Ingraham told Haitian Nationals to sue Bahamas Government in 2006… THE CHIEF IS A LEAK!


Nassau, Bahamas — Yes he said it right in the Nassau Guardian on May 18th, 2006. The leader of the FNM, then Hubert Ingraham, told members of media, that persons in the Haitian community should sue the then government of the Bahamas for what he termed illegal roundups.

We wonder what did Papa tell his bosses across the water on this? We wonder if the Guardian ‘gat’ the BALLS to reveal this from the pages of the WikiLeaks or as BP would say, ‘Da WEAKYLEAKY’!


Papa then believed the government of the Bahamas had no right to investigate illegals and that the state should not invoke its sovereign power to review persons encroaching on Bahamian territory.

Since being elected to office Hubert Ingraham has had little to say about illegal dwellers here in the country. And his former minister for immigration Branville McCartney has since resigned from the Cabinet. Since McCartney’s resignation, Papa has not appointed a new minister to the post.

Under Papa’s watch, thousands have invaded the Bahamas and are now being naturalized by his government.

Today on Hawkins Hill at the Immigration office, another swearing-in ceremony of new citizens will take place and the government official doing the ceremony will advise the new Bahamians that they can go to the Parliamentary Registration office and register to vote. HMMMMMMM!

Scores of foreign nationals are being awarded billions in contracts by the FNM government, and just last week during the Budget presentations in Parliament, Bahamians witnessed the announcement by Housing Minister, Kenneth ‘NOT ONE’ Russell, how the FNM government’s intents to build homes in the Mackey Yard area. The homes when completed he said, will be made available to the squatters who lived there before the fire.

Be they Bahamian or not, what we find amazing indeed in the focused attention by the FNM given to foreigners in the area of housing, while thousands of Bahamians wait for a new home assignment from the housing department.

With the Ingraham government having not built one new major subdivision for Bahamians, we find it shocking to hear it will proceed to provide homes for squatters. SHOCKING !!!

Not a word has come from the pen of the Tribune following the announcement! Nothing from the Guardian or any other media following Russell’s revelations in the House.

The FNM sold BTC to foreigners and are allowing the foreigners to send home Bahamas; 700 Bahamians in a mass downsizing exercise to begin this week.

The FNM government grants over 5,000 work permits to foreigners every month God send; while over 40,000 Bahamians are unemployed, and an additional 6,000 school-leavers will join the unemployment lines. But in the midst of all this, they are now going to build homes for Haitians in Mackey Yard?

Boy, we love punishment eh! As our creole friends would say, “PLUS DE FEU” ! [MORE FIRE]…



  1. The reason why Hubert is so stuck on everything haitian is becuase he is one, he need to go to haiti with his haitian brothers and sisters and let them choose him over there for PM check his background, Ingraham is his adopted name, but we are going to fix all of that when the DNA get in power it is time for him to go for good and while Immigration is at it they need to send him on the next plane back to his home Haiti.

    The man have no love forbahamians and that is why he is going his obeah brother and sisters all of this attention.

  2. Brent Symonette keep talking like Bahamians are a lazy set of people, he need to shut his d*mn mouth, he and his family already made millions of Bahamians. Let me see him give up his millions and go out there in that scorching heat and work for change. He better keep his you know what of my TV screen. Talking shid in people head, because all he trying to do is justify why they have all these illegal here.

  3. Every time, I bat my eyes the Deputy Prime Minister on my TV screen talking a heap of shid. He really feel Bahamians are stupid set of people. With all these Bahamians out of work, instead he encourage these illegal immigrants to return to their country, I mean he’s literally begging them to come in and be neutralized. It look like neutralizing these illegal immigrants is basically his mean focus in government, I don’t see him looking out for Bahamians the way he looks out for these people. We need to get rid of this FNM government, they are a bunch of traitors and they are out to destroy anything that is Bahamians.

  4. Bahamians need to wake up! We are getting our just desserts for being ungrateful.Under the former government we had issues but Bahamians were first. Now, if you notice, foreigners are everywhere…on every street corner with their phone cards, water and fruits for sale. They have neither the cause nor the motivation to hide, because they are welcome! We are the 2nd class citizens in our own country. Wake up Bahamians, I beg you to wake up! The FNM has widened the divide between upper and middle class, until there is no more middle. Its upper and lower class…we have officially been sold out to the foreigners and we will soon have to fight & kill to maintain what we have left. They burned our flag and nothing was done, it is only going to get worst!

  5. Again am saying;the new PLP administration coming into office after the next General Election in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas,must STOP,REVIEW,and CANCEL all of these illegally granted naturalized immigrants;put in place a proper immigration policy to avoid future wicked acts of the sort,and then go after corrupt civil servants and POLITICIANS who engage in these wicked illegal corrupt practices with a view of prosecuting them with the full extent of the LAW.

  6. BP boy this story is so timely about what Papa side back then, but Adner Pinder Chief Councilor for Sp. Wells was write up in this with Papa.

  7. Diamond, the writing on the wall, this man is not looking out for our interest. He does n’t want to see anything good for us, he couldn’t stomach the idea of Bahamians owning the majority shares in BTC, he took the only telecommunication company we had and sell majority shares to foreigners. If that wasn‘t enough he insulted us, by saying, “If he did give it to the Bahamians they would have ran it into the ground.” The thing about it, he never apologized for that remark. You could imagine what those foreigners who now own BTC must think about us? Our own Prime Minister doesn’t believe in us and he is bold enough to not even try and hide it. You think we putting him back there aye? If we put him back there, I would have to agree with his impression of us. He has ga to go!!!

  8. He don’t want deal with this problem and when Bran seemed enthusiastic about sending them back, he did what he could to frustrate him, until the man had no choice but to resign. Nobody like feeling stagnated, especially when you know you have all kind of ideas and solutions. You could see Papa playing aye? put a man there to do a job and when he doing it, he getting upset him. Is he for real?

    • I agree Kim. I am so angry burning with fire over the nonsense this man now leader is doing. He obviously is not on my Bahamian people side. He knows that this is the end of his career so therefore he doing all kind off bull right now. He can’t be a true Bahamian because he looks out for hatians more than us.

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