Cable Bahamas forgets its customers


Dear Editor,

I personally hate false advertising. I’ve experienced this last week with Cable Bahamas. I have deadlines and business persons to meet and my schedule can be erratic. I got a call from a Cable Bahamas customer service rep about an upgraded internet package from what I already have. The whole conversation to me sounded like she wanted to stall, but that’s another day.

Anyhow, I took time out to listen to what they were offering. They wanted to upgrade my internet speed for free, give me an aliv cell phone and number along with $100 aliv minutes if I acted on the offer asap. I was stretched for time and I said, ok fine I’ll be in to see you guys tomorrow.

I went in to the East Street location the next day and got my new modem. The gentleman there informed me during the process the fifty dollars for the modem would be added later on this month to my bill. He told me that their aliv systems were down and he couldn’t say if they would give me the phone or minutes and I would have to check at their Mall at Marathon location to ask further information. He gave me a number which stopped working that same day and I could never reach them on, 300-2200. I went to the mall and they told me I would have to call the representative I spoke with back and ask for a code or something. I called him back that same day and he told me his supervisor would straighten everything out. Yeah right, its been two weeks, no return call and no phone offer.

Cable Bahamas is calling offering things they themselves cannot afford. I’m beginning to feel as if this was just an excuse to take my money and lie about what I would get if I signed up. Oh and, the money was added to my bill for the modem that same day! Not the later down in the month crap I heard.

If this is how you rope in customers, I hope I’m the first and the last .


Theo Teddy Dawkins