Frank Smith trial delayed for another three months into MAY – WHAT KINDA FOOLISHNESS IS DIS?


Frank Smith case adjourned til May – Six months and nothing happened… WHAT IS DIS?

Virtual Witness Barbara Hanna entering court told the judge she don’t know why she is here?

Nassau – Well he Frank Smith’s case is once again adjourned until May.

This would mean since the revelations by virtual complainant, Barbara Hanna, who told the court that she don’t know why she is here came to light.

Edward Jerkins the new crown Q.C. taking over the case told the court he wanted to introduce new evidence and well today he got another series of delays.

Mr. Jerkins is being paid some $20,000 a day by the Bahamian taxpayers, and is being hosted and accommodated by yinner. It looks like by the time this case is done Bahamians would have spent millions for nothing. Boy I tell ya!

We report yinner decide!