New NIB Board leadership must be appointed at NIB according to the law…

Troy Smith NIB Chairman.

NASSAU| Some interesting times are set to take place at the National Insurance Board as, by law, the tenure of several board members has come to an end.

By law, according to the NIB Act, a board member can only serve up to three years. Well, this would mean Chairman Tory Smith and Board Director Michela Barnett-Ellis should be leaving the board come this June. They both were on the Board since the Minnis Government came to power. Good Riddance!

From the Executive to the janitor at NIB they have all described the current Board as the [most] DUNCIEST EVER, having little knowledge of their roles at the Board.

PM Minnis would be advised that, in his selection of new members come June, he should consider competent, sensible, skilled, and suitable persons to lead the Board into the future. And if Brensil Rolle had any sense, he would find Board Members who would report to him and keep him in the loop on decisions at the nation’s social security arm.

We report yinner decide!