Foreign Affairs denies a passport office opening in the Town Centre Mall but still the government refuses to make the lease arrangements public!


NASSAU| The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied rumours of the relocation of the Passport Office to the Town Centre Mall, which is owned by Brent Symonette.

Now you should recall how Bahamas Press reported in 2019 how a decision of the Cabinet was to relocate the Passport Office to the Mall in allotted space near to space being redesigned for the General Post Office.

During that time a major scandal erupted and details of the lease arrangements were denied to the public on the floor of Parliament by the Minnis Government. In fact, to this day, the Bahamas have yet to see the lease agreement between Brent and the Government, which, according to Symonette, was discussed in detail between him and Prime Minister Minnis during a telephone conversation.

Anyway, today, after rumours circulated on social media how the Passport Office was moving into the Town Centre Mall this coming Monday, The Foreign Office issued a statement denying the claims.

The Foreign Office has confirmed, though, that it will be moving its e-passport application services closer to the people and confirmed that services will open in satellite offices in New Providence at the Elizabeth Estates and Carmichael Road Post Office buildings to make access to services easier and faster.

We wonder, therefore, if the Post Office budget, which comes through Transport, is being paid for this space? Again, no lease arrangements on the General Post Office between Brent Symonette and the Government has been made public. And transparency international along with the general public should ask why, seeing that that scandal was a major national debate.

What is it that the Minnis Government has to hide? Why is the Government failing to be transparent and accountable to the people with their money?

We report yinner decide!