Laura Slapped the piss out of Brent today


brent-symonette.jpgBahamas Press has breaking news<<< Reports coming into BP confirms Brent Symonette was given a PISSIN RED SLAP at a local polling station today.

Laura Williams slapped the spit out a Brent’s mouth.

BP has learned the Deputy Prime Minister could be seen walking around with his face red. The upset PLP stalwart could be heard telling Symonette, “Take that to Papa ya M*&^% F*$^$%!”

No charges is being pressed by Symonette.


  1. @Russell Johnson….yes i am a Bahamian!!!! And i never said the FNM was perfect i was speaking on the terms of being violent i am sure if a FNM supporter had slapped a PLP delegate their would have been a big war and den both party’s would be involved!  I am not here to pick sides when it comes to who should win all i saying is that we shouldn’t let politics allow us to resolve to violence amongst each other because at the end of the  day the politicians who we fighting over ain checking fa us(with the exception of a few) they all just in it for the money!!! Every time some kinda election come around u see these newly painted headquarters pop up and the minute election over those same headquarters become abandon…they abandon us the people who put dem dere and the voters keep puttin dem back. Some people crying shame on the FNM some crying shame on The PLP well why don’t we give BDM or NDP a try…is it because we afraid of change or we just stuck on this roller coaster of both major parties taking us for a ride! We are the ones who have the power when election comes around we need to shake up both parties by not voting fa either of dem…maybe den they would get their act together.

  2. @D A H and MS BROWN! Respect is earned and not given.
    Brent is one racist piece of shit and I have absolutely NO respect for him
    Or papa so once again KUDDOES to laura and next time use a guiness bottle!
    I refuse to be diplomatic to anyone who leads a nation the way papa is doing.
    He totally DISRESPECTED Queen Elizabeth for the bold face lie that this area was named
    After his grammy. Well I will have yawl know that I obtained a copy of that vide and fed exed it
    Str8 to england. So while laura slapped brent hubert did pretty much the same.
    When this sort of shit goes on in a nation u can expect violence and khaos to errupt.
    So before this happens I have started my own campaign to have that gorilla removed. Acout de attat!
    As for perry bein wuttless this is tru but at least he is still professional and classy with it.
    The gorilla is nothin but a representation of everything WRONG in this country.
    The reason the grade level is a D- and crime rate is high is all due to the fact that
    PAPA is the leader and head of the house called bahamas.
    WELL I GAT NEWS FOR YOU PAPA! I’m gonna put your ass on blast via the international media.
    The media YOU WILL NOT be able to manipulate and put a muzzle on.

    • Future leader i must say you have taken stupidity to the next level…i wonder what damn country you will be leading…if what Laura did u classify as good…ya head gatta be in a gutter…dnt worry Laura is going to get what she lookin for soon or later…

  3. Ms. Brown or better yet Ms. Hubert apoligise, I never suppoerted what Ms. Laura did, I have not even justified it, but yes to your question, I have heard many negative and stupid things HAI has said, but you supporters of both parties, can never be impartial, you are always one sided, HAI is an inept leader, visionless, and you all still follow blindly, he said out of his own mouth at a rally, after being caught, that he has not declared his assets and earning from that time, and what did you sheeps(FNM’s) do, cheered him on, get your head out from between HAI’s posteior, and see the light and call a spade a spade, Ms. Laura was wrong once again, but sometimes “Hog need to know where to rub dey skin”, mess with stupid people, you get a stupid slap, prison is full of them Ms. Brown, it is really pointless sometimes running on with some of you, but you brought this on, where were you when the FNM supporter went into the HOA and created havoc, he should have been arrested, we have some silly people in our country, like in any other country, on both sides, HAI should have left this alone, instead of persuading Malcolm Adderley to resign, he really thinks he Machiavelli, what a joke!!!!.

  4. Ms. Brown, I recall some years back when Sir Lynden was passing by Dion Foulkes and Dion uttered something to Sir Lynden and Sir Lynden took a newspaper he had in his hand at and tapped Dion Foulkes  lightly on Dion’s head. 

    Dion pressed assault charges against Sir Lynden which eventually was thrown out.

    I am reminded of this story because back then I thought Dion was being mischievous and now I believe that if the DPM did nothing if such a slapping took place that he-DPM viewed it as nothing and we should do the same. 

    If the DPM was hit very hard or thought Laura’s action was one that warranted dealing with he would have pressed charges.

    So people, lets move on to something else.


  6. What is our country coming to? There is no respect for senior delegates! In no way that woman should have slapped the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER!!!! I am sicken with the behavior of most of the PLP voters and supporters because they are fumed wit anger and violence  and they do not know how to control their anger.  I was driving down Prince Charles to Shell gas station after the unofficial results and the PLP’s lined up the streets cursing at cars who had up FNM flags or was wearing red.  I had my little brother in the car with me and he was so scared he ask me to put the windows up because the supporters were almost trying to bull rush ya car and shouting all sorts of profanities…one supporter even went as far as running around the barricade and into the road and shouted “carry yall F%$&*#@ A%# home”  and the police officers were standing rite there smiling and talking!!!!!!! I think this kind of behavior is unacceptable from any party and i think it begins with the leaders of the party and also the behavior of the MP’s.  The PLP had fist fight in Parliament amongst themselves. a certain MP was told she had to leave the house and she told the speaker she ain leaving and the rest of the opposition build a shield around her like they ready for war, no respect not even the police they say were not allowed to touch her if they don’t show respect for the law what do they expect from the young persons in society if they see them in the House of Assembly acting like dey in cocktails!!! They need to change their name to the Aggressive Light headed Party!!!!

    • Are you Bahamian?Where have you been the past two yrs when PAPA was firing anyone he thought was PLP?You cannot mash persons feet leave them jobless and expect no response.Get real and stop speaking as a partisan.And by the way the PLP has won Elizabeth despite foul practices by your Leaders.I do not condone anyone hitting a Govt representative but Brent tried to be the bully up in Lizzy by going up in everyones face.Yes the FNM is still the Govt but their ways of operating has pissed off many persons.Leave Glennys and the PLPs in Parliament alone bcos if they did not come to her assistance they would have been forced to resign by supporters.Since 2007 FNMs have treated PLPs like dirt and this aint happening no more.

  7. Violence is never the answer, no matter who’s  right or wrong,  we’ve  had enough examples in t he last 10 years, September 11, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , ..What has the Bahamas come too. It starts from our leaders, we are too small as a nation to be so deeply divided. We have seen, lost of lives due to crime, lost of jobs because economic  conditions, the degrading of the environment, failing schools and kids, and  yet  we fight over a by-election that does not change  who will be governing until the next general election. We need solutions to problems not violence and pettiness.  The political landscape has change, the small man  is taken for granted, and this election proves that it’s a monies game, we had two millionaires competing to make more monies and the poor ones fighting to give  them more….wake up people..

  8. well said awakened they both are the same. didi you notice more than 1,000 people in the elizabeth area did not show up to vote? this is because people are tired of them both. but the y should voted for any one of the other people who were running to send a stronger message.

  9. Hey Larry, how bout this, you wanna keep PLP out?, and you think FNM is the same, then vote for a third party,vote for someone else,  it’s not hard to think outside the box, HAI is just as rude verbally and insights violence to the youth of this country with his brash speeches, don’t make it seem like leaving the FNM in is better dude………..and  it was wrong what Ms Laura did, but you may find that mostly everyone’s opinion is based on party affiliation, PLP’s feel like the FNM is stealing this bye-election, so because Ms. Laura hit Mr. Symonette, that makes them feel a little bit better and it adds some comic relief, FNM’s want to see justice handed out for this embarrassment, I am for none of them PLP nor FNM both are garbage, and the governing party is worst,  but we as a people have not grown out of relying on these two parties to live and eat, they are both the same, and this bye-election was not needed, and it has blown up in the PM’s face, if they win or lose, because he didn’t get what he wanted, instead of bringing down Perry, he has galvanized the PLP even more, and has strengthen Perry, after spending all that money, how stupid is that.

    • Comparing HAI to Laura?  Come on.  While you may not  like his style of speaking and some may view it as harsh….I do not think he has ever been rude or insulting as I have witnessed with Laura.  I hav enever heard HAI insult or name call in  a speech or insight violence.  Where are you getting this from?  Personalities are different as are styles of governance.  There are problems with both parties, this I agree with you on.  However, go back to the days of Sir Lynden, if you are old enough.  This man, despite him being loved by many, was very harsh and insulting at times.  You dared not object to anything he said and he ran his Cabinet much tighter than HAI.  I still reiterate, if an FNM supporter had done this to a PLP DPM, there would have been hell to pay.  Come on people.  Do not try to justify what Laura did. It was downright rude, vulgar and criminal.

  10. Laura needs to go to prison!!.. Regardless how deep your political conviction, there’s absolutely no reason for this kind of behavior.  It’s criminal and charges should be filed immediately.  Ignorant people need to be in jail..  This is totally embarrassing for the PLP….  I will have no part of it.  SEND HER TO JAIL!!!!

  11. I am EXTREMELY disappointed reading these comments. We are actually applauding this rude, no mannism, JACK ASS like laura for slapping the DPM. I believe that she should have been in another country, she would have only seen the light of day when the secret service was finish with her. I am disappointed that BP is holding this lady and her behavior in high regard. I will never support this type of action, if it was an FNM supporter attacking Perry Christie or Cynthia Pratt.

  12. I am EXTREMELY disappointed reading these comments. We are actually applauding this rude, no mannism, JACK ASS like laura for slapping the DPM. I believe that she should have been in another country, she would have only seen the light of day when the secret service was finish with her. I am disappointed that BP is holding this lady and her behavior in high regard. I will never support this type of action, if it was an FNM supporter attacking Perry Christie or Cynthia Pratt.

  13. It is a sad day in this country when selfprocliamed ‘futureleader’ posts:Oh yea well laura shoulda buss him in he face wit a guiness bottle!  Talk dat!What has this country become.  I ask who do you plan on leading?

  14. Larry you got PLENTY SENSE….. Yeah they ga attack you cause they quick to shout out VICTIMIZATION but its them who does do the VICTIMIZATION (too).  Laura on her way out dont worry about her but you have to worry about her ignorant children especially her MINI-ME. At one Labor DAY march believe me Laura got one good CUT SKIN by a FNM because she threw crab in her car while on the parade. She got one cut skin…. DONT BE AFRAID YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER WHETHER YOU SELECT THE PLP OR THE FNM. Observe both sides of the isle then cast your vote dont be discouraged.

  15. As a young Bahamian, who presently has no voters card and really didn’t intend on getting one, because I believe the FNM and PLP are pretty much the same.
    But those PLP supporters keep on giving me the inclination of getting a voters card, so I can vote FNM, not because I like the FNM, just to keep the PLP out of office.
    The celebration of violence, that is cheered by the PLP and their supporters.
    What a shame??
    I betcha PLP supporters will attack me now
    Your very close from turning an apathetic voter, into one who will vote, only to ensure your party never sees power in this country.

    • Dem Larry, get your voter cards and vote fnm real fast, cause da PLP want miss you, because you aint never voted before.

    • Yes Altec…. Before 7pm today They recounted and certified 3 divisions where Dr. Sands was leading by 3 votes. After 8 they had a heated argument with Keod Smith and FNM officials but The FNM lost ONE Vote…… Therefore FNM is up by 2 votes and they are starting the 5 division.

  16. Sorry Bahamas Youth we’ve not been managing this site as we ought but we will NOT tolerate your vile response on here.


  17. We really should not emcourage such violent displays of behaviour.  Anyone knowing Mr. Symonette would agree that it is highly doubtful that he was touching Ms. Williams in a hostile manner.  Ms. Williams is rude and vile and this known to many.  I have been  in her presence when she has demonstrated totally unbecoming behaviour of a woman and mother.  From ZNS coverage it could be seen that Mr. Symonette gently put his arm around her and she was wrong for what she did.  Mr.McKenzie, you know this as well.  In days gone by, if and FNM supporter had been in the same situation with the late Sir Clement, Sir Arthur Hanna or any DPM you all would be calling for them to be hanged.  We should not support this at all!

  18. BP makes this incident sound like something Laura and PLP’s should be proud of! Slapping the Deputy PM! Wow! what an accomplishment! Reporting it was low enough, but to add that she told him to take it to Papa and used foul language only proves that she was not feeling threatened as one poster suggested! And we wonder why so many young people in this country are so violent and foul mouthed! That kind of behaviour gets them attention! Brent Symonette did not press charges! Good for him! Don’t stoop to her level!

    • I saw the rowdy woman carrying acting like a idiot on TV tonight.  Disgraceful!!   Some of these party supporters act so stupidly!   The irony of the while situation is that many of the rabble rousers from both sides do not even live in the Elizabeth and did not have a vote.   On another note, I was happy to see that the FNM started to take down their posters today.   What are the other parties doing??

  19. Ya know what………… right is right and wrong is wrong! There is no excuse for Ms. Laura’s actions as she was clearly wrong for slapping the Brent, but by damn………………Laura is an ole gangsta!I mean I laugh til I cried, I would have really liked to have been present for that resounding slap!Man BP y’all need to see if anyone get clips! lol

  20. I’m sure Mr. Symonette did not touch the individual in a hostile manner. No where in the modern world would any dignitary be ‘slapped’ and there be no repercussions. We all have the right to our own political views. However, regardless of party affiliation, if you don’t respect the man, respect the office that he holds. She should be prosecuted (if in fact it did occur as reported)….Violence of any nature should not be condoned.

  21. I’d like to correct my previous post. .. just re-read the tribune’s account of the mentioned that she hit his shoulder, not slapped him.

  22. If mrs.laura williams felt some one’s hands pulling or pushing her shoulders with out her consent then she has all LEGAL RIGHTS TO PROTECT HERSELF.If any one touches or approaches a person in a manner that the person assumes is in a hostile manner then that person is persumed to be acting in a SELF DEFENSE MODE.Indeed mr.Brent Symonette COULD BE CHARGED FOR PHYSICAL ASSAULT BY MRS.WILLIAMS SINCE HE TOUCHED HER BODY IN A MANNER SHE PERCEIVED AS HOSTILE.Of course this all depends on the TRIBUNE’S webset report being accurate. 

  23. Where were Mr. Symonette’s bodyguards when all of  this happened.   I think measures should be taken to avoid future incidents like this.w

  24. The Tribune’s site reported that he touched her shoulder first, and asked her  to calm down, then she  slapped him as he turned away. Maybe she just dont like people touching her….. 

  25. I suppose that BP considers this a civil way to deal with conflicts.  BP, when you finish high school, I hope you decide to do something other than web hosting because this is ridiculous.

  26. If this is so, she should be arrested….
    For some reason it sound like BP is in approval of this VIOLENT act….
    Actions like that have absolutely no place in our political discourse.

    I challenge all of us to do and say all we can to stamp out acts of violence in our society.

    I especially encourage BP, our host, not to make light of foolishness as the headline indicate..

    Election is over, now let’s live together.

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