FNMs calling for Illegal Squatters to get Prime Land in Abaco


    Abaco, Bahamas — The Foreign National Movement is one step closer to granting ILLEGAL SQUATTERS the Bahamian dream on Abaco as a senior member of the Party calls on the Government to grant Haitians in that community prime property.

    We found the call by MP for South Abaco, Edison Key, to be astounding, and should be received with GREAT ALARM!!!

    With thousands upon thousands of hardworking broke a** Bahamians crippled financially; unable to afford their rent, and many more unemployed; thousands we know cannot afford a piece of the rock! But here apologetically stands the FNM all set to grant illegals  LAND?

    It was following the Mackey Yard fire incident back in December when Papa himself along with Cabinet Ministers announced his government intentions to move into the Yard, clean it up, send agencies in to assists the victims and grant legal status to the scores of illegals who resided there.

    Bahamians must be enjoying the Backside RAPE this Foreign National Movement Government is putting on them!

    Young Bahamians cannot find a decent job, much less buy land. They cannot keep food in the cupboard [AND WE MEAN NOODLES]! They cannot find tide to wash clothes or afford the tax-saddled gas prices at the pumps. But the FNM is ready, willing and able to support ILLEGALS?! WE CRY “DUTTY” SHAME ON ‘DEM’!

    If only the thousands of poor Bahamians could be afforded the same privileges, perhaps THE FNM could be considered by US. But to now give the illegals land, at a time when mama in South Beach cannot get a DAMN BUS STOP ON BLUE HILL ROAD?

    Yinner mussy want make BP cuss in Rawson Square!?



    1. i can’t believe that a sitting member of parailiment will make such a stetement. We have hardworking Bahamians who are workign very hard to save just to try and purchase a piece of land and now you are saying that we should give it away to foreingers.Mr.Key said that you have Bahamians who live in that comunity as well, well assist the Bahmians and encourage, rather insist and make sure that those who are not straight leave the Bahamas, and those who are legally straight to live in the Bahamas encourage them to seek better living conditions. I can’t see why Bahamians who are making less than $200 a week have to out of that small amount pay rent. If Bahamians have to do it them every other nationality living in the Bahamas should have to do it as well. you might say that some of them are not working, well what do we say when we hear of Bahamians who are not working “they need to look for a job” well what is said to one should be said to all. The bahams should be for Bahamians first but that is not what is seemed to be going on in this country, and all parties wether it is the FNM or PLP nothing is being said while all of this foreingers suggested and implimented policies are being said and done. Who will help us, who will say i am not looking for what i can get or what can be given them and put the Bahamas and Bahamians first.HELP!

      • Have long thought of buying a home on Abaco when I retire in three years. For the first time I am beginning to look elsewhere. The Bahamas do not seem to have a serious handle on immigration or crime. Both of these issues will begin to impact your cruises and tourism. I do not want to move to a new version of Haiti.

    2. There was a fire in Bimini the week the day before Good Friday. At least four families lost their homes or apartment.Anyone giving out land here?

    3. The nation has a rude awakening as there is a devaluing of what is rightful and lawful. It seems commonly accepted that the off springs of foreign females who has position in government refuse to look at the nation in a way where their decisions would benefit national Bahamians. They seem bent on ensuring that the mental taxation is one in which disbelief rides on their forehead when things like FNM calling for illegal squatters. SIMPLY PUT INEQUALITY IS WHAT NATIONAL BAHAMIAN CAN SEE AND WHILE IT APPEARS TO BE SOMETHING THAT LEAVES THEM HELPLESS, IT IS THE VERY THING WHICH WOULD LEAVE THOSE WHO FEEL ABOVE THE LAW TO SEE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR DOING WHATEVER THEY HAVE CHOSEN TO PLACE YOKE UPON THE SHOULDERS OF THOSE WHO HAVE NO CONNECTION OUTSIDE THE BAHAMAS. Just maybe this explains how national Bahamians are to see themselves. Source answers.com: It is unlikely that Ingraham will enjoy the long reign of his predecessor, since he is eager to see a term-limit amendment to the Constitution passed before he leaves office. Other goals for his second administration are to further divest the island of large hotel and resort holdings, and sell off some of the government-owned public utilities as well. Ingraham has often spoken of his goal to “conduct the affairs of The Bahamas ‘in the sunshine,'” and put in place a system and mindset where the misdeeds of the previous era would not be possible. “What I want to bring about,” Ingraham told Peter C. Newman in Maclean’s, “is to shape a new political culture–to trigger a genuine revolution in … the way Bahamians see themselves.”Ingraham was named to Her Majesty’s most honourable Privy Council in 1993.

    4. What this FNM cabinet is allowing Papa to do to our Bahamas is unconscionable.
      By the FNM’s own body count we have over sixty (60,000) thousand Haitians living in the Bahamas with the vast majority being illegal. I am reliable informed as best as any one can come up with, that the shocking figure is closer to the one hundred (100,000) thousand mark?
      By anyone’s estimation if we do not do a better of rounding up and deporting Haitians, including turning them away on the high seas before they hit our shores they will shortly become the majority population in less than ten years. Haitians are already nearing the shocking count of being one-third of the Bahamian population.
      No other country in the world would encourage the illegal to set up their own shantytowns and to even to go as far as having the nerve to set up their own churches under the watchful eyes of the government?
      No other country would have their police force responding to troubles going on in shantytowns, acting like they are responding to assist Bahamians.
      The US government and world agencies have listed the Bahamas as having ‘the’ highest rate of AIDS in the entire Caribbean, increasing the mortality rate due to AIDS that results in lower population growth rates.
      This FNM cabinet through their arrogance and unthinkable actions has pissed off thousands of Bahamians and yes that includes many who voted to return this FNM party back to government in 2007.
      Bahamians are now saying they have had enough of the arrogance practiced by this FNM cabinet and that the methods they have chosen to use against their own brothers and sisters since 2007 is nothing short of an deliberate betrayal of the mandate Bahamians trusted them with in 2007.
      We say to this FNM cabinet that you never promised Bahamians that if they trusted you with their government that you would turn a blind eye to the needs of Bahamians over illegal residents squatting on land they do not own, and that you would give them free land and build homes for them?
      We say to this FNM cabinet that we have had enough and that we know you hold the real power to fire Papa but you prefer to risk your own seats come 2007.
      We now know that this FNM cabinet is placing the rights of those in our nation illegally, ahead of the rights of Bahamians.
      We know this FNM cabinet have placed the rights of criminals to remain free over that of Bahamians to live in peace.
      Bahamians now know that they have had enough of this FNM cabinet-favoring foreigners while they are being squeezed out of jobs and opportunities.
      Bahamians know that this FNM cabinet has no money left in the treasury to spend, excepting what it can tax and borrow? Even the prime minister said that no other party had enough faith in Bar Mar to risk their money in and that it was either taking the money from the Chinese government, or no one and there would be no Bar Mar project.
      Bahamians are running out of jobs and do not have the money to support their family budgets, including rent and mortgage payments but still in the face of Bahamians, this FNM cabinet is prepared to give land and build homes for residents of shantytowns that have illegally sprung up all over our Bahamas.
      Because Bahamians have had enough the outcome of the 2012 General Elections will be dependent on just how many Haitians this FNM cabinet can grant Bahamian citizenship to?
      It’s allllll ooooover for this FNM cabinet but for the fat lady to sing after the votes are counted?

    5. [this is from an email i received sometime back…an eye opener to us compassionate Bahamians]








      1 – A JOB,
      3 – NIB CARD,
      5 – FOOD STAMPS,
      8. – FREE WATER FROM THE GOVERNMENT PUMP, FREE ELECTRICITY FROM B.E.C, AND PHONE FROM BTC – Cause they don’t know the exact location to disconnect the service.
      9 – FREE EDUCATION, even though they still only speak their language,
      10 – FREE HEALTH CARE,



    6. monkey see monkey do’ they see how the illegals get treat in nassau fire like royalty so what they do? now free house and land coming up. this man is **** in we bahamians face this what ya call evil over good.

    7. I’m just stunned. This is so blatant, such a double middle finger to Bahamians. Foreign National Movement says f**k y’all! It’s disgusting. Makes my stomach churn. That “man” who was elected to be our “leader” is pure evil. Evil, man.
      It’s better in da Bahamas…for everyone else!

    8. it almost appears as though these fires are being strategically set. The PM knows that he has let his constituiency down and may not even win his own seat. So, what does he do?, he pulls a trick out of his new bag… new voters! Isn’t it strange enough that all of these fires are happenning in Haitian villages?
      I am Bahamian with Bahamian great grand parents, and I applied for land in Abaco almost 10 years ago, and to this day I cannot get a response from the government. Should I choose the piece that I want and build a shack on it, and then burn it down to get it? In addition, I have a mortgage that I have been recently struggling to pay, so if the Bahamian government is giving out free housing I need to be up front on that line, so that me and my family do not go blindly homeless.
      We as Bahamians do need to stand together and do as much as we possibly can about our immigration problem. Haitians in particular have and are putting tremendous strain on our way of life. If we continue in this trend, soon our beautiful Bahamaland will be called little Haiti, and once we start to be called it, we will soon face worse challenges than they are facing there now. We cannot afford to have a Haitian (or any other nationality for that matter) in our house of assembly…. Yes BP WE NEED CHANGE!

      • Lady, though you applied you will not get it anytime soon. WE DO NOT COUNT IN THIS COUNTRY! Anything Foreign COUNTS! Go to the courts and look and see who they appointing FOREIGNERS! Go down to BEC and look who they appointing to soon take it over, FOREIGNERS! Go down to the ministry of works and check out who is the director, FOREIGNER! Go COB and who is the head down there, FOREIGNER! Go to BTC and look who is heading up all the management down there, FOREIGNERS! Go look at ALL THE ROAD PROJECTS AND SEE WHO BUILDING THEM, FOREIGNERS! And now listen to the FNM MPs on the Haitian village situation and digest the response, GIVE THE FOREIGNERS LAND!





    9. Papa should know that you play with toys not the peoples birthplace. Bahamians should have recognized how this man thinks because who in the hell goes around telling the citizens that he is their Papa and only he can save the Bahamas. Papa man there is no money left in our public treasury that you have not put there through loans that our great grandchildren will be repaying back with escalating rates of interesting as our nation’s credit rating climbs. Your legacy will be that of administrating one of the highest crime rates in the free world, while keeping Tommy Thompson the most incompetent minister in your government. You messed with the wrong people when you mess with Abacoians, when word gets out that you intent to give free land to Haitians. For the love of Jesus Papa what would make you think that Abacoians would allow you and your cabinet to shame them and their children? If your cabinet sits on their tongues over the next few days and do not express their anger over this free land grab, then they will fall with you.

    10. Every Bahamian student at COB and BTVI and all those in high school and all of us with children and who also need land in our own country need to find ourselves downtown. Let them bring out the dogs for that! The world needs to see how a band of power hungry negroes are trying to change the fabric of this society. Don’t think they won’t try. Ingraham is as arrogant as any dictator but while the rest of the world is crying out against oppression, they really think Bahamians are just so stupid they’ll suck it up in the end. I don’t think so. All of the talk about being peaceful and lawful is a bunch of crock when they are literally wanting to give citizenship and our land to one of the most violent and lawless group of people in this region! Haitians are violent usurpers. What are we supposed to do – sit and wring our hands while they squat and wait for our country to be handed to them by Ingraham? They may be among us but they are NOT of us. They have a different culture, speech, standard and god. See, BTC was Ingraham testing the waters to see just how docile Bahamians are. He gave away BTC so now he thinks he is empowered by the Haitian god to give the country away – land and citizenship – to his beloved Haitian brothers and sisters. We will NOT accept this. He needs to go, his Haitian people need to go and they need to take their false gods with them. If this is what they’re bold enough to spit in our faces with – imagine what they would do if they get another term in office. Ingraham would regularize all these creatures and his group of idiotic eunuchs in parliament would sit there grinning in support. BTC was a dress rehearsal for what they plan to do next.

    11. I voted for mr key and my children needs land am not gonna do it again. he needs to go to the haitians because he aint looking out for my children. if you give them land we will take land any where in abaco we want and we will be the squatters.

    12. Did you really reelect Papa to turn over our Bahamas to the thousands illegally in our nation?
      Option #1 for this FNM government should be to order their immigration department to seek out and immediately start the process of an hourly roundup of any and all in our nation illegally, be they Haitian, Jamaican, Cuban, American, Columbian or whatever place they are citizens of, be they black, yellow, brown or white.
      The government’s option #2 is to immediately fingerprint and deport them.
      Option #3 through Option #100 (meaning all the compassionate excuses the bleeding hearts keep coming up for not departing them) is none of the Bahamas government’s darn business.
      Option #1 and Option #2 is our only business.
      Yes, even if they’re illegal British citizens up on Mt. Fritz William with acting Governor-General Janet Boswick, sipping morning tea and munching on British style crumpets.
      Papa had to discourage Bran from staying on as his immigration minister because the illegally in our Bahamas would be lining up to board the immigration buses, because the tough immigration policy message would get around that Bran was going to get you so why hide?

    13. Eddison Key is simply echoing his leader’s words and deeds. We Bahamians are so docile and weak. Could you imagine a Jamaican government giving primacy to foreigners who are illegally there? Not even the wealthy US would give away land to illegal aliens. Listen up Bahamians, Ingraham is not for us. Bahamianisation died the day that traitorous bugger took office. Byron Woodside (one of his ministers), stated “Bahamianisation is dead”. We sat and watched, (and listened), while Ingraham and his eunuchs gave away BTC. Soon he will come for you or your loved ones bretheren, will you find your voices then? Only in the Bahamas. What are we prepared to fight for?

    14. Enough talk – its time to act. Its Obvious that talking and complaining is not working – so Bahamians must take action now (not on the day of the election) to show their disgust, disagreement and displeasure with the decisions this PM has made with regard to immigration policies. Act now (not with violence) but with things tangible that will make living in the Bahamas uncomfortable, like not hiring illegal immigrants, not patronizing those businesses, not renting to, not selling cars to them etc. As for this government – take them to court in whatever area they violate the constitutional rights of Bahamians. What this government proposes to do with this land give-a-way to non Bahamians is down-right despicable and cannot be legal. Wake Up Bahamas and Act NOW!!!!

    15. Eddison Key looking for votes, how desperate. He should give up some of his personal land in Abaco to Bahamians. Its time for this FNM Government to go.
      Anyway, by 11:00am on election day they will be swept out of office.

    16. The Very Mention Of This Should Be Considered TREASON.

      This should never be allowed as it will usher in a new age of social decadence and moral morass. Rewarding illegal foreigners will be at the detriment of Bahamians, to say the least. The PM should be arrested and charged with crimes against the state in light of the recent happenings. It is obvious as to where his loyalty lie. On the basis of morals, ethics, and values, we as Bahamians have our own challenges to overcome and do not need more. The influx of thousands of illegal immigrants, whose national religion is voodoo itself is a further invasion upon the foundational Christian Bahamian culture. The arising culture, invariably will further deteriorate our already struggling society. Whether we like it or not, we can not separate an individual’s ethics from his actions. We thought we saw crime, violence and social unrest!! I am deeply distressed as a young Bahamian of 23.

    17. Papa keep showing the Bahamian people he isn’t on our page. Everything he doing now is to benefit the foreigners, the only time we come to his mind that when he thinking about how he will get us to pay more taxes. That’s why I keep asking yall what yall do the man, because the man obviously aint for us.

    18. Abaco’s MP Edison Key a major supporter of illegal shantytowns. You have just insulted all Abacoians. Many consider you no more than a political opportunist, who has used Abacoians to first hitch a ride aboard the PLP’s gravy train and now the FNM’s? I seem to remember you riding the old Bay Street Boys gravy train?
      Should the FNM fall once again will you switch to whichever political party controls the government? Edison make darn sure that your FNM cabinet signs off to include free land, and while you’re in the gift-giving mood why not make it waterfront land and then you can call your new housing project, The Lyford Cay of Abaco? Is the cabinet also going to throw in free Houses for your special friends? This is so ridiculous but the dangerous part is you’re not the only FNM MP pulling for free land for the shantytown residents, when just a few weeks back another FNM MP suggested giving land and building homes for another shantytown in Nassau after their fire? May I ask if you already have FNM contractors at the ready to carry out your free land and houses project? In all the years you’ve been well connected to Abaco, may I ask when was the last time you ever asked a sitting government to grant land and build houses for your “own” Abaco born brothers and sisters whose navel string’s are buried in Abaco?

    19. As a Abaco resident and former resident of the Mudd, I know the Mudd first hand. It represents an eye sore in the center of town. Any expansion of Marsh Harbour has to be done through the Mudd. The government instead of starting up a new Mudd elsewhere needs to implement a 5-10 year plan to get the people out of there.
      It’s simple, the government just needs backbone. If you are here illegally you leave immediately. Make homes available for purchase for legal residents. It can be done humanly and responsibly. If done right it can be a win/ win situation for the country.
      1- you get rid of the Mudd and illegal immigrants.
      2- the legal immigrants that remain buy homes and contribute to the treasury.
      But since common sense is no longer common, look for this vexing problem to grow and continue for another five decades. ** The government knows better than to give away Bahamian land to illegal migrants. **

    20. Last night, ZNS ran a report on how the people at Mackey Yard are waiting on the area to be built up. Make no mistake about it, the stakes in this next election are very high. Ingraham already told his compatriots there are more of them than us. He watched us let them give away BTC to foreigners so he just thinks he’ll do it again and this time, it’s citizenship and land so voting him out won’t be an option. The word has already gone back to Haiti – their Papa and people in charge so come and live free, breed like rabbits and educate their children free and now get papers and land free. Any Bahamian who is paying or has paid for land should be screaming at the top of their lungs and in the streets with their children! Why should I pay? I should be able to do what the Haitians do – pick a piece of land and set up shop. This madness must stop. The FNM is arrogant enough to do it! This isn’t the first time they have dared suggest it. We will invite the eyes of the world here to see what the FNM is doing, it has become a cesspool of corruption. Bahamians will have to go to the United Nations for them to enforce our rights in this country. How arrogant and evil can they be? We are just getting a preview. We are only just finding out what the Haitians already know – HIA is for them – not us. That is why he could shove anything down our throats and talk down to us but do what he can to empower his Haitian people – at our expense. It’s no wonder they’re crawling all over this island and boldly stand on our streets because although the tens of thousands of us don’t like it, Hubert does. He has tens of millions of them he could invite to come and live – regularize and make loyal to him – his own Haitian army.

    21. Can someone, anyone, please name a country outside of The Bahamas, where I, as a Bahamian can enter illegally and then run into bushes of land owned by the government, construct my home, and siphon off electricity, water, etc. If any international organization is telling us to allow these criminal acts, then they ought to also tell Bahamians how they may access land for free in other parts of the world!!!

      At this point, I really am sick and tired and I am a hair’s breath away from making a plea to the Queen of England as she is also the Queen of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas!!!!

      This land is ours: for BAHAMIANS; given to us by God! When we attained Independence in 1973, the management of these lands was turned over to us, and if we are unable now to manage them, then perhaps we need to have Great Britain return as managers. I’m sure that it was never the intention of Great Britain, when they handed over to us, that the new managers would be giving away ‘willy-nilly’ land that was left for the benefit of BAHAMIANS.

      HOW DOES IT LOOK—to be discriminated against (in some cases displaced) in your own country in favour of illegal aliens? If the Government of The Bahamas gives land to these illegal persons (or to an organization which will later transfer the land to them), a similar concession MUST ALSO BE MADE to EVERY natural Bahamian!!!

      Jeezz, are we silly?????

    22. If Bahamians needed a preview of what this dictator would do if given another term in office – here it is. He is already working overtime to give thousands of his Haitian people citizenship in advance of the election. The run down to get a passport and then to register to vote. BTC was just a test run to see exactly how docile we are and now that the foreigners in there are laughing all the way to the bank, the Foreign National Movement is about to give to ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL Haitains what the rest of us Bahamians have to pay mortgages for. They are intent on making Bahamians extinct and the spineless members of parliament who are only concerned about lining their own pockets will support anything Ingraham says. Well, it’s crystal clear that Ingraham is working for the people who have his ear – the foreign external element to ththae North and the illegal Haitian element that is destroying our communities like locusts. FNM supporters (of which I was one) like to brag about Ingraham as a decisive leader. Well, we are seeing what happens when he is decisively WRONG! Interesting how he can’t seem to channel that ‘decisiveness’ and misguided ego to do what’s in the best interest of the Bahamian people and rid this country of these parasitic Haitians. This is our last chance to hold on to our country. We have already done more than our part in assisting them. Both France and Italy are up in arms about a mere 25,000 migrants from North Africa and there are those who expect a tiny nation like ours to continue to accept tens of thousands of illegal Haitians. That is madness and will obviously lead to our economic and social destruction. They are looking to start a real riot in this country where Bahamians have been outpriced when it comes to buying land because the FNM opened the limited land we have to the world and now the land owned BY THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE they even dare suggest be given, leased or occupied by NON BAHAMIANS is beyond an insult. This is not their personal asset. It is ours but Bahamians must now realize they have 2 options – FIGHT OR FLIGHT.

    23. These people ain’t only takin our land; they helpin to determent the out come of our elections,and the Bahamian people need to STOP REVIEW and CANCEL the foreign national movement and it’s distasteful immigration policy.

    24. The word is out in Haiti!It is better in the Bahamas…..one day our grandkids will wonder “did they think about us when they gave away our birthrite”

    25. The wicked warlords are brewing up their schemes so as to invite those half-breeds to action who don’t want to contribute anything to Nation Building,it’s an old political tool they use.Who more the ones that cost the mud and other shanties to exist than Edison Key and his like minds?

    26. Whenever these clowns start giving out property am going to apply.If it means pretending to be a foreigner then so be it.What disgusts me is the fact that they no longer pretend to be partial they actually have gone public.Anything to try and hold onto power,despicable miscreants.All Bahamians should apply for this free land giveaway to see just how this Govt thinks of we Bahamians.

    27. I know now old eddie gone crazy, what he think this is talking bout give them prime land. come on you think you bad, do it… you old back stabbing goat. I was so upset when i saw this. how many bahamians need land. what about the people i see on the news who living in homes you who not let your dogs live in. And now you want reward these illegals. don’t do it eddie don’t…..

    28. It goes to show that illegals can come here and get what we as Bahamians can not get anywhere else in this world. What the Bahamas do not need is a bunch of baby breeders trying to over populate this country with foreign Unbahmamian warped culture. Almost every foreigner that comes here to stay were peasants in their homeland prior to landing in these beautiful isles of June. Is Mr. Key trying to stack the deck to guarantee his seat in the next election?

      • When? How about yesterday. NOT only Edison did this RAMBO, but we know the Prime Minister himself and the minister for Housing Kenneth Russell made similar statements following the Mackey Yard FIre! This is what we call ‘Keep repeating and it will sink in.’


      • As we said before, POOR BROKE a** Bahamians cannot pay they rent or keep up with the high TAX saddled gas prices at the pumps but the DAMN foreign National Movement want give land FREE to ILLEGAL SQUATTERS? WHAT A COUNTRY! WHAT A COUNTRY!


    29. Dear BP:

      Thank you for posting this news item. Every Bahamian should respond to these headlines with great ALARM!!!

      Firstly, the insulting suggestion that land should be provided for illegal immigrant squatters, when no such policy exists for Bahamian nationals, is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL INSULT!!!

      Secondly, no foreign national may be granted privileges not extended to others, if it is based, as this is, on national origin. Such obvious BIAS is offensive and should be challenged at the United Nations, since the fledgling group of souls known as Bahamians, numbering merely 350,000+ souls, now face cultural extinction!!!

      Who will sign the documents for this “proposed” land give-away to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, following this recent fire in the Mud, Abaco?

      How much more, Oh Lord, are we to give to the citizens of Haiti?

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