Democracy hitting a new low as Turnquest meddles in Recount for his Cousin


bradtommyPress Release
By Bradley B Roberts
National Chairman
Progressive Liberal Party
February 18, 2010

Minister Tommy Turnquest who has the responsible for Parliamentary Elections was an Election Agent for his Cousin Duane Sands and has been present at the recount and brow beating Jack Thompson whom he appointed as the Returning Officer in the Elizabeth Bye Election.

The Progressive Liberal Party find it nothing short of disgraceful that the Minister with the responsibility for Parliamentary Elections Tommy Turnquest would have the audacity to present himself as an FNM election agent at the recount which is now going on. This is a serious violation of the most fundamental principle of Democratic Elections and the most scandalous example to date of the heavy handedness of the FNM in this Bye Election.

tommy-turnquestThe Minister responsible for the Bye Election has no basis whatsoever being inside the room where the recount is taking place. Worse still this same Minister is browbeating the Election Officials on behalf of the FNM Bye Election Candidate Duane Sands.

We call upon the Prime Minister to immediately instruct Tommy Turnquest to withdraw from the recount. This sort of behavior is simply not tolerated in mature democracies. Minister Turnquest should be ashamed of himself for trying to drag Bahamian democracy down to this new low level.


  1. This is pure hogwash!  There is no law against this neither is there anything unethical or immoral with Turnquest sitting as an agent at the polls.  THIS IS WHAT POLITICIANS DO.  Whether it is a PLP Minister or an FNM Minister it does not matter.  He has done nothing that is unprecedented.  Bradley Roberts and BP is only stirring up mischief.

    • This is unprecented and Tommy T will pay for this come next Gen Election.He appointed the Returning Officer and now he attempts to intimidate him by just his near presence.This is poor and will make the Bahmas a laughing stock of the modern world.Tommy cannot be trusted asd he is too political and no one can respect any decisions he makes from now on as National Security Minister.There is total disagreements and disaffection with this wutless FNM Govt and it appears as if only they are missing the boat.Intimidation and threats has caused a third of the voters in Lizzy to stay away from the polls.I am predicting that if you check the list of those who stayed away,the majority would be civil servants.And then you sympatisers of this eutless Govt are trying to find excuses for them.All that monry thry spend and still could only pull a tie thus far?wutless and an eye opener for the few moderates in that FNM party.Over 1500 personsd in Lizzy braved threats and intimidation to vote against this vutless Govt.

      • Jokes, and according to you.. the FNM was to pay for some much.. but seems to me that FNM is about to be decleared the winner in LIZZIE.. eat ya heart out..

  2. Tommy Turnquest acted irresponsibly in what he did at the FNM rally when he recited Ryan’s address.  I was really disappointed in his behaviour and quite frankly expected better from him.

    I also think as Minister of National Security,  first cousin of the FNM candidate and a member of the FNM, he needs to act more responsibly as his presence in the recount area and the brow beating of the returning office (if this is true) leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. The minister has no class and should resign forthwith.Imagine the refree in a boxing match assistong in taking care of a fighter between rounds?Well what more can we expect as the field in the Bahamas is no longer levelled.PAPA appointed two persons from his CABINET to be JUDGES.A very disturbing trend is developing in the bahamas and unfortunately those in authority are missing the seeds being sown.Lack of knowledge is a vwery dangerous phenomenon.ncl smith should be ashamed of himself for supporting wrong and from now on has earned the nickname wutless.

  4. Typical FNM’s…..ALWAYS referring to the past and what PLP’s have done!  That is why they (even their followers) can’t see beyond..and certainly have no vision for this beautuful country of ours!   Every time there is an issue, “well the PLP did so and so”..!   Shit !  The people elected the govern – so damn do so !!!!  Bring a fresh view or try pray for a new direction !  It is so sickening, to always hear the lame EXCUSE as to what the former govt did!  Keep doing that,  and I am sure the FNM will be former as well!

  5. We all can say it’s political season, my concern is the night before when the Minister of National Security in his address at the rally gave out  Mr. Pinder’s home address in the USA, to me that was very disconcerting and not one comment from any of the political pundits.  What I’ve learned over the last several years of my life,  that when one is running for any  public office,  a line in the sand must be drawn,  to exclude and  protect spouses and children  and they should not  be  brought into the debate
    National  Security trumps everything we do in this country and should not be toyed with, every Bahamian  has the right to his or her privacy and no elected  official has the right to divulge  information  on a person unless instructed my the courts or the person themselves, God forbid if some quack decides to do something to Mr. Pinder , Our Minister gave out his home address. To me that was wrong……
    I believe the Minister should have been  called out on that…. Mr. Minister, I’ve supported you in the past and I can say you helped me out before when you first became Minister years ago. As a future  leader fairness and decency should be the rule in which I believe you  hold close to you. Don’t get  caught in the nastiness of politics, I believe you still  have a  leading role to play in the continuing development of this country.  

  6. YOU SEE YA’ll PLPs just need to stop.. Can any of you tell me what law.. the Honourable Minister is breaking…

    TOMMY T is first an elected official… he was elected as such he is a politician.. can be dismissed by the people…

    This is nothing new.. cabinet ministers campaign and they are also election agents….

    Cabinet ministers wear two hats.. the political ones and the Ministerial ones.. NOW TOMMY T is weaing his political hat and the PLP has beef with that..

    How come ya’ll are complaining now and ya’ll did it back in the day.. DO YOU RECALL THE MARCO CITY BI-election… alll the PLP cabinet Ministers put all the prssure of the PLP on the good people of Marco City…

    PLP has some short memories..

  7. I agree with you Freda, this is clearly a cinflict of interest and a breach in accordance with our laws that govern the electoral process. Our politicians should be held accountable, FNM or PLP!

  8. why are so many of our politicians breaking the law and nothing is being done about it? Its time we have something put into place where they answer for their crimes and not anything like that jokey commission of inquiry crap.

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