Nassau, Bahamas — Our undercover investigative team followed the Sands brothers campaign for the last three weeks following an overwhelming number of complaints of skulduggery accusing the Sands brothers of paying for votes.

Our private investigator working deep in the trenches of the FNM Elizabeth machinery was able to capture a number of questionable photos. BP will release them in different segments as new developments emerge on the ground in LIZZY.



  1. I have deliberately maintained silence to see how the FNM sidekicks would respond to this story.Bribery has occured and if it is the good Dr he should let us know he was only giving into pressure and giving out goodies.What a poor example for young people to see someone who wants to be a Leader succumbing to pressure and trying to buy a seat.Shame on the FNM and its operatives who tried to buy a seast just to prove a point.Fortunately for the Bahamian people the attempt at purchasing the seat has failed miserably.Honesty is still the best policy and Carl Bethel who just loves to make statements needs to let Bahamians know what he knows of this incident and when he knew it. Many apoliogists of the FNM have cleverly avoided this sissue and have used other arguments in the hope that this story would just go away.Well you slickers it aint going anywhere as I shall continue to agaitate until someone in the red crew responds.

  2. As for the sands family. I will just assume they are supporting duane because he is family.
    And family comes first becausr I’ve never seen such hypocricy in all my gad damn life.
    How can sandy sr and jr galabant about the place behind duane when they only just recently campaigned for
    michelle Pindling-Sands. These no good cack suckers need toi be extinguished like the rodents they are.
    There is no loyalty in them and they only care about themselves and whoever givin them the extra couple bucks.
    Duane sands will most likely abandone his seat just like malcolm did. The sad part is the ppl of elizabeth
    Represent nost bahamians and their ignorance as to what’s goin on around here plp and papa them are one in the same!

  3. Well I agree with lizabeth resident. Me personally I voted for pinder, not because I care for the plp because I don’t.
    But because I know that the masses of the bahamian populace aren’t ready for change.
    And I knew it woukd be a PLP vs FNM battle. While I can’t stand perry I absolutely HATE AND DESPISE that gad damn amazon gorilla
    Lookin papa mother you no what, so I voted against him. Now I don’t have any trust or respect for the bahamian ppl around me.
    I think this outcome is a tru testiment that hyshins outnumber bahamians. I’d be damned to believe otherwise. And papa say he love elizabeth
    Well papa I am one resident who hate you with every fiber of my being and I will fith tooth and nail until you get ya ass out of office.

  4. Yea Rupert….and it won’t be enough money left for the big one – General Elections.  Unless they get some from their foreign buddies – but they mad at the FNM right now for how they voted at the UN!

  5. All that money spent and still cant confirm a win…. what a big joke… HAHAHAHAHA!  Hubert must feel like a total JACKASS!!! HAHAHAHA!   AINT LONG NOW!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. Ya’ll don’t know what in that person hand.You Don’t know who they giving it to.You don’t know what they giving it for.So stop trying to build a story from scratch.

  7. BP, nice camera…no red eye or anything and doesn’t appear that flash was used…if you don’t mind, what type of camera and megapixel. i need a new camera.

  8. Praise the lord!  I am glad someone realize the end results of this stupid, vickid, evil orchestrated…Bye Election.  We..the people ..will ALL now suffer!   I am going to pray that my heavenly father…forgive us for “sleeping with the harlot”!

  9. First of all the person passing something to the other person is not Doc Sands.. and it was passed from the driver to the person getting in the car behind him.. SO hwat is The Disgraced Editor and criminal and spy for the U S A saying.. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.. But he knows no shame..

  10. LOL NO NO NO cuz NDP enn give me SH*T lol lets dont get it started lol… Papa said when dey come knockin on your door offerin ya money fridge stove scholarship dnt be no hip…. TAKE IT!…. I sure did take it said thank you and FEB 16th I voted for DR. ROLLINS.

    • Well good for you!  I wanted nothing from, nor did I ask, or was offered anything from any of the parties. I am just sorry that the country’s money was wasted on this stupid bye-election!   We are all going to suffer for this. 


    • Judging from the pictures shown on this website with respect to Dr. Sands and his brother, the writer is sooo right in keeping his identity from from the corrupt doctor. Pray you don’t get sick and have to be operated on by the doctor as he have operated on Lizzie. What is this country comming to.

  12. BP I could beleive this now but This been going on for decades though… Ennn ntn new. I got good much amount of Money from the FNM officials and A SMALL SMALL amount of money from the PLP officials lol.

    • shame on you bahamayouth,this is why the process is corrupt, people are prepared to buy votes and persons like you is a willing particpant, anxious to sell your vote.consider this possible scenario, a developer comes to town and is asking the government for all manner of concessions including, the purchase of crown land for minimal cost. the developer also want to bring in cheap labour to work on his project and any number of other request.when a government gives in to these demands just consider the disadvantage it places persons like you and myself in.our job prospects are limited, and thousands of acres of our prime land is virtually given, how then could you complain, when you took the developer’s money he gave to the politician to run an election.after the election, the big rally sites are dismantle and all the shirts and hats would’ve been worn, the man who paid for it all, will finally just consider that, besides, it’s illegal!!!

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