Ivoine Ingraham


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am relieved that the Prime Minister has finally addressed even though very little about the possibility of smuggling and other irregular activities at Porters Cay.  The slackness that exists everywhere else including many docks has been happening since time immemorial.  But we all know that Mr. Ingraham is only scratching the surface.  The biggest joke is that there is public opinion that many illegal things to be concerned about walk right through the airport, while Custom’s Officers watch.

Now I would love to mention what has been a suspicion for decades.  While I am positive this does not apply to all residents, there are several gated communities that have canals, where residents can bring their boats right up to their backdoors.  We are all “nincompoops” if we believe that illegal activities are not happening behind the gates of these communities.

The rational is that drugs still flow like water and every young man on the streets of Nassau has a gun.  We all know that the police is either afraid of the backlash or do not have the will to go behind these gates and investigate.

I dare say, the people who we think are so honest and so much above board are just people, just like all of us.  The strange thing about illegal activities is that not everyone can keep the secrets. Pillow talk can cause the rest of information to spill.

I strongly suggest that the police direct their energies and attention to these gated neighbourhoods and maybe there is some luck there.

A demented mind is not unique only to the regular native Bahamian.  Highly profitable illegal activities are attractive to all. There are countless examples where the most sophisticated have run afoul of the law.  Greed has no class or colour.

Ivoine Ingraham


  1. The beautiful thing about people who have an opinion is some of us hide behind fictitious names while I, Ivoine Ingraham is bold enough to sign my name every time I express my opinion. Cowards make statements and hide underneath their mothers gown. This reminds of the bullies who through the rock and then run behind their friends for help in case the victim retaliates.

  2. Ivoine, you are so right…”the people who we think are so honest and so much above board are just people..”. I guess you can now take off your mask & declare how your personal greed has led you to encourage & condone the slavish exploitation of needy young females at the strip-tease/toss your g-string parties on Arawak Cay. Greed is greed – you can’t be that desperate for money!!!

  3. In this letter to the editor, I would firstly point out the massacre that is taking place with the queens English. The Police may not be working at 100% efficiency but i do commend them for what they are doing. Did we forget that boat owners must clear Customs at some port whether it may be in Chubb Cay or here in Nassau. Some of the statements are broad unfounded statements with no proof to support them. It is time to State facts and stop going on what we feel. The fact that we see a few white faces in the food store doesn’t mean anything. If some Bahamians were better socialized it would be clear to them that foreigners have always been in our country we just never took the time to look and see. Remember Mr. Roker had a vision that was well in compliance with Sir Lynden Pindling in regards to Bahamianisation but we the people complained about Mr. Roker being inhumane. So now that we are faced with immigration problems we now look for someone to blame!!! Interesting. While the statement may be true that
    greed has no class or color we must be mindful that crime is crime no matter what!!!! We must be mindful because we would not want to be in a place where crime is rated. No matter how small the offense if you break the law there should be some repercussion. Finally, people it is not a color thing it is a Bahamian thing slavery has long past 500 years and some and we still look to blame the white man even though all sorts of Consessions are out there for us as Bahamians to utilize. The only thing killing us is failure to read or lack of reading and research and that good old fashion thing called pride. i.e. Why does my yard have to be landscaped by a Jamaican when the Bahamian male views the job as lowly and demeaning. Just some Food for thought!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Now we have Albany with their canals. Who is going to police them? THe same govt who was just sucking up to them on tv last night? Our problem like Ivoine Ingraham said, is that we limit our minds by color blindness. If you white or foreign, you can’t possibly be doing anything illegal eh? If you are, we understand, because you just trying to maintain your rich lifestyle. But oh, let a poor black man steal a can of corned beef, we locking him up and beating him too, cuz he gotta be bad! This the same mentality that causes us to accept foreign labour- white is right, black is slack!

  5. you are absoloutely right,all of those gated communities with canal access including coral harbour,carry on in illegal activities be it unaccustomed goods drugs or firearms and we have to stop the notion that it is the regular black man on the street who is doing it,it is them same cocksuckers who you all call prominent businessmen, bullshit.

  6. I see what you are saying but I can not stand your general statement. “The rational is that drugs still flow like water and every young man on the streets of Nassau has a gun.” I do not use Drugs or have a gun. I am a young man in Nassau. How can say such a thing?

    • It’s an often used generalization like saying, “everybody knows x”. We know that one is not actually referring to each individual.

    • You are 100% correct, i see more strangers in the stores out in lyfordcay and old fort every day. The question is who has the will to pursue this. Just the other day i saw about forty non-bahamians carry suitcases and bedding material into an establishment on opposite Saunders beach. I called all the numbers for immigration to report what i had witness. i was told to call back on monday because they dont have anyone to investigate the matter. We are strangers in our own land, we continue to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that its not happening. May God HELP US.

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