Doctor at PMH wanted by police


doctor1Nassau, Bahamas — A medical doctor on staff at the Princess Margaret Hospital is wanted by police for the allege rape of a 20-yearold woman at a local laboratory company here in the capital.

Reports coming into BP confirm the incident is alleged to have taken place at the ChelaTech Medical Lab in 4th Terrace Centerville. The doctor in question is alleged to be one Dr. Forbes.

BP’s deep throat on the Royal Bahamas Police Force confirms an official complaint was filed with police against the medical doctor who is on staff at the lab. The lab is known for its services of screening blood and cholesterol tests.

Bahamas Press understand the doctor is also a practitioner in the PMH and was recently transferred out of the Rand Memorial Hospital following similar alleged incidents at that hospital.

With an almost criminal rap sheet like a career criminal, the file now held by police on the doctor is as thick as a medical record book. Police wanted the doctor once before for an insurance fraud along with other matters. Records are logged in the police files at Carmichael Road, Cable Beach and at the Central Police stations against him being associated with criminal incidents and accused of all manner of things.

Police tell us it isn’t long before this doctor in question, who seems to always slip out of the hands of the law, begin giving his victims black needles.

Police also tell us there is one witness to the crime at the lab, however they noted, that witness who is also a medical practitioner is not cooperating with their investigation.


  1. dr frobes you are one self centred horny bastard why didn’t you stick a black needle in your tail or better yet use it as a oneaday dose so that you would stay in a relax mood while dealing with patients as a matter of fact you need to apply to the human society the animals would be glad to have you especially the Dogs” 

  2. This story caused my pressure to go up!  Guess I’ll have to remember not to go there to have it checked!  LOL

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