Preview for Citizen's Review Post Election Commentary


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Guests: PLP MP for Fox Hill Fred Mitchell and FNM Senator Anthony Musgrove

In the FNM, fate is spelled “H-U-B-E-R-T”; so says Mr. Mitchell who engaged with Mr. Musgrove in a passionate debate regarding the election results and the next step forward for their respective parties. Both men defended their parties admirably , but ultimately it was the Bahamian people who contributed most through their deafening silence at the polls during Tuesday’s election. Meanwhile, we make a new Citizens’ Arrest on a politician near you.

Join us on Thursday, February 18th at 9pm on JCN, channel 14 on local cable, as well as at We look forward to sharing what will certainly prove to be an informative and exciting show.

P.S. If you liked last week’s episode, this episode is like last week’s on steroids.



  1. erin ferguson hey…better be careful of these people with these mixed up agendas…just remember what i said….

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