‘Fathead’ is dead tonight following his fatal shooting in the inner city community


Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is reporting murder #243 since 2009 unfolding at this hour on Deveaux Street between Market and East Street.

BP confirms dead in the street is Brian Hanna. He, you would know, was reported in the Punch just last week to have a $50,000 bounty upon his head.

Particulars tell us Hanna better known by his street name ‘Fathead’, was tonight playing a game of domino, when a gunman pulled up to the table and shot a single fatal shot to the head.

The gunman fled the scene and Hanna was dead in the road.

The incident has sent shock waves throughout the inner city community; as scores of residents are now pour onto the street. Police have just arrived to opening their investigations.

Some suggest Hanna had turned Crown Witness in a high profile case. The matter should be a concern for authorities.


  1. I’ve known Fathead for about 3 year now and all I gotta say is may he rest in peace and no matter what type of lifestyle he lived, he will truly be missed! When I heard that he was killed I was so shocked that I had no words all I could do is call one of his sons and give my condolence because all I knew or witnessed of Brian Hanna, he was a giving, up front man. So RIP and I hate that he did not stay low when he knew people was out to get him.

  2. My condolence to Fat Head family and love ones. I don’t care what kind of person Fat Head was, I know his family have to be hurting by this sudden lost, it‘s only human nature. Even though they realized Fat Head may have been mixed up in some stuff and there was a possibility something like this could have happen, it’s hard to be prepared for death, it is so final, it means you are not going to be able to see or talk to that person any more. My God knows what those people are going through. Anyway, to tell you the truth, I don’t believe the police losing any sleep over this. See, this how I think they looking at the situation, they figure he done do his share of damage, so now he only got what was due to him. That’s why they didn’t bother to protect him.

  3. I am a bahamian living abroad, it saddens me so much to see the number of murders taking place in my home down on a weekly or daily basis. what saddens me even more is to find out that there is no “witness protection program” for our peeps.
    If the police want assistance from the community, then there must be something in place in order to proctect the informant. a few of my friends are always asking me to go with me to the Bahamas. i dont want to bring them home under such conditions. dont get me wrong it is over in the USA as well, but when you think Bahama “our paradise” these things should not be happening. Just my two cent BP. keep up the good work, i am always online catching up with the news…thanks and God bless our Bahamas land

    • Angel you should see the threats and suggestions to hush reporting these news updates. We are determined however.


  4. If Fathead has turned Crown Witness to a matter about to be prosecuted then he should have been in the witness protection. We asked people to come forward and assist the Police and the Law do not protect this person from harm! If this is infact what is being said, then I cry shame on justice Dept. However worthless Fathead might have been, the Law saw it fit to use him and he should have some form of protection.
    It Makes one to wonder if it is worth linking with the Police to put away the wrongdoers.

  5. I would hate to believe that this individual was so non-chalant and carefree when his life was threatened. I can’t fault the cops in this regard because the individual should have adopted and practiced life-preserving habits, such as not playing dominoes on the main highway.

    The cops do not have the resources to protect witnesses because this is not a government priority or concern. So are we surprised when witnesses practice ‘dont ask dont tell’, or just refuse to attend court even when faced with imprisonment.

    We need to be honest with ourselves and appreciate that we are living in a criminal-controlled society and govern ourselves accordingly. Like the good book says, ‘eyes for eye’, ‘tooth for tooth’.

  6. from what i have heard over the years this individual lived a very controversial lifestyle,lets just put it this way,you will die the way you live and i hope this serves as a lesson to many of our young men who get caught up in this lifestyle that he was accustomed too may his soul rest in peace

  7. Parents we must all weep every time we hear another youth is gun down we must all weep because the jobs of great parenting are a thing of the pass. As Bahamians we are to busy pointing fingers at the root of our social ills when our social ills are the reflections staring us in the mirror.

    All is not lost but parents must stop being afraid to be parents mold your children properly remind them daily of values, remind they daily of good morals and standards, we are fostering a way of life that is destroying us and last and not least the police need to be police they must our country keeper and hold the confidentiality that they have sworn to

    • I wish it was that easy, sometimes these parents are doing their best with all the resources that they have. Some of these children are too ungrateful and they never satisfy, they want the things they see their friends with and they know their parents can‘t afford it. When their parents can’t give it to them, sometimes they are determine to find a way to get it, which may even be illegal. While it is easy to blame the police, I just want to say, “there are some good officers on the force and they deserve to be big up and encouraged! Then again, you have some who feel the monies the government paying them is not enough and those who are just simply wicked and would do anything to make some extra dollars on the side, even if it means pimping some of these criminals off. I could be wrong about this, but I feel like sometimes the police is tell the hit men where these people are, I keep trying to figure out how these hit men finding all these people. Ok, let’s use that fellow who got killed few weeks back as an example, he had on the electronic bracelet, it would be like nothing for the police to track him and tell the hit man that he was by that bar and then they split the bounty. I am just saying.

  8. This is why I don’t want to see or hear nothing and I always try my best to mind my own business, because I don’t have a problem with helping the police out, but whose is going to help protect me after I done spill my guts to them? See that’s the problem, they need to do more when it comes to protecting these witnesses and their families. These police just want know what all you know, so it could help them with their investigation and after that you on your own buddy. They know you in danger and they don’t be checking, It up to you and your family to protect yourselves. Also, people who know they are key witnesses in these serious cases need to use better judgment too though, you know there is a hit out on you, why go out and play dominoes in the open, where everybody could see you? Unless you tired living. Trust me, you would be playing with those dominoes by yourself, because one thing I know, bullets don’t have no eyes.

  9. A bounty upon his head ? increadable, Nassaua has turned into Chicago during the 20’s and 30’s, is there an Eliot Ness type arround ?

  10. so sad but we must all watch what we say to the police because at the end of the day,this bahamas is so small and people does talk,even the cops,good to be on the side of the law if they are gonna protect you,R.I.P FATHEAD

    • If the system is serious with crime they need to protect their crown witnesses,If the police are not prepare to protect their witnesses in profile matters,then they are joking with criminals,we need to expell criminal behavoir from our lovely Bahamas.Let us as citizen continue to support the police providing they can protect their witnesses.

        • @Sammy, that is very cruel thing to say, maybe you will not miss him, but he has a family and be careful throwing your stones, because who will be the next to follow…….dont do it Sammy, just dont do it 3

          • “You rebuke me” sweety dont do it ok, b-cuz it is wat it is, but since you want me to go there I will.
            How many young girls as he already killed and the rest on borrowed time. Miss I glad he dead, he’s better off dead & if you’re one of his vitims am very very sorry for you.
            But like I said before he WONT be missed

        • @sammy wth how can u say he wont be missed… he gat a family jus like u do… n reguardless of what he dne in life his family is gonna miss him.. if u doesnt whu gives a flick.. ill miss him.

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