Elizabeth By-Election too close to call!!!



  1. lol @ Future Leader.   I feel your pain but it ain’t over yet baby.   The fat lady in still singing!

  2. This bye election is a mirror of the 2007 general election. Neither of the 2 main parties got 50% of the vote! Unofficially, they both got 47% of the vote.

    Politically, this country is polarized right down the middle which means that third parties will play a key role in close elections where their few votes can peal a win from one party and give it to another.

  3. What a nail-biter!!  I’ve never seen it this close before.  In the end, this could go either way.

  4. Unofficially, only 3,141 votes were cast!

    Unofficially, Dr Rollins won by 1 vote.

    So much for the polls. I told you BP not to put much stock in them!

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