Bannister MP moves to the head of the class



Newly appointed Minister of Education the Hon Desmond Bannister poses with his parents Horatio and Joyce Bannister.

NASSAU, Bahamas — Senior officials and staff at the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture gathered on Thursday, December to bid farewell to Minister the Hon Desmond Bannister who left to head the Ministry of Education, Tuesday, December 1.

In attendance were Directors and Acting Directors, several of whom also paid tribute to Mr Bannister, including Gregory Bethel, Acting Director of Youth; Martin Lundy, Director of Sports; Eddison Dames, Acting Director of Culture; Dr Davidson Hepburn, Chairman, Antiquities Monuments and Museums Corporation and Dr Erica James, Director of the National Art Gallery.

Minister Bannister’s parents, Horatio and Joyce Bannister, were also in the audience.

Archie Nairn, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture said, “This is a very significant occasion because it marks the changing of the guard in the sense that Minister (the Hon Charles) Maynard now replaces Minister Bannister at the helm of the Ministry of Youth Sports & Culture.

“For us, it means that it ought to be a smooth and easy transition because we have come to know Mr Maynard for the past year and a half and so we know what he stands for,” Mr Nairn said.

“I wish you well, sir as you’ve already taken on the mantel of responsibility in the new ministry.  I trust and know that you will continue to do well and I wish you God’s speed.”


Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture’s Employee of the Year, Louise Simmons presents newly appointed Minister of Education the Hon Desmond Bannister with a gift during a farewell ceremony in his honour, Wednesday, December 9.