THE CDR must flush out all FNM sleeper agents IMMEDIATELY!!! BP has their names…


Christie moving like a ROCK STAR on BAY STREET Friday! Christie is now in his best form as signs are clear he will form the next Government!

Nassau, Bahamas — When readers across the country open their newspapers today nothing will be printed about the shocking, we say telling, showing of the PLP on Friday during Labour Day Parade. What you will get in the same diatribe against Christie.

Nothing much will be printed on the slaughter over the weekend, where more families has lost their love one and little will be written about the growing crisis of unemployment. What you will get, however, is more about how Craig Butler’s cussing out the PLP.

BP is aware of Butler’s disgust with the PLP, however, Christie’s Party should see Butler’s departure as a marking of further housecleaning.

Of late some members of the PLP have caused a stir in the press over what we only see as ‘the grab for power’, with signs showing clearly the PLP is set to form the next government. Many forget a new government is more than being in Parliament, but there are many positions around the country that must be filled.

There are Ambassador missions; Chairmanships and Corporation boards that will all have new faces when the next PLP government is seated.

That said, BP alerts the CDR to another disgruntled PLP, who could soon make the same move Butler recently made.

BP is calling on the Party’s leadership to begin to close ranks on FNM sleeper cells inside the PLP. Many would remember how the FNM in 2007 planted members inside PLP branches. Branch officials tell us as the election date drew near, some PLANTED members, were seen changing T-shirts only days before May 2nd. When Election Day came, some disappeared from the polling desk and others we are told changed from yellow to red right in the PLP election office.

Craig Butler and Ryan Pinder following nominations for Elizabeth.

That said, Bahamas Press is calling on Perry Christie, Brave Davis and Bradley Roberts to begin now the process of CLOSING RANKS within the Party.

Last week PLP by the name of Miles Laroda, the same individual who attempted to advise Christie not to run Ryan Pinder in the heated Elizabeth By-Election, could be overheard not saying anything good about the PLP.

BP agents on the ground in South Beach tell us the disgruntled FNM in PLP clothes, [for the purpose of this article is AGENT #1622-1A] was overheard castigating the Party for its axing of Butler in Kennedy. We are told the same individual was telling this to his FNM buddies around the breakfast table.

Further information tells us, agent #1622-1A, intends not to help Cleola Hamilton in South Beach and will do what he can to stop her.

Bahamas Press does not take this kind of JACKASS ways to KINDLY. These kinds of sleeper cells in the midst of the PLP could hold the Party hostage in a heated general election. Therefore, we call on the powers that be, to now draw out the swords and long knives.

To individuals like Myles Laroda and others we say, ‘DECLARE TODAY WHETHER YOU ARE FISH OR FOUL’! You cannot seek to parade around the PLP in the day and in the middle of the night be parked up in the political bed of FNMs! THIS CANNOT NOT STAND!


To Laroda, Let THIS NOTICE SERVE AS YOUR FIRST WARNING!!! And to Butler, may the door hit ‘ya’ on the way out!


BP’S SONG FOR ALL FNMs INCLUDING The planted Sleeper Cells inside the PLP!


  1. Did Craig really came into the PLP only for a nomination and possibly enter the house where his sister is? I was hoping he entered to further assist the party interior and make things appear to be stronger. Graig must remember if(i.e he while growing up and upon reaching man hood)he wanted to become a politican then he should have stayed away from things that would one day haunt him. When you sleep with monkey you get the itch. No way any Party leader within their rught mind wouls run the likes of Craig or anyone of his type. His sister spoke in the house about his servering ties with the PLP and she was very please that her brother had done this. Why don’t she suggest that he join

  2. I remember quite well how the head man from the passport office of Freeport, pretended to be PLP and on election night, danced in the street for joy that the FNM had won. There was a lady who worked with our candidate in High Rock, she really did a number on the computer, the files were so messed up the pole workers had nothing to work with come election day. The brother was overheard bragging of what a good job she did. Also, a brother of an ex-FNM minister was foot to foot behind this same candidate
    I don’t know if he stuck around but, he obviously was a spy. I think High Rock may have had more spies planted due to the fact that the dumb one, needed more help as he was up against a highly intelligent, well educated and well loved individual. Many spies tipped their hands after the election but I believe that there are many sleepers still there making mischief but,they will be exposed or maybe, they have been exposed but they don’t know it yet.

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