FNMs rejecting to publish polling division # 4 official count BP wonders why?


Breaking News <<< The recount in the Elizabeth by-election is now slowing up. Bahamas Press can now confirm results in polling division #4 are done, however, FNM poll workers are arguing over releasing that official count to members of the media. WHAT HAPPENED in polling division #4 that is causing the FNM’s rejection to publishing the results????


  1. Here we go again….. BIAS information.  BOTH Lawyers that include FNM and PLP officials had a arguement on THE BIGGEST DIVISION which is Division Number 4 which led to the delay.  At 9:30 pm they started division 5…. 10:10 DIVISION 5 WAS COMPLETED WHERE Ryan Pinder picked up a EXTRA VOTE. Dr. Sands has a ONE point lead. GET YOUR FACTS STR8 BAHAMASPRESS…… What big win PLP won on Feb. 16????????????????

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