Dr. Andre Rollins: A Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots


FNM MP for Fort Charlotte  Dr, Andre ROllins
FNM MP for Fort Charlotte Dr, Andre ROllins

By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

Dr. Rollins’ short stay in the PLP was, inauspicious at best. He was brought into the Party amidst much fanfare, by Party Leader Christie as one of his party’s new generation of leaders. As a matter of fact, Mr. Christie put his personal and political credibility on the line in getting Dr. Rollins and his erstwhile friend, Mr. Wells elected to parliament.

In assembling his team to govern, PM Christie appointed Mr. Rollins Chairman of the Gaming Board and Mr. Wells Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works. We all are familiar with the remainder of the story. The performance of these heretofore political rabble rousers, and more so there behavior prompted PM Christie to admit that he made a mistake. Both gentleman, after being left to their own devices, subsequently departed the PLP for the FNM.

Fast forward to last week. In Parliament, Dr. Rollins accused the government of being uncooperative with the Public Accounts Comittee as it sought to do it’s job. Well, it was Dr. Rollins’ colleague and Chairman of the PAC, Chartered Accountant, and St. Ann’s MP Mr. Hubert Chipman who roundly refuted what Dr. Rollins had said! He indicated that the Committee’s work was ongoing and Dr. Rollins was at best premature in his conclusion.

Once ago Dr. Rollins in his quest for political relevance, has shown that he is nothing more than a political rouser with little substance to offer the Bahamian people. He obviously is hell bent on trying to discredit the Christie-led PLP Government, never mind that this was the political leader/organization that rescued him from obscurity. He is indeed a revenge-seeking character who gets off on criticizing, but, to best of my belief and knowledge, have yet to have proposed any meaningful initiatives to move our country forward.

Having been told essentially by his senior to sit small, I await the good doctor’s response, because he has never been one to take last. Furthermore, a leopard cannot change its spots.