it has just begun!

Beginning July 1st, 2015, Bahamas Press will launch its campaign Bahamas 2.0! In it we will begin to lay out a conversation as to where we want the Bahamas to go and in who should we believe and trust to run our national business.

We have begun poll testing on a number of national matters and we are satisfied that the Bahamas is best served when it is in the hands of COMPETENT, VISIONARY LEADERS!

COMPETENT, we stress, because clearly there are some who seek to get into our national business who are void of understanding what the word COMPETENT means!

Follow us! Join US! Stand with US at Bahamas Press as you know – YOU CAN TRUST US with the right news and information!

We report yinner decide!


  1. When I want updates and information of what’s going on in The Bahamas, I go to Bahamas Press! The Tribune and The Guardian are extremely bias as are their followers. Bahamas Press, keep up the good work of keeping Bahamians informed.

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