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  1. Future leader I thought this is why the official recount was taking so long. I assumed they were checking names on that register. I also believe that people voted illegally in this constituency. That should have been checked even before the election.

  2. At this poiint I am so disgusted with the lot of them.
    I want them to check the names on that register.
    And one by one go to them houses and verify that each person who voted lives in this constituency.$
    I still think some illegal voters got a chance to vote for sands.

  3. Russell Johnson I have some bad news for you….. There is no TIE NO MORE.  The vote which wouldve give ryan and sands tie was SMUDGED but The PLP’s felt it shouldve count. THEREFORE SANDS STILL HAS A LEAD. They are going onward to the 10th division 6:25pm.

  4. Rodney Moncur confirmed a rumour that he has FNM operatives acting on his behalf at the recount.When pressed he is also saying that he has the PLP acting on his behalf as well.From all indications this matter will go to the Election Courts which made a ruling in the last set of Election court cases but nothing has happened.

  5. OK even if not a tie in polling division 10 Pinder won that by 38, polling division 11 by 42, polling division 12 by 15.  If that count stands and if they take away 20 he still win.  Where have this count been all along, something is not right, it is a good thing there is a recount

    • God is good  and it looks as if the Armada will strick the rocks.Party tonight at the PLP site and in looking at the returns thus far the PLP candidate has never had the lead so watch out when the ss PLP tacks.You can now  start shouting PLP,PLP,PLP victory is mine.

  6. oh….. why so angry FNM’s?  Why so angry?
    Stop the name calling, man that’s almost as bad as slapping someone!

    • Now we know why young people in this country are full of hatred andf only respond thru the use of violence.This wutless FNM Govt has placed this country in the position of hatred forever all in the name of retaining power.Remember the saying that he who rides to power on the back of the tiger eventuially becomes its meal.You sexy bitch are a wutless excuse for a human .

    • BP, I want you to know that you are wutless like Perry and should be shame of yourself. You left Russell post up in whicj he called me a Bitch in it. When I reply and called him a sissy you delete my post. WOW….. are u in bed with Russell?

  7. Altec how HAI HAVE TO DO WITH MALCOM DECISION MAKING?????????……… If Perry had a dick and let go Malcom 2007 like the people requested then this wont happen.

  8. So…….is Dr. Sands leading by 300 votes yet?   The 300 that he was predicted to win by?  The woman mussy dead fa tru eh?  LOL

  9. Lou, I blame HAI for this entire mess.

    There never should have been a bye election in the first place, especially since everyone knows the register was flawed.

    It would have saved the tax payer money had Mr Ingraham told Malcolm Adderley to just cross the floor and become an FNM!

    No one or party has benefited from this bye election or this process.

  10. BP please confirm if this is true.   Did all those persons who got jobs just before the bye election(supposedly for 6 months)  receive letters yesterday telling them that they are only needed for  two weeks?  Man I thought they were hired  for 6 months.  Suckers! Man things need to change….we are sinking low, low, low. 

  11. So???????  Will the govt change ?  At the end of the day, All they have done was to spend/waste borrowed money, that could have been used to create  jobs (establishing a skills bank/centre, equiped with facilitators who would be responsible for enlisting skills in that area, and placing them on jobs i.e  painters, electrical engineers, tilers, etc.).  Oops…I forgot, PRESENTLY…. they have no vision, only short term goals!

  12. So there are supposedly 5 protest votes that were cast for Ryan Pinder. Can anyone confirm this?

  13. PRESENTLY, Doc Sands is ahead by one vote.. The recount is now on a break and will resume at 2:00 pm..

  14. My question is,  was Ryan Pinder’s wife and family here with him on the campainge trail? cause i don’t recall hearing or seeing them?

    • Neither his wife nor children were candidates for this election, I would think his wife still has a home and children to look after and the political forum is not the place for children, but I assure you, that his wife and children were present when last I saw Mr. Pinder on the campaign trail. 

      •  yes they were, everybody knows that there is strength in numbers, in any major election family present holds a lot of weight, If Michelle Obama and her kids where not present on the campainge trail do you think that the president would have garnered as much votes as he did. Even you if you are doing something major in your life it maynot be political but it’s a major even to you there are certain people that you would expect to be there, you would look in the audience for that one person. So dont talk no cock and bull story about they where not candidates, they hold a lot of weight.

  15. Anyone knows the outcome of the case where Dr. Sands was being sued by the policeman?

  16. BP, like I said last night, this is ridiculous. More than 24 hours after the polls has closed, and an official winner is not announced?

    They are not counting MILLIONS of ballots ya know, just a few thousand! Here we are into thursday and an official winner is still not known.

    This is utter foolishness!

    • Hey Altec, you must realise that the FNM figured they had this one in the bag with all our money they spent in their attempt to seduce the voters, hence they neglected their plans as to how they could manipulate the results and as a result the count continues…………….too many people watching.   

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