Fired former FNM MP and Cabinet Minister still driving around in blue plate – some believe he suffers from a mental condition after being defeated more than 16 months ago….


MP abandoned his constituents and his party in the time of great need –

The now GONE FNM Cabinet Minister meddle in strange behaviours after getting kicked out of office.

Who is that fired ex-Cabinet Minister who is having a hard time adjusting to normal life…

Nassau, Bahamas — A former FNM MP and Cabinet Minister is finding it hard – seriously difficult – to get use to being a commoner again and, according to a physiological evaluator, may be suffering from serious mental stress.

According to a relative of the MP, “Night after night he cannot sleep and in the day cannot take the rays of the sun. He has become a recluse and is fatigued.”

After being delivered the most vicious cut-yinner-know-what by a new PLP candidate, the former Cabinet Minister, some say, pisses his bed at least once a week dead drunk and one night was spotted standing outside his home naked as he entered the world.

What in the hell is this?

BP’s senior psychologist and editorial writer on mental illness told us, “…. He is suffering from deep personal rejection and a lack of acceptance. This is seen in most patients who have been denounced by people and the adjustment could take years. Added to this resetting in a regular job, with no chauffeur and attendants makes matters worse. Such patients often talk to themselves, making loud shouts to themselves and could sometimes have serious mood swings when alone. These are key symptoms of what I describe as ‘abandonment and REJECTION’.Let’s hope his condition does not escalate to the counting of light poles.

The former MP and Cabinet Minister is having such a rough time adjusting to his new state that he is still riding around with his former blue politician plate – even though he is no longer a sitting MP.

We hope the police when making stops and searches would stop the MP the next time they spot him in this illegal lawless state and call the ambulance so he can be checked into Sandilands.

The former politician, many remember, “ABANDONED” his troubled seat in Nassau to seek election on a family island, but the cut-yinner-know-what was waiting for him. And since that cuta** the abandon-er has not been the same.

Boy I tell ya – If ya don’t laugh, you will cry!

We report yinner decide!