Former Drug Dealers working for the FNM are withholding Bain Town voter’s cards? This matter should be reported to the Commissioner!


152 Bains and Grants Town Residents Voter’s Cards are being withheld by FNM Chairman?

Mr. Sidney Collie
Chairman of the FNM
n out of the voters card by offering them monies.

The voters caught up in this incident say they made a mistake and want their voters card back; all 152 of them. But now guess what?

They promised to have their cards returned yesterday. But now, we understand they are being told to come for their cards tomorrow at 12 noon because the chairman of the FNM has the cards? What kind of criminal behaviour is dis?

The card owners are asking that the voters cards be returned, otherwise, they will have no other recourse but to report the incident to the Commissioner of Police.

While they know they can vote without the card, they want the cards back! BP is closely monitoring this development and we know the people accusing others of an election rig will do the right thing!

We report yinner decide!