Former FNM Candidate and Baptist Rev. denies nasty claims…


When do you think the Environmental Court will deal with the landowners of the Shantytowns across the country?

Rev. Dr. Philip McPhee

NASSAU| Warrants for the arrest of CALVARY Baptist Cathedral Church pastor Rev. Dr. Philip McPhee was issued by the courts after he failed to show for a matter involving unsanitary conditions at the church.

Pastor Philip McPhee was cited for infractions over unsanitary conditions at the Mount Calvary Baptist Church on Baillou Hill Road. It was said that garbage and weed were overflowing and overgrown at the location. Dr. Mcphee, who appeared the following day, denied the claims of being a nasty cleric. His trial will commence on March 17th.

Some four other Bahamians were also charged before the Environmental Court for keeping their surroundings nasty!

Paula Bain was fined a total of $700 or one month in prison for having filthy premises at numbers 90 and 92 Wilson Track.

Patrick Taylor, of Eneas Street, was fined $300 or one month in prison for having derelict cars on his property.

Rolling Lamour, of 283 East Street, was fined $300 or one month in prison for having derelict cars and overgrown bushes on her property.

Mitch Finley, of Cocoplum Road, was fined $300 or one month in prison for having abandoned cars on his property.

This is good.

Meanwhile, on Government land on the western section of the Yellow Elder field, derelict vehicles are piling up and someone on the Police Force is doing it. Also, BP wonders when will the Environmental Court approach the unsanitary shantytowns operating with mounds of garbage and debris in the midst?

We report yinner decide!