Duane Sands is a WUTLESS candidate!


Dwane Sands - 1<<< Duane Sands and Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas – Dr. Duane Sands is a BAD candidate and is unworthy to hold elected office. Could you imagine, that the government took its entire machinery including the public purse to Elizabeth and only muster a one-point advantage.

They paved roads, dirt roads, track roads, bush roads. They put up street signs changing pipes and gave out 800 jobs and still could not muster more than a one-point advantage.

They flew in people, spent 3 million on the ground, paid mortgages, turned on lights, put up streetlights and only one vote difference. This is a referendum on Mugabe and Dr. Sands! They should go and sin NO MORE.

The FNM government has Errol Bethel in its back pocket. This criminal needs to go and he to should GO and sin no more in the interest of natural justice.


  1. This is really rediculous. Its taking those folks an entire day to recount 3,141 votes and a few protest votes?

    I know the gravity of the situation, but it should not take 24 after the polls have closed for the results to be official.

    This is totally unacceptable.

  2. In this by-election I notice Bahamians LOVE American “WHITE” men.
    I will start recruiting 40 white Americans to run in our 2012 general election.
    I think Rodney Moncur did a lot of damage to the PLP, during the Debate. But Tommy T. drop the boom on Monday night, that what carried the FNM over the top (Thanks to TOMMY T.).
    If I was Ingraham and the FNM, I would give the PLP the win and the seat, so the Government don’t have to live up to all those HEAVY promises it made to the people of Elizabeth.

    • Wisdom, I completely dissagree with you here.  Regardless of who wins, the FMN HAS to forfill its promise to Lizzy.  They are the government, they control the money.  MP’s only have a small amount of money to spend in their constituancy.  The jobs, the road paving, the new construction is directed by the government.  If that stuff doesn’t happen, all the PLP has to do there is show once again how the government has not kept its promise.  Regardless of who is declared the winner, I don’t think there is a real winner hear.  The losers are The Bahamian people.   How much money was spent on this election?  Not just by the Government to host the election, but by each party/candidate to run?  The government money could have been spent more effectively on anything to help the country during this economic crisis.  And the parties/candidates could have made a real impact, and set themselves up great for the next election by donations to social programs.  This is just my little rant on the situation.

  3. Bahamasyouth, your spelling is horrible, doesn’t your computer have a spell check program in it, the words is spelt “lose”, not loose, and you were right on point Olive, I think in the long run, if this government is still in control of things, we are doomed, I’m gonna go buck up on my “Mandarin”,  “zaijan”.

  4. Laura has slapped the spit out of Brent’s mouth. Brent put his hands on her shoulder to hail her, she turned around and put the crab claws on him. Brent advised the Police not to press charges. His face is beet red and swelling has occurred around the eyes.

    • If the PLP was the government last night, we were going to have a riot. Thank GOD Ingraham was wise in the way he allowed the media to handle the outcome.

  5. BP why complaints from DPM that this is the same parlimentary register that the PLP left in place in 2007.  If it was proven in the court case that the register was not accurate why didn’t this FNM Government cancel it and start a new register.  I think it is clear from this election that evertime we have completed one election we need to do a need register.  Parliamentary and other ministries have a lot of staff that after a few months is idle so lets get our act together

  6. BP is deep within the recount. BP will confirm very shortly the returns. It is expected that the PLP will come out on top by five votes.

    • BP do not know a thing about what is happening in Lizzie or the FNM.. BP is deep thoath in the PLP.. and PLPs are so depressed now.. they are just looking for any thing to explain their lost..

  7. Whats all this about Dr. Sands being MP Elect?  Elect where?  I just heard that after 2 Polling Divisions recount the PLP has gained six votes, putting them in the lead by 5.  Maybe BP maywanna confirm that for us please?   

    • Lisbeth Resident, I just wonder why are we here any way.. YA”LL were suppose to win and win BIG… Man ya’ll loose. Like I said.. The FNM get this one.. Stay tune..

  8. You misinformed persons need to learn that no one is a winner until the final recount unless the Election Court says otherwise.There sre over 30 protest votes for Pinder which will be counted so there is the difference.Any Govt is always the favorite as they have the machinery to do gain curry favour.Dr Sands will be able to gain a seat as a Govt Minister from the Senate after the official results are known.The FNM should consider themselves lucky as it is mind boggling that in view of the many existing difficulties they were able to get upper and middle class persons to support them so overwhemingly.

  9. People the area of Elizabeth is no strong hold for no party remember Lester Turnquest FNM had it for 1992 & 1997 then Malcolm Adderley for 2002 and 2007 so this is a swing vote area.  I congratulate the PLP for not have a  representative for the last 3 years and the people was very angry about it and the PLP still poll 1500.  Ryan Pinder although had a controversy hanging over his head about citizenship he did very well.  Thank God the PLP didnot have a name calling or finger pointing campaign.

  10. Media,I used to respect you as a source of unbiased reporting, filling the huge void left by the media outlets in The Bahamas.  Over the course of time you have started to slant towards the PLP but I still respected you because you continue to put out the truth that is often not told.  But after this election you have really left my with my head in my hands.  The FNM candidate won, and whether you like it or not at least have the decency to respect it.  Who knows if Ryan would have been a good candidate, but in any event stop being petty and wait to see what Duane can/will do.  Step above this level of petty behaviour and focus your journalistic talents towards something more meaningful.  Further, please go back to being unbiased so you don’t become another political puppet.

  11. I think you are some what confuse……Dr Duane Sands won by obtaining 1501 votes. That would make him the MP elect for Elizebeth that’s what is important. All of the hype will not change that. If the plp had so much going for them then why didn’t they won it by 1501 vote. Stop Crying!!!!!

  12. Russell Im telling you WHAT I KNOW….. The PLP made up this boundaries most people who voted at Faith Temple shouldve been in Yamacraw or Sea Brezze Area. Us in Faith Temple voted IN EVERY DIVISION BESIDES ONE FOR THE FNM. The ONE WE LOST we lost by ONE VOTE. OK Russell…….  THE PLP shouldve won by a VAST AMOUNT if you ask me. But YA DIDNT…. 1800 people didnt vote and Majority are Die hard PLP’s who dnt want to vote yinno. So You want talk this and talk that….Yal might win at the end of the day but Dat wont reflect nothing in 2012 elections

  13. Again — Christie has managed to get himself and the PLP out-manouvered by  Ingraham — it is beyond me why the issue of Pinder’s citizenship was left to the FNM to reveal — either he was not properly vetted by the PLP party dinosaurs or they didnt recognize the impact of this info if handled improperly — this could have been an easy ride into the seat for Pinder but again the Leadership of the PLP demonstrated again why they all need to leave the stage  — POLITICS 101…get in front of the “story” and shape it yourself

  14. Contrary to reports Elizabeth is not a PLP stronghold as in the General Elections Malcolm won by 45 votes but only won in 4 polling divisions.Yes thats right as grassroots pulled the PLP through.Bahamasyouth they are not ignorant as your parents like myself are grassroots and proud.1800 persons were intimidated by PAPA from not voting.The FNM lost regardless of the final outcome after the recount and since General Elections are only 2 yrs away I dont forsee any of the two major parties going through an expensive Court battle.The BDM have finally made a break through and can now stand encouraged that their message is being received.Dr Rollins party in their first election and basded on his performance at the debate are also winners and must be very encouraged that their message is being received.

  15. This by-election is more an indictment on Parry-noid Christie than it is for Hue-burnt Ingraham. Let’s face the facts. People are not happy with the performance of HI and his government. Had the ppl been satisfied with the leadership of Parry-noid, then 1,800 or so ppl wouldn’t have abstained from voting, particularly when the by-election was held in an area that historically voted in greater numbers for the PLP more than for the FNM. A vast majority of those ppl who did not vote did not do so because they were fed up with HI and the FNM, had no confidence in PC and the PLP, felt that the others were not ready to lead, and decided to stay home rather than support something that they weren’t sure about, or were opposed to. In fact, this by-election has sent an ominous message to both major political parties and it is this: If another viable political party (or group of independent individuals) can get their act together, they stand a very good chance of beating both the FNM and PLP to form the government in 2017. Mark my word, if everything remain as it is now, you will see the same or a even higher level of voter apathy in the next general elections, which will create tremendous in-roads for a viable third-party (or cohesive group of independents) to dethrone the two dinosaur parties in 2017.

  16. Russell really now…. This area was a PLP own to loose. In 2007 yal won by 45 votes and everybody was surprise even Malolm himself. Yes The fnm has put in place all of their resources but You must also remember that THE FNM IS under heat especially by the IGNORANT general public who honestly believe Hubert Ingraham had something to do with the recession and unemployment rate.  If you ask me both parties should be ashamed but especially THE PLP because this is a DIE HARD PLP AREA.  MIND YOU its yal who had this seat yinno for the FNM to close the gap in 2.5 years THAT MEANS SOMETHING ENN RIGHT. I honestly felt The PLP was going to win But Im not surprise….. I BET YOU PERRY CHRISTIE DRAG YAL to this point because Ryan Pinder is a good man.

  17. The FNm lost in Elizabeth and the recount will prove this outright.Imagine a Govt that placed all of the resources of the state into a bye election and only being able to receive a virtual tie.In the bye election in South Andros the FNM won by hundreds despite this being a real PLP stronghold.The FNM Govt needs to reevaluate the manner in which they govern as persons are pissed of with them.Here we go again into a new era as the third parties in my view have been strengthened and could make inroads in General Elections whenever they are called.

  18. THE FACTS show that The Free National Movement won 4 out 5 divisions at The Faith Temple Center. The One they lost….. they lost by ONE VOTE. Ladies and Gentlemen That screams SOMETHING. In case most people dont know that Faith Temple divisions all of them are situated very close to YAMACRAW and Sea BREEZE Constituency. No offense but people in the Faith Temple division is more Fortunate compared to people in Elizabeth area.  In other words people who have more of a stable job are headed in the Faith Temple division. EXACTLY IN ELIZATHBETH The PLP won every division besides ONe and they lost that one by 44 votes.  In Thelma Division they almost lost 2 divisions by less that 7 votes. If you ask me looking at it from a factual point of view The PLP lost some grounds.

  19. What will be interesting to see is if Rodney Moncur actually challenges Dr Sands eligibility in court!

    • Interesting for who?  The lawyer he hires to take on this case?  He has no hope in hell of winning.  The constitution is quite clear on this.

  20. The f.n.m should be ashamed after spending all that money and still only winning by one point. That in itself shows they on their way out

  21. You should be ashamed BP…. ASHAMED. Its you who brought wrong INFORMATION. The PLP won by BIG NUMBERS???????????????????????? Even if they do win You’re the looser if you ask me. THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR OPENING YOUR MOUTH SO WIDELY.

  22. Stay Tuned NCL. LOck in your dial for in the morning. STAY TUNED!!!!

    Oh, And just how MuGABE is PM in the morning, on tomorrow BP will still be BREAKING NEWS! Look for it.


    • BP, you een get SHIT to announce.. you get egg all over your face.. !!!You are not worth the broadband space that you are allowed.. and note PLPs are more upset with you this morning they you thing.. In fact I thing that you cause Ryan to loose with your LIES about the FNM and worst of all your support of the PLP.. Yes, the FNM has this one…Now BP, you een worth SHIT…

  23. I mean if you ask me WIN OR LOOSE The Free National Movement made a very good statement because this is a PLP area and if they loose they loose by a small margin. Point blank Dr. Sands is not a peoples person like Ryan Pinder. Point two Ryan Pinder is not as aggressive as he should be and can easily get chew up amongst his colleagues and opponents just like Malcom.  BP has lost my respect this go round for being so BIAS and IGNORANT. First bringing out statement that the PLp won by BIG NUMBERS when ive been in BOTH DIVISION STATIONS and saw that the only YELLA place was Thelma. I expect Ryan Pinder to win yes but it does NOT MATTER. Also, PAPA SPEECH WAS A GOOD ONE….. BP quick to talk bad about PAPA but when he make speeches like the one tonight they gone QUIET. Also Ive learned valuable information today about Malcolm saying that MELLANIE GRIFFIN was being greedy and wanted everything for hew area and only her area. BP should do a investigation on that.

  24. BP, the wutless one is YOU.. Doc Sands won and your predicted that he was not going to…YOU are the wutless ONE..

    Over 1800 people did not bother to show up and VOTE !!
    I conclude that since its MORE than any other Candidate, A CLEAR message was sent..None of them gave Two Hoots about what happens for either of the Big Weights and saw no chance for the others left in the race so they respectfully decided to avoid the Process. A proper Analysis of this would certainly reveal ,Who indeed Won this Election.

  26. Did I miss something…..the last thing I heard was the PM telling the people that it is not over and that the count was not official.   I really don’t think we should jump up and down too qickly.  I personally  will rather wait until the votes are recounted.   What a difference a day can make eh?

  27. Mr. Media, I don’t know you from Adam. I thought you was quite persistent, while most unfair, with pushing your support for your endorsed candidate Mr. Pinder.

    However, I could only conclude that you are an immature
    Individual and perhaps this is not the biznizz for you.

    Unless!!! You have your check waiting for on farrington Rd.

  28. BP, just picked up these talking points from Alfred Gray on ZNS.

    Oh and by the way.

    1-5-0-1 =  7

  29. BP,

    your candidate lost point blank. Like i said ealier, If the PLP win with more than 500 votes the country is going PLP in 2012, with less than 200 votes country will go FNM 2012. Now that FNM won the country will go FNM in 2012. POINT BLANK BP

  30. get over it people, he’s the elected official for ELizabeth.  The people chose who they wanted to represent them.  BP, seems like your fortune teller also died in Haiti, cause looks like even Miss Cleo could have told yall that YA WRONG!!! facts don’t lie….

  31. Bp, I agree with you. Dr. Sands, should be feeling bad. The Prime minster, is clearly embrassed!If thats all “simply the best” can bring as the government in a bi-election. A cut behind  awaits the fnm, whenever the general elections are called

  32. JAYSON YOU SEE THAT TOO AYE?….. Very bias website.  WIN OR LOOSE the fnm is in power. Ryan Pinder and Dr. Sands did a outstanding job and WHOEVER in HOA well Do the people right.

  33. VERY VERY BIAS…. BP im so hurt the man enn win yinno and you quick to disfranchise him. OH IN CASE YAL PLPS didnt catch the CH. 11 when two voters say they couldnt vote THE OLD WOMAN WHO COULDNT READ is a BIG TIME PLP I TELL YA DAT.

  34. Typical of Bahamas Press; crying when their favorite ‘endorsed’ candidate loses.

    Told you guys they were a bunch of biased and sour PLP supporters.

    But still, final tally is tomorrow.

  35. The spoiled and contested ballots will be counted later tonight, so with a 1 vote win, Dr Rollins win could easily flip or his win total could grow by a few votes!

    But the story will be the low voter turnout. Over 1500 registered voters didnt show up!


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